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  1. I hope they are more enjoyable and less work for you both now I love the "tiger moor" lol!
  2. Unlike many other forums I've been on I dont think there is anybody here who endorses a product for any reason other than genuine faith in its quality. I've never seen anybody here just say 'get some prime'. Members might advise it regularly, but they will give an explanation as to why, and it is usually always 'if you can' with help on what to do if you cant get it or have to wait on an order.
  3. I was gonna say Gelfood too. Sakura recently posted a thread about feeding gel spread out on a rock, which might help him get his share as the other fish wouldnt be able to just hoover it all up before he got chance, theyd all have to graze on it.
  4. I recently started to make gel food too, my advice is just to make it as fine a paste as you can with your blender, and add more rather than less of the setting agent. Good luck!
  5. Hmm. Well if it is a 20g its very overstocked. IMO 20g is pushing it for the two mature angels by themselves, and gouramis are reasonably big too :/ Im glad the mouth issue has cleared, hopefully a few days in clean water in the QT may help the eye too, just keep us posted. I would suggest upping the WC frequency on this tank. Basically id do an 80%wc (assuming your ph is stable and this is physically possibly for the fish) test the water the next morning to make sure the tap ammonia is gone and then test every day til nitrates hit 20, that would tell you how often you need to WC (Id do 50% each WC too) so say if in 4 days nitrate hit 20 then you should try to do 50% WC every 4 days from then on. If either ammonia or nitrite showed before nitrates then that would mean the cycle cant keep up with the fish which complicates things a little. Hope that made sense
  6. Hi sorry for the slow reply, My net has been a bit hit and miss today The ammonia showing in the tank must be from overstocking/filtration failing to keep up, as the tap ammonia would have been removed by now. If you get the dimensions of the tank we could estimate how overstocked it is and figure out a plan from there, if your dad was likely to listen. Generally the answer to overstocked tanks is to keep a perfect WC regime with more frequent changes than you are doing right now, however having ammonia in the tapwater might complicate that slightly, because if ammonia is building up in the tank already, it might be hard for your filters to remove tap-ammonia from frequent water changes also. I think It really would help if you had access to something like Prime or another ammonia detoxifying conditioner in that situation - is it just not available in Canada? could you not order it online perhaps? It would also help with the WCs in the QT, particularly if you dont have a spare filter and some adequately seeded media. Really the only longterm solution to overstocking is a larger tank or removing some of the fishes, but since they have been in there a while I dont know that this is necessary. If the tank is only lightly overstocked then you might get away with just doing more WCs than average. Though you might always be on the knife-edge of problems like the one with this fish. Whenever a fish becomes weakened for some reason (like age or stress) the likelyhood of them developing health problems is heightened when they are in less than ideal conditions :{ Im glad you have identified what you think the problem is, I assume since youre moving him to a QT already you have a plan of treatment? I hope he responds quickly
  7. Your angels look great and I love the driftwood and planting in the tank, Hidr :]
  8. I agree with Fang, tank PH, volume/dimensions and pics would be good, the google image idea is a great one if you cant get a picture yourself. I would also ask is the ammonia showing in the tank because of ammonia in your tapwater?, or has it only showed up in tandem with this problem? When did you last WC and do you know if you have ammonia in your tap? Also what variety of Gourami are there in there? I ask simply because they have different sizes/bioloads :] I wonder why you keep the tank at 30C (86F) as that is fairly high, I think 85 is generally considered the max for Angels, and over 80F is only really required for breeding tanks. Otherwise it will just decrease their lifespan overall, and if always kept at that temp 6years would be getting on the older side of things (at least from what I understand) which could contribute to health issues showing up (or at least explain why this fish displays them before any others). I have always kept mine at 25-27C and believe this is fine for non-breeding situations. This temp is also a little high for Gouramis. Im not saying it will directly harm your fish, as theyre pretty adaptable, but keeping them outside of ideal temperatures for prolonged periods can have implications. (however being at a higher temp might prove useful during treatment, depending what illness this turns out to be).
  9. Oh wow he is awesome, hope he gets well again soon <3
  10. Ive heard silicates too, but its always a bit vague. I have never seen anything definitive on the cause or solution for it
  11. Its not actually algae, its a thing called diatoms, theres lots of speculation on what causes it but not much is for certain, though it is more common in newer aquariums. It does not mean your tank is uncycled or in poor shape, though so dont worry. It can be tough to get rid of and persistently regrows, but usually one day it just vanishes.
  12. They all look fantastic! I especially love the definition in Hoover's scales and markings, really pretty!
  13. That water is pretty soft I believe the oldest portions of shell are usually unused anyway so the pitting there should not cause them any real detriment, aslong as the main portion of shell is intact (I could be wrong on that). I havent had it in an apple snail, but I had a Sulewesi snail where a reasonable portion the tip of the shell was broken off entirely when I received it, and it never suffered any problems from that. If you've had them this long I think what youre doing should keep them healthy enough. I dont think theydve survived and grown to this size if it were fatally problematic for them.
  14. Tithra I think it might just take quite a time for it to visibly change, nothing with snails happens very quickly in my experience, just keep up the good work.
  15. I think the cuttlefish is a great idea to have in any tank with snails, it only has to be a small piece so you can hide it somewhere out of sight and just replace it when needed. I did that when I kept Sulawesi and Nerite snails in my tank. I noticed the white one's shell looks a little poor near the rear, but I assume this is due to the typically poor care the snails get at even good LFS or online stockists (unless invert specialists) and appearance like that stays with them for a long time, im not sure it ever 100% goes away really. The newer growth around the trap looks alot better though I think (you can see a sheen on the left hand side of the dark one) and thats probably a good indicator, so id hope this is just mating and not cannibalism!. I still think Helen's suggestion is great, though!
  16. Great pics & video as always Jennie I thinks its a good idea to make them work a little for the food hehe. I could watch those guys for hours - as im sure you do!
  17. He looks like hes doing really well!
  18. Congrats! What a great way to start your fish off in your new home. I was sorry to hear about your losses so I think you deserve this
  19. I think these would be nice in a conservatory or glasshouse There was a member here who kept his fish in one year round out on a balcony but he lived in a frost-free climate. I think theyd freeze solid if used outside in colder areas because they dont seem insulated at all.
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