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  1. The dark one (male) is a "dark wild", "black", or "dark chestnut" snail- all 3 describe the same color. The light one (female) is an "ivory", "white" or "pearl", again, 3 names for the same color. The likely offspring from these guys is more wild and ivories, plus some blues.. and you may get some light chestnuts (reddish brown shell, with darker brown stripes, and a light foot)- you run a smaller chance of having golden & jade, from them, and, if you're REALLY lucky, light and/or dark purples could pop up in the mix, but that would really be a crap shoot, and pretty rare... it still could happen, though. Also- assassin snails would likely eat the adult mystery snails. Just throwing that one out there. LOL. oooh~ they all sound cool. To be honest Ive only ever seen the white or pale brown ones for sale here, Ive seen some other varieties online but the photos are rarely as good as Tithras! & I agree assassins would almost certainly attemp to eat an apple snail :S !
  2. Theyre all great but the white is just stunning! Congrats on the fry, too!
  3. Woo im glad its going well Fang
  4. Thanks! I thought he was a pretty unique color will assassin snails eat each other? or only other snails? Yeah - ive never seen one that colour myself! They wont eat each other really, but they will eat already dead assassins, if that makes sense? Mine have long since killed off any pest snails in the tank and just live on fishfood leftovers, which obviously keeps them happy as theyre always "at it" lol
  5. I think itd be really overstocked with more than 1 goldfish in a 20g but it should be fine for her by herself. Lots of people here keep just one goldie by itself no problem, they are perfectly happy as lone fish I believe, and its much better to keep her alone and healthy than with others but bullied
  6. I really like your dark snail - wonder which colour the babies might be? I have tons of assassin snail eggs & offspring atm - but luckily they are tiny enough I dont need to rehome them lol!
  7. They will pick on her because telescope eyed fish are less capable of defending themselves or getting away from bullies, but really you shouldnt mix goldfish with loaches and other tropicals anyway. They require different tank parameters. The main tank setup is probably less optimal for her health (since your trops seem happy it must be right for them rather than her) which may also weaken her and further attract bullying. Id say just keeping her in her own 20g is probably much better for her.
  8. You could always try to find some fine mesh and make your own breeder basket? I dont love the plastic ones either as they either have huge holes or lack circulation
  9. I thought fin too but its hard to tell. I sure hope thats it!
  10. Its kind of hard to tell what that is from the pic, but I sure hope its not serious. Is it like something stuck to him or more like something growing from/on him? Best wishes to you im hoping for the best <3
  11. If the tank has a plastic rim/brace around it it doesnt need support across the whole base, but not sure about tanks that lack the rim.
  12. I use biomax (or other similar ceramic media) in my filters as I think its more conveniently sized for cannisters/hobs/internals and allows you use of a greater volume. I assume you mean the black plastic bioballs which although good, I think are really better in things like sumps and trickle filters where you have alot more space. Just my thoughts, others may have used bioballs in cannisters without issue, but I dont think youd fit enough in for it to be as effective as ceramic biomax.
  13. I assume they were in cups when you got them? That seems like the way theyre usually sold in the USA (thankfully ive never seen a betta cup here even in the worst stores) and I imagine it can weaken them considerably before you get them home, but then again the speed of decline in them all could indicate something, as Jenny suggested. Its always good to double check your setup for peace of mind and the questions she listed will help you be sure your setup is a good one I hope you enjoy your new Betta!
  14. Oh wow Tithra congrats & good luck!
  15. I just want to echo the above and say thanks to Koko, Helen, Tithra and Alex as well as everyone else who contributes to running the site! Thanks again to all fellow members, too! Its a joy to be part of this forum - for both myself and my fish/pets! I hope everyone has a fantastic 2013, and that we can help and save even more fishes together in years to come! ^_^ <3
  16. I was thinking of that but my lfs sells these aerosol type cans of CO2 for like £8 and they last like 3+ months (my roomate uses them) so im not sure id be able to make it much cheaper than that (plus thats super simple to use).
  17. Dan - Well that does sound encouraging at least! I could get a very low tech CO2 on there to stabilise it if needed aswell, but may just try excel and the sprite first and see its impact. Swapping substrate is also possibly an option as I was thinking of doing that anyway. I plan to do a good scrubdown of the tank and plants once I start dosing, to give the tank a headstart vs the algae. I'll let you know how things go! Thanks for the advice and encouragement ^~^ Anaru - I have heard that SAA eat it, but theyre terretorial with conspecifics once they mature. I actually have Otos in the tank which are visually similar and Id be worried that could trigger aggression in the SAA eventually - and my corys have similar markings also . I would rather find a solution that doesnt add more fish atm, but thank you for the suggestion im glad they work for your tank, too!
  18. Ive run a Fluval U4 internal in my trop tank for about 18months now and its been a dream. The best internal ive had really, only downer is the media chamber is not huge so not sure how itd cope with messier fish like GF. I think the Useries are actually their best models for a while, my housemate also runs a U3 and U2 in her tanks happily, after giving up on Eheim internals. The only canister ive run is a Rena XP4 which I love. My friend uses Fluval canisters and really likes those, too.
  19. Courtney - Good to know it works, at least somewhat. I dont want to sacrifice these plants or my drftwood so id definately try it even if its a bit of work. Dan - sadly SAA wouldnt fit the setup . I am not actually dosing or injecting CO2 or ferts in this tank at all anymore and havent for around 6months. I decided to go "low tech" and removed all my old plants and stopped dosing. Maybe that created an inbalance? Maybe they dont use enough of the nutrients created by the fish waste alone? I do turn the sandbed regularly and there are no root tabs remaining either, but I guess its possible the substrate is holding alot of old nutrients. Its confusing because the BBA has only showed up in the last 4-6 weeks. I may dose with excel for a while and see if that works. Im also toying with just getting watersprite for the tank to try to outcompete it - do you think those combined might work?
  20. What is repashy? I have a common in with my fancies and he does get a little more because he is just faster (and smaller) but they each get more than enough food without having any leftovers. When I do a water change, the hose is hooked up to the spigot (outside), so I cannot control the temperature. Because of that, I do about 40% water changes every week (minimum) or after a really messy feeding. With 20 degree temps in Colorado, the water temperature difference is too large for 80% water change. I also found a really large canister filter on Craigslist designed for a tank over double the size. The larger and better filtration, the less you have to change the water (as long as there are no large chunks of food sitting on the bottom). Actually its still important to change the water regardless of high filtration as filters cannot remove hormones secreted by fish which inhibit their growth and longterm health. If your parameters cant be easily matched you can split the wc into smaller more frequent changes, such as doing a 50% change twice a week (i.e change the water every 3-4days) instead of doing an 80% change once a week.
  21. Hey guys. I have recently started to suffer from Black Brush Algae in my tank and its a bit of a pain! It gets on the driftwood and rocks which I can scrub (even though this is a chore) but its really hard to remove from my anubias and java fern without damaging the leaves, and I can never get it 100% off them (it always clings to the very edge of the leaf even after scrubbing). Ive never had this problem before and my theory is because I used to have alot more plants and quicker growing ones too, but I was trying to stick with just rhizomes at the moment. I have heard Excel is apparently good at getting rid of BBA but ive never used it myself, so I wondered if anyone had any experience of using it to control algae? or just of getting rid of BBA in general? Thanks!
  22. The pics and fish are both lovely. Your tank is really clean, too! every rock looks gleaming haha
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