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  1. I saw this on my youtube feed and thought how cool they look - congrats Shell! I wish I could have nerites again, theyre great tankmates, but I cant mix them with my assassin snails sadly !
  2. MTS are not hemaphroditic, but females are capable of asexual reproduction, so if your lone snail is female theres a good chance it will multiply on its own. Im not sure if theres a good way to tell genders apart. Personally these guys did overrun some tanks of mine and I also found they ate some tender plants like watersprite. However those tanks were tropical and so the warmer temp wouldve greatly increased their metabolism (as it does with inverts) and reproductive rates. By most accounts here if theyre in a GF tank then theyre pretty amiable tankmates.
  3. I have kept both and my opinion is that cherries are generally more community friendly - amano shrimp are pretty greedy and will grab and claim food competitively while cherries are much more laid back. Cherries are also more high impact visually and will reproduce (amanos will not). Amano shrimp are famous for being used in planted tanks but they wont really remove algae (no shrimp really will) they just slow it/reduce new algae forming by their constant grazing action. The best thing about Amanos is theyre almost indestructable in my experience where as Cherries can be more sensitive to nitrate buildups etc.
  4. Lucerne

    Just being them

    your cats are so beautiful, and they all seem a bit regal and aware of that beauty xD The first one looks especially stunning :]
  5. Lucerne

    Betta Soup

    I really expected this to be some heater-malfunction horror story - relieved it isnt! the tank looks great and KB seems happily indifferent to it all! xD
  6. hope it works out for both sides of the divider! :]
  7. Penny and Darwin are both gorgeous Chrissy :] hope everything works out between them!
  8. ooo exciting! I hope Penny is OK with sharing her tank, too! :]
  9. aw :[ at least its going the right direction, though!
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