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  1. awwwww, i love these fish... i always seen them at one of the local fish stores here... very cute indeed.
  2. if i was a fish, i would be happy living in there... looks nice with the natural gravel, rocks and plants.
  3. miss

    My Betta Boys !

    he is quite small actually... sushi is the bigger one of the 2. i'll take some photos tomorrow night. see that beautiful long tail on ninja... it doesnt look like that anymore... he decided to take some chunks out of it... tail biting. but it is growing back slowly. he didnt like the change of tanks i had him in... here i was thinking a really nice planted established 2 foot tank would be nice for him... well he likes his plain 40L tank with his half pot and silk plant better... dont know why but he just didnt like the other tank and is doing better and happier in his own place again... doesn't like change... lol. he is a strange one. cant move anything around his tank or he just isnt normal ! likes the way things are i guess....
  4. very pretty fish congrats on the free score of a real cute fish
  5. miss

    My Betta Boys !

    this is Ninja and this is Sushi Sushi has a was more out going personality. is always curious and loves to just stare at you and get as close to you as he can, when you are looking down into his tank. he loves loves loves his food and will eat twice as much as Ninja. he also loves to sleep in a half terracotta pot. such a personality filled fish. Ninja is a strange betta. he doesnt like much of anything, and doesnt interact with people. he is a curious fish though, always watching what is going on. he only eats tiny amounts but LOVES live food like live cherry shrimp and love baby platys and mollies. he has only just recently started to get some pink colouring on his all white body and fins. was an expensive betta (was labeled as a dragon) but i cant tell the difference between my $10 betta Ninja and my $30 Sushi, apart from colour. they each live in a 40litre heated tank next to each other. spoilt i must say ! i got them just weeks apart from each other. and are both now have been with me for more than a year and a half now. almost coming on 2 years.
  6. awwwwww he is really cute. i wouldnt be able to part with it. i'd want to keep it too... such a cute fish.
  7. thats ok if they get eaten... there is plenty more where they came from. just another variety for their diet...
  8. i sit mine at 25c but anywhere from 24-28c (75F-82F)is acceptable (well so i have heard) 25c (77F) works for me... i've never heard of a betta being burnt by the heater.
  9. oh pretty fish. i have a few bettas too... so full of personality and adorably pretty too ! nice little set up. but where is the heater ???
  10. the snails came from a good clean line of snails that i bread before adding to the guppy tank. the guppy tank was clean and disease free too. tank was put outside with a inch or so of water with gravel still in the tank so i guess there was baby snails i missed. it had to have been out there for 6 months + with nothing else in the tank except a whole lot of algae (sooo much that the tank was thick with a green wall on all 4 sides but the water was clean and clear) - should have tested it just to see what the water parras were like. would have been interesting. might put just a few in the tank and if they get out of hand later on will just scoop them all out. they are after all good at cleaning the walls and cleaning up un eaten food. shouldn't be too hard with a bare bottom tank. only the lots of plants and driftwoods would be the problem for them to hide in.
  11. gorgeous fish you have ... very pretty , all of them
  12. just dont suck on the end of the hose for too long... or you will get a mouth full of fishtank water.... BUY A CLEAR TUBE, so you can see where the water is ... or better yet ! dont run your hose out the window in the DARK of the night, and suck on the end to get the siphon going... !!! wasnt a good taste!
  13. FANTASTIC ! we need more people like you !!! good job for making a complaint. Too often we all see the same things happening and do nothing about it. BIG GOLD STAR FOR YOU !
  14. oooooh-la-la. i LOVE it. soooo different and such nice colour in your tank
  15. .......... got the BIGGEST bottle of API water conditioner that i have ever seen in my life. Was sick of running out in the middle of water changes. Didn't look at the fish because i always end up buying more !
  16. found a whole handful of ramshorns from a tank i thought had nothing living in it (was put outside still with gravel in it and rain filled it up again over time) previously had ramshorns and guppies in it but thought i got everything out.... apparently not. and they thrived and re produced even more of them. anyways.... do you keep snails in your tank with your goldfish ??? my gold fish are tiny and wont fit the snails in their mouths. but do gold fish try to eat snails? or is it not a problem ??? whats your experience with snails and goldfish? i know these guys populate like crazy and with lots of plant in my tank i am sure they will be ideal conditions for this..
  17. the water will clear up and the dust will come out with the vacuuming each water change.... take the plastic tube off the end of the hose now since there is no gravel. will take the water out faster and suction out the dust and bits better. (thats if you are using a standard vacuum). if not head to local hardware shop and buy some clear tubbing thats thicker and wider and use that as your new vacuum. bigger hole = faster water changes and more suction. i LOVE the look of your tank. with some tweaking and growth on those plants , you will have a good looking unique tank .
  18. they now have names..... yay !!! after lots of thought , meet Tiny, Fishy and Aussie. not the most original names but hey ! i like them. even worked out how to make a signature. now thats an achievement in itself !!! (was a mission though!!!)
  19. I just wonder what they will look like in a years time... probably completely different. i'll have to keep like a growth chart and pics of the beginning of each month. just to see the progress and difference. hope i remember. because i would love to look back in a years time and see...
  20. very very very veryyyyyy cute !!! what a good looking fishie
  21. the photos are GREAT ! what lovely fish you have...
  22. yep ! lol... i always think they are missing... but the new favourite place for the black and white one to hide is behind the right hand side filter ... they love it tucked up in there and behind all the plant... always find the calico one though.. that one always hangs at the front looking for food.
  23. It is 3 foot x14 x18 and cycled. opps typed that wrong... fixed now.
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