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  1. so i haven't cycled a tank in about 7 years.... and here i am cycling my tank from scratch and i am lost !! no idea what i am doing..... LOL anyways it is day 4 ! day 4 of 'cycling'. let me tell you what i have done so far.... well fish tank got polluted with several containers of food. so completely stripped tank and filters. even left filters out over night to dry on sink. rinsed plants and drift wood good and put them back into the tank. filled tank with water conditioned water. API brand. SUPER STRENGTH. didnt do a water test till yesterday. been adding a large pinch of fish food and sometime days a algae disk to produce ammonia in tank. been doing that in a stocking due to not wanting no ugly flakes getting stuck in plants so this way they break down and disappear to nothing. sometimes i rub the stocking and a cloud of food comes out... hehe anyways yesterday i did a test. ammonia nitrates and nitrites all nothing. ph off the chart. so first water change. say about 40% got changed today , readings were still all ZERO so dumped some more food in a few hours ago. readings ph 6.0 nitrates 0 nitrites 0 ammonia 0.25 but a weak colour for that so maybe not even that high. am i doing this right ???? i'm lost. why is there no other readings unless i over dose with food and then i only get ammonia. i only started keeping track of readings yesterday. there is a whole bunch of well established drift wood. many years in a good cycle tank and with heaps of Anubias and Fontinalis. heaps of fontinalis. oh there was 2 snails in the tank too. havent seen them amongst the plants at all !!! (sorry if this is on the wrong spot. just checking i am doing this right ?) apparently 7 years is enough to forget cycling from scratch. usually i would just stick a filter or 2 in another tank for a month then put it in the tank i want with half water from the tank they were sitting in and half new fresh water and this would be sufficient to be 'cycled' already. never had a problem or a bad reading doing that. but since i only have small tanks now and i haven't got the big array of tanks available this isn't really possible anymore. HELP.
  2. awwwww small and cute. what lovely fish you have...
  3. awwwwwwwwwww pretty steve. i like the tank
  4. wow your fish are great..... you cant help but love pork chop. funny fish. thanks for sharing... great video !
  5. wow. i knew they had teeth but i didn't know they fall out.... that has totally amazed me ! so cool !
  6. go with koko's suggestion. thats what i do with my acrylic small tanks. just blast and flood it !
  7. ooooh such s cute fishie... i see why you chose him.
  8. miss

    Betta Boutique Wi

    i love how curious they are... whenever the camera came up to a tank they would swim up to the front and check out what was going on. they ALL looked so happy and healthy... so refreshing to see something like this instead of plastic cups and tiny tanks.... bettas are wonderful fish full of personality. i love them.
  9. OH MY ! what gorgeous fish you have.... i love the new little black guy.. except his face/mouth looks sooo sad...lol. like he is sulking...but what a cutie
  10. i agree ... more photos !!!
  11. cool cool cool. wish i could see them in person. i'd be tempted to feed them food from the buffet. Koi like shrimp cocktail ? lol
  12. i had the same idea just the other day, to find some sort of long large tube (i was going to use clear hard plastic water pipes)... great idea. i've got the same problem. am trying to find a solution to position the food in a certain spot in the tank.
  13. Oh My Gawd, he is sooooo pretty !!! what a stunner
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