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  1. thanks for that... always nice to know what they are categorised as... so butterfly tail (as they were labeled) means nothing? it's about 3/4th full... it is over filtrated. and has live plants... the fish are only tiny . so with regular water changes and these other factors. i thought i was pretty safe keeping the water lower for now... it will get filled up if this is wrong of me to presume this... but i done this often with larger tanks and have done it heaps when i kept young tropical fish and didn't have any issues. but i am here to learn and am not educated or knowledgeable in any ways about goldfish so correct me if i am wrong. thanks
  2. So this being my first photo post...bare with me.... lets hope it works... i've had my 3 goldies for a week now... they sooo small and soooo cute. first photo shoot today... took 60 photos and these are the only half decent ones... (need to practice this fish photography thing a little more) they dont have names so open to suggestions This first one is white with orange on the eyes... we chose this one because it was sooooo small compared to the other fish. and it has some kinks in it's tail... i over heard the aquarium shop people commenting on the kinked tail and saying it looks munggy compared to the rest.... so i felt sorry for it because i thought he/she was quite pretty in fact. and the kinks in the tail doesnt bother me at all. it was the only white fish in the tank mixed with a bit bigger mix of calicos. just had to have this one... love him heaps (not sure if it i a he but i keep saying he so lets go with HE until we know , if we ever will know) now this 2nd one i just liked because of the tail... labeled in the pet shop as a butterfly tail. again small and cute !!! the most out going of the 3 fish and always out the front of the tank and always the first to eat all the food and the one who likes to watch whats going on around the tank. last but certainly not least... a black one. again labeled butterfly tail at the fish shop. likes to hang around the white fish in amongst the plants and around the back of the tank. and this is where they live.... i haven't filled the tank right up because they are so small and dont really surface much anyways..until they become more adventurous and grow a bit, then i will fill the tank right up. sorry it is a bad photo but the best i could get right now. if you look carefully you can see the white fish under the large arch of the drift wood... gives a comparison to how small they are... hope you enjoyed seeing my fish...... now what to name them..... hmmmmmmmmmm
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