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  1. Hello fellow fish lovers, I am writing you all today because I've had enough of the horrible treatment fish receive as pets. I am starting a fish advocacy front to address the misconceptions about fish keeping that lead to millions of deaths of pet fish. I'm hoping to get people interested in joining in on this. I want to change how the world sees fish. We've all seen the videos on YouTube that appall all of us. This kind of abuse it what arises because the general population does not have respect for fish as a species. They deserve rights, just like cats, dogs, and other pets. I am looking for anyone who wants to take part in changing the world! Web developers, writers, photographers, fish gurus, and just general fish lovers! Please let me know if you're interested. I'm in the process of building a website currently. Send me a message, reply to this topic or send me an e-mail at hbrolander@gmail.com Thanks guys!!
  2. Here's a video of her: I don't know if putting her in quarantine alone will help. Is there a painkiller maybe that will help with the pain, so she doesn't simply give up?? Also, I'm leaving town tomorrow for a week and a half and my family will be the ones watching over my fish, but I don't know if they're apt enough to take care of an injured goldfish. They don't know her like I do. Plus, if I leave her alone she stops swimming and will kinda just give up, unless I go up to the tank and she'll start going again. Please help!
  3. The tank is cycled, trust me on that. There are no live plants in the tank either. Before the accident, she was completely fine. Nothing wrong with her at all, a completely healthy and happy little fish. The filter is just kind of strong is all and had an open intake instead of having a screen or whatever on it. We were actually working on fixing this issue and this happened. There is NO bruising, blood, torn fins... just some of her scales were ripped off and it looks like the part of her that we stuck in the filter is a little swollen... actually I just noticed she isn't using one of her pectoral fins. I think its broken???
  4. As far as tank conditions go, the nitrates/nitrites/ammonia are all zero. pH is at 7.2, I don't know the hardness but I use water purchased from my local fish store that has been filtered and specially treated. I use the Kordon NovAqua Plus as conditioner, as well as an aquarium optimizer called TLC for freshwater aquariums. I do not add anything else. My water is tested at my local fish store weekly. There are four fish in my tank, one fantail, two oranda and one ryukin. They are all about 3 inches long, except for the ryukin who is approx. 1.5 inches long. (nose to end of tail) They are fed strictly Hikari food, a blend of the goldfish staple and the standard goldfish formula, as well as lionhead pellets for the orandas. They also get peas and bloodworms on occasion. The tank is 37 gallons, been running for about 5 months now. 25% water changes are done weekly, with gravel vacuuming. The last water change I did was two days ago with 25% replaced. The tank has two filters, both Aqueon. I don't remember which models, however. Both are larger filters. All the fish in my tank are 100% healthy and happy, with the exception of my ryukin who was sucked into the filter.
  5. So there was an accident with my filter, and my baby ryukin managed to get stuck in the intake tube on her side! I'm not sure how long she was there, I don't think for very long, but it pulled a bunch of her scales off. Everything LOOKS okay, but I can't tell if there's internal damage. She is swimming kinda slowly, and keeps drifting... her breathing is slower too. Is there anyway I can help save her?! Please let me know ASAP!!!!
  6. Here's another update on Dad. He's ALREADY lost more black since I posted. He's gained some weight and filled out very nicely. I'm happy to say that despite this rapid loss of black pigmentation, he still has his black mustache. Though, instead of looking slightly handlebar-ish, its much more John Waters now.
  7. magpie14

    Feeding Veggies

    How about when your goldfish don't really get the concept of veggies? For example: The lettuce I clipped goes pretty much ignored for the most part, the broccoli is the same deal, and the peas are only really liked by one of the fish. I really want to get veggies into their diet, but they're so PICKY!
  8. I'm kinda new at keeping goldies, but I have a pretty decent example of color change and relatively fast overall growth in a two month period of time. This is Dad (fantail), named so because of his moustache (my dad has one too ) This is when I first got him only two months ago: And now, two months later... losing his black, but seems to be maintaining his moustache and also considerably larger! (If you can't tell, he has grown roughly 25% of his size already!) Also pictured: Hector, my panda oranda. I am hoping for some beautiful wen from him! And a bonus picture just for fun: This is Moira, she's a freakin' goregous panda... she was marked as an oranda but I'm not sure that's what she is. Nonetheless, she has the most beautiful stark black and white I've ever seen. Hopefully it'll stay that way!!! I'll be sure to post more updates as my babies grow and change!
  9. I only have two fish in the tank. I did a 95% water change after the ich cleared up and the only thing wrong after that was the ammonia. But now the nitrate is up. I added a pound of crushed coral to help with the pH issues. I'll do 50% water changes until things level out. Until then, is there anything I can do to help the owie on his side?
  10. I'm thinking it might be the beginning of an ulcer, from an initial injury inflicted by running into a tank decoration.
  11. Here's the picture. Its gotten worse since this morning...
  12. I don't have exact numbers but... Ammonia: Currently high Nitrite: Unknown Nitrate: Currently high pH Tank: 6.2 pH Tap: 6.2 Testing: At fish shop, they use drops. Water temp: 72 deg. Tank size: 37 gallons, running ~3 months Filters: 1 Aqueon (~250 gal/hr) 1 canister (~150 gal/hr) Water Change: Weekly, 30% Last Change: 4 days ago 30% Medications: Salting (because of scale issue) History: Kordon Rid Ich ~a week Findings: Damaged scales, looks lifted and tissue underneath is slightly frayed and bloody. Behavior: Hovering in the same place, near mid level in the tank. Looks like moving might hurt. Normally, he is more active, swimming around, playing with the bubbles and current made by the filters. And I'll post a picture in a minute, as soon as I figure out how...
  13. What are the pros and cons of both? Any reason why one would be better than the other?
  14. My Ranchu looks like he might've bumped into something, one of his scales looks irritated and swollen. I'm thinking he bumped into something because he LOVES riding the current from one of the filters in his tank (he can't swim fast on his own because of how tight the curve is on his caudal pendicle). I have a big piece of fake wood that has lots of rounded edges on it for them to hide in, so I'm pretty sure this is what he ran into. So my question is, what can I do to help him heal up nicely and make sure he isn't in too much pain (it looks like he's sore, he's not swimming around like a maniac like he usually does)? Any ideas would be greatly appreciated!
  15. Honestly, I didn't even know there was KH and GH. I'll buy a test kit and get some of that better water conditioner... stay tuned for an update! Thanks for your help guys, I learned more from your responses than I did talking to the guys at the fish store a million different times.
  16. The tank is a 37 gallon tank with two three-inch goldfish, it's been running for about two and a half months. I have a 40 gallon Aqueon filter, then some other 40 gallon canister filter I got at Petco. I think the Aqueon is a 200GPH and the canister filter is 100GPH. Both are charcoal cartridge filters you replace every two weeks or so. Also in the tank: One large fake piece of wood by TopFin Two fake plants, one plastic and one silk One pound of crushed coral (added today to try and help solve some of the water issues) Additives I use: Tetra Aquasafe TLC Aquarium Optimizer Food: Aqueon Goldfish Granules Frozen bloodworms Fresh veggies (lettuce leaves, spinach... Always removed after the fish have lost interest in them.) As for numbers I really have no idea. I had it tested at a local shop. I know the nitrate was a deep purple, the ammonia was a purple, and the pH was a light orange. My testing strip says the pH is around 6.8. The water looks cloudy too, I'm really not sure why. Especially with the extra filtering.
  17. Hey guys, So, I have a 37 gallon fish tank with two goldfish, both about 2 1/2 inches long. I've been having water trouble from the very beginning. So, everything cycled well initially, but ever since I added fish there have been issues (unfortunately leading to death for two fish). First, the pH level was too high which I was able to fix using some pH tablets. Then, the nitrate levels were extremely high, so I added a second filter (so now I have two 40 gal filters. Then the ammonia levels were too high, so I added some bacteria given to me by a guy who worked at the fish shop. I just went and had my water checked and now the nitrate levels are too high, the ammonia levels are still too high and the pH is too low (~6.8). I just added some crushed coral and did a water change just a couple days ago. I could REALLY use help with this. I've put hundreds of dollars into this tank and the two remaining fish I have I really want to keep healthy and happy. Please help me figure this out!!!
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