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  1. Haha cute, the size difference is amazing!
  2. Very chubby and very cute haha
  3. Happy new year Becs and fishies! They look great and im sure youre gonna enjoy the new gadget haha
  4. Looking good, and im sure theyll grow wonderfully in your care Hidr!
  5. I prefer sand myself as it gives more of a natural look IMO, but whichever you use make sure its just a thin layer- only enough to cover the bottom, as any substrate that is took thick can create pockets of bad-bacteria underneath that get disturbed later to the detriment of your fish.
  6. Wow Tithra it looks great! I know it mustve been really fiddly putting in all those individual plants by hand but it looks worth the work! Hope everything grows in well for you
  7. They all look wonderful! Ive not seen white turn orange before like that!
  8. I actually prefer the new look I think
  9. They get something from the wood which is beneficial to their diet. I think its called Lignum(?). I believe Hidr is right in that not having it wont kill them, but I do think itd be best to provide at least a small piece for them somewhere. They dont visibly eat the wood away so a small piece would be fine.
  10. Sorry you are in this tough situation The only thing I can think is perhaps try using a tank divider to find out if it really is just bullying from the second fish.
  11. I just use one layer of the coarsest sponge I could get, one of fine sponge I could get and then the rest is ceramic rings. I dont even use the padding/wool stuff anymore as I find that the fine sponge traps all the particles anyway, but thats just my experience.
  12. Id move it. Im sure it could potentially stress them and since you have an opportunity to reduce the risk of that id just take it
  13. Hey Cindy They look beautiful I love my Angelfish Odette - they are full of character and grace. Theyre also pretty robust and easy to care for (most are tank bred for generations and so pretty hardy to aquarium life). I think the only thing to keep in mind is that eventually they may fight and need seperating (unless you are lucky and they are male and female and decide to pair) I think generally its a good idea to keep them single, as matched pairs [which get terretorial at breeding so not always good in a community] or in larger groups of 6+, but these things greatly depend on the individual fish's temperaments as they mature so its just a matter of seeing how it goes. A tank over 45cm tall is best as they get very deep bodied themselves. I think most people keep them at 27C+ but mine is at 25C and has been for 18months without issue. Its understood they prefer slightly soft acid water but I think theyre adaptable to most params unless extreme - as ever stability is key. Feed little and often, too as they are slim bodied and small stomached Nothing else springs to mind - just enjoy them! and congrats again ^~^.
  14. Aww cute ^~^ - I love Bubbles' fins the most!
  15. ugh thats just awful advice! There are very few fish you can keep with discus just because of their temperature requirements alone, and goldfish are definately incompatible.
  16. Alot of Discus are reasonably tolerant of water conditions now, except for high nitrates, unless theyre wild caught or you water is hugely different from the breeder\stores water. However they will be massively overstocked in that tank and they really wont last long, even with a full cycle the nitrates will run way too high even while theyre young.
  17. Id try it in the tank for a few weeks before you toss it - it might perk up with nitrates & waterflow if your fish dont eat it and you have nothing to lose! (as long as its been qted or sterilised at some point, which is what i assume you have done while its been out the tank?)
  18. I have looked but cannot find the last thread where a fish had a bubble inside its tail, so I am not sure what the resolution to it was. Hopefully a mod will pick up on this soon and be able to either search the forums better to find a link or just offer a diagnosis. I do think that without your test results it might be harder to determine what is the issue so finding your kit asap would really help. Again pictures/video would also be useful if you have the means. Instinctively when fish get bubbles/blisters I would think could be a bacterial problem, which are often caused by water quality issues, but without more info thatd really be guesswork. If I were you my plan would be: 1. Find/replace test kit and post results asap 2. Upload pics/vid 3. Sit tight and see what a mod/member with first hand exp of this says. 4. If very concerned and not getting a response check with an online mod via PM that they are aware of this thread.
  19. I think in that case itd be best to fill out the questions at the top of the page as a starter, also if you can take and upload and pictures/video that would be helpful, though i know it isnt always easy to catch these things on film. Im sure I have seen other fish with this problem so hopefully some mods/members will have knowledge of what this could be. Id also try to think of anything different about the WC you carried out that couldve cause the bubbles. EDIT: I think the filter bubbles are probably coincidence as theres no way they could get inside the fins directly :/
  20. are they actually in the fins or just on the fins? sometimes bubbles get sort of stuck on fins/slimecoat but thats harmless and they work their way off eventually. If they are actually inside the fins that is different. what couldve caused the bubbles? EDIT: beaten to it by Alex
  21. I had mine for a while in a 30g with heavy planting, and I think I had 5 in there - it did work pretty well for 90% of the time - they fought initially for a while (non lethally) til they set up a territory and hierarchy and after that theyd only really flare at each other at feeding time rather than actually fight it out. The only time they really fought after that was if I rearranged plants/decor and then it would be like starting all over again and they have fights till they claimed new areas. I did at one time have to remove one female to treat her in isolation for egg binding - I was pretty anxious about readding her after she had been out for two weeks and when I finally did put her back in she was very badly harried by the others - to the point I took her out and kept her in a seperate tank from then onwards. Because of this id think its best to add as many as you want all at once, or if you want to add more in future maybe add them in groups rather than one at a time - and perhaps re-arrange the tank when you do, so that everyone gets "reset" rather than the newbies being singled out. I sometimes miss my sorority, but ultimately I took it down because I liked to change my tank around too much and this meant there was always fighting, which never really caused any serious problem for the bettas (they are pretty robust) but it did stress me a bit to watch. I think id do it again if I ever got that tank to a point where I wasnt shuffling stuff about as often as they are really interesting fish to keep and very different to the males.
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