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  1. So sorry that you lost her My experience of Bettas is as Blue said, that they can degrade pretty rapidly before you have much chance to investigate. I recently lost one of my Male bettas who had lived in his own tank for two years, nothing had been added to his tank and the water tests came out fine - but he went from good health to being gone in less than a day. He showed the same greying-face during his final hours. The only possible cause I could suggest is possibly age, though the rapid decline does not really make much sense. Bettas are apparently not terribly long lived, 3 or so years is supposedly average for even well tended fish. I know you said she was a year old, but did you breed her yourself? Betta fish at LFS can easily be a year or older before they are offered for sale. Bettas are especially prone to clouded-eyes and stress bars when the water quality drops or chemistry changes too quickly. I hope that you figure this out and that your other Bettas stay happy and healthy
  2. Thanks for the feedback Lynda, I hope you havent tempted fate too much and that your fish stay healthy! The girl fighters are OK about 90% of the time. Theyre not as fiesty as the males and they set up a pecking order and generally stick to their own little areas of the tank, but every now and then theres a spat when one of them gets too bold. Having said that, even simply adding a new plant can be enough to start off a new territory war which then takes a good week or so for them to sort out. Generally the fighters themselves stay healthy, even with a little bit of fin damage from skirmishes they usually dont become infected with any fungus or finrot and just grow back happily. Though having their fins torn for weeks while they reheal does kind of detract from their beauty. Sadly the Cory cats sometimes take "collateral damage" and they seem to be more prone to illness following even small injuries. I do love my current fish though, so im trying to keep dosing them up and working through it, but after this long its starting to feel like its just not meant to be for me and community tanks! - Do you ever just get the feeling that "this is not working no matter what I do"? because that is how I feel about my community tank, and thats why im starting to think maybe a change of tact could be the best for both myself and the fish! As I said earlier, I do love my current fish, but if it ultimately comes to a point where their welfare would be better off separated into other smaller tanks or returned to my good LFS then I would do so, and either of those options would leave me with a big empty tank! Im pretty glad I asked here because now I know that this tank should hopefully accom a pair of goldfish if that is what I eventually decide to go with, which if this tank becomes "vacant" is what I think I will aim for, as I really cant think of what other fish I would like enough keep as a single species!
  3. Sorry I wasnt very specific, there have been a few problems over the years really. The usual problem is various fungal infections or bacterial problems. Though there have been a few "snail epidemics" and other minor annoyances too, I dont really worry about those too much. I believe that this mostly comes from secondary complications stemming from accidental injuries and minor skirmishes etcetc rather than water quality. Its not that I cant combat these problems, they are quite easy to treat with medication, I just feel like I am having to medicate at least one of the fish all of the time, which is kind of taking the enjoyment out of fishkeeping for me. I have a few friends who work for a tropical LFS that have seen the tank as it is at the moment and they say there is nothing wrong with the design or setup that could be causing this - they seem to think its just part of community fishkeeping. I think that just reducing the number of fish I have lowers probability of anything like this happening. Strangely I havent ever had Ich in my tank, touch wood. Also id like to go back to having a few character-filled fish I can really bond with rather than a secenic tank of smaller fish.
  4. Hi both, thanks for the replies. The powerhead does over 10xLPH, sorry I didnt mention this originally. If it did prove insufficient for goldfish it should be easily replaceable with a higher spec one because it is a standard design for all juwel internal filters I believe. I am definately interested in Goldfish in their own right - so sorry im really if it came off as simply looking for something easier. What I mean to say is I am interested in keeping a species tank rather than a community tank - because I can design and maintain everything 100% for that kind of fish. I have kept tropical species tanks before and definitely found it easier than a community set-up to maintain because you could concentrate all your efforts and attention on just one or two fish. I am attracted to goldfish for their appearance and character and would rather keep them than keep a single tropical species in the tank - if this makes sense? The tank I am referring to has been running for 2 years, I did a fishless cycle when I started it and there are no real technical problems with it, the filter is fine, I do regular drop water tests which always have good results, I believe it is actually slightly understocked (3 female bettas, 7 small corydoras, 1 Otto, 1 bamboo shrimp, and about 8 assorted dwarf shrimps). I change about 20% of the water in total a week, usually by doing a 10% water change twice weekly. I swill the filter sponges in old tank water once a month. I dont have any goldfish keeping experience myself, just tropical fishkeeping, which is why im seeking a little advice here before I make any decisions. My grandmother had used to keep goldfish to great success, she had the same two veiltails in her tank, which was slightly larger in volume than mine, for around 10 years and they grew quite large and handsome. This was originally what attracted me to goldfish but everytime I look into them im put off because I think they might need more space than I have.
  5. Hello everyone, I am new to this site and were hoping that you could give me some advice on a prospective goldfish tank. I have checked around the forum a bit and think this is the right section to post this, but I apologise if its in the wrong place. I currently own a Juwel Rio 120L Aquarium which I have been deliberating about turning into a Goldfish tank for some time now. At the moment it is used as a tropical community tank, focused mainly on a small female Betta sorority with some Cory-cats (three-line, sterbas and smudgespots) and Ottos, as well as shrimp and assassin snails as filler/clearup. I love these fish and im pleased with much of the setup of the tank, but for all my trying, there always seems to be at least one big problem with the tank, there always seems to be at least one fish who is not at his/her best and by the time I cure one problem another already seems to be brewing. For this reason, I am giving serious thought to converting the tank to coldwater and just keeping Fancy goldfish in there. I am not 100% sure on a few things yet, and I dont know if I have the heart to return all my tropicals in order to convert the tank, though if it carries on this way it may ultimately be better for their welfare to do so. I think even if I dont return my current fishies, after they have lived out their merry time on earth I will probably look more toward goldfish keeping. I know goldfish can be demanding in their own ways but I was hoping that if theres only one fish or one kind of fish in there I can cater to its exact needs without worrying about any tankmates. Basically what I want to know is if this tank is even an appropriate setup for a Fancy goldfish. The capacity is 120L, which I know is not the hugest tank but it is not minuscule either. The filter runs solely on an inbuilt sponge filtering system and has a good powerhead - the tank has never suffered any filtration trouble, but I know goldfish require more powerful filtration than tropicals. I also run an air-pump in to help oxygenate the water. Is this tank/filtration likely to be enough for a fancy goldfish? I am thinking of maybe just having one good fancy goldfish in there. I do like Orandas, Ryunkins and Moors so I would probably opt for one of these. Also, the substrate at the moment is silica sand with a little gravel mixed in - would this be okay for goldfish? or would I have to change to gravel/large pebbles? I find the sand substrate so much easier to clean because of how the waste rest on the surface. It also brightens up the tank considerably as it reflects light much better than gravel. I would like to know if my Java Fern, Bolbitus Fern and Anubias plants would be okay to keep in the tank? I realise some of my other plants may kark it if i change the water temp (including a really nice crianum bulb I have in there) but id like to keep the lush green feel to it if possible. I realise theres ALOT of text and questions there, but I just dont want to be one of those people who rush out and get goldfish only to consign them to suffering in poor conditions Thank you all in advance for any help you can offer me :]
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