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  1. Glad theyre all getting on okay after the move! ^^
  2. I wish there were trade shows in my area! Glad it was fun for you Fang ^-^ Congrats on the plants, I love Frogbit!
  3. Shame this went badly for you Jamie, I can understand there being dieback and a need to QT plants which have been purchased from an outdoor pond, but for him to not even rinse or remove things like mud, other plant debris and snails is just laziness and poor service on his part. I wouldnt expect the plants to be sterile but you'd think theyd at least be clean and properly packaged.
  4. That sounds like pretty reasonable pricing, hope they arrive soon.
  5. I think those big water tank type boilers are considered old fashioned now and maybe this is one of the reasons? I have a combi boiler in my house too so all our tap water is direct mains water which just gets heated when needed, I actually prefer this as when my parents had a water tank we'd constantly run out of hot water! However me and my siblings all bathed in tank water growing up and never got ill from it, maybe thats luck or just the style of tank it was? Ive never really though about this before! I know I habitually fill my kettle with cold water because its meant to be clearer than warm and reduce limescale but that could be an old wives tale lol.
  6. Lucerne

    New Betta

    You lost me at vodka .... J/K lol. He looks like a nice blue veiltail! His fins have a bit of transparent growth at the ends which is probably just stress related but id keep a close eye in the early days just to make sure no finrot issues crop up, other than that he looks like he is in good shape considering how soon this is after cup-jail! Edit: the planting in the tank looks ideal for him!
  7. Lucerne

    New Betta

    I think clean water, good food and a healthy environment are usually all it takes. Bettas are pretty tough generally but those cups are beyond heinous. Good luck with him! where are the pics??
  8. I think you are putting stem plants in a tank without a planting substrate, right? I think excel could be good in that scenario. I have kept planted aquariums with and without additives and while not always "required" I do think you get more reliable and healthy growth with liquid or injected CO2 (which is what excel is), particularly with stem plants as the are usually not root feeders anyway, so benefit from carbon being made available in the water column. I think 'Flourish' is a more broad spectrum fert with trace elements etc, so I think the need for it varies more from tank to tank so its hard to say. It might be a good idea to use it just after WCs though, to be sure, since you have no slow-release substrate providing those nutrients, or you could use it if your plants show signs of deficiencies.
  9. Id think if in doubt reseal it. Or at least fill it very slowly and observe for a while before adding any fish. Even if it was designed as an aquarium theres a possibility a previous owner used it as a terrarium or for some other purpose that couldve compromised the seal.
  10. Very cute fishes! Its good theyll already graze on a big block, but it could take them a little longer to recognise it as food enough to snap up small pieces quickly. Did you add garlic in the end? that may attract them better too. You could also try to teach them to hand feed from you, which would make it easier to give them bitesize pieces. Sakura did a video on teaching fish to hand feed that might be useful if you wanted to go that route:
  11. I think it looks great and will be even better when the swords fill out. I really love the placement of the rocks, glass ornament and the root.
  12. Ive fed all kinds of fish green beans and it always results in a big green poop, which is the aim I guess!
  13. I think colour enhancing in fish is complicated but a basic factor people often attribute is Carotenoids. For red/orange I think carotenes are probably good and you can get them naturally from things such as carrot or red bell pepper. You could maybe try making gel food from these veggies and using it as a suppliment to the existing diet? I think a little red salmon could also be added if you felt you wanted a fishmeal component. I think from what I looked up (granted this was for cichlids not GF) there is alot of crossover in ingredients for enhancing reds and yellows so it could be hard to find a way to do one without the other. I could be wrong, but thats my very basic understanding.
  14. I love your pond, it is so deceptively deep! its really interesting to see how the ice forms/melts so quickly too.
  15. It might be worth just getting one bunch of each plant now to see which ones do well in your tank/dont get eaten by the fish, then later buy more of the ones that you like and were successful? but I guess that depends on how much youd save on shipping by bulk-buying. I think the only problem with buying ALOT of new plants at once (especially if you havent had a planted tank before, not sure if you said you had or not sorry) is that it can be disheartening if they all melt or get treated as an expensive salad.
  16. Are you talking about the Rakuten marketplace? (http://global.rakuten.com/en/) If so, I have not used that site yet myself, but I believe it is the same Rakuten company that recently took over Play.com and I have not had a problem with ordering things from Play since the takeover at all, so id also assume that the Rakuten marketplace site is safe to purchase from. Theyre a very large online company so Id hope it was well organised (though the translations on products are a still bit weird).
  17. Sorry this happened, a real horror story! I hope everything works out OK! Alex and Bodoba have given sound advice
  18. Lucerne

    Fasting day?

    I think fasting one day and then feeding either just peas or just frozen bloodworm the next day might help with constipation.
  19. I have moss growing on my driftwood root also, I did tie some on but it never affixed itself. It did appear on the wood elsewhere though so it worked in the end lol. Good luck with yours!
  20. Yep it shocked me too (I was resigned to having a long battle on my hands) and I cant say it would work for everyone, but im pleased it worked for me!
  21. Hornwort has always been good for me.
  22. I just wanted to say that I changed my light schedule and the BBA has died! :0 previously my lights were on 9-12am and 4-12pm with a break inbetween. I changed them to a solid 11am-11:30pm and the problem vanished in a few days (well theres some dead algae to remove still, which ill do on my WC in the morning). I guess that was just enough to let my plants outcompete it. This does mean I dont see the fish before work in the mornings but its worth it if the tank is better balanced. I still drop a little food in each morning for them and its gone before im home. I have ordered liquid ferts, which I will use still, but it turns out I didnt need them to solve this ^~^ so that may be good for others to know in future.
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