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  1. Cherry shrimp are adorable! You can keep roughly 10 per gallon, but remember they breed like CRAZY so don't overstock to start with. I started out with 9 shrimp, now I have hundreds. I'd recommend moss balls, and lots of java moss and a small piece of wood to tie the moss on to, they'll really appreciate that. I'd seed the filter with some mature sponge from a cycled tank, cherries are a bit sensitive to water parameters so I snipped some media from my goldies and stuffed it into the filter, instant cycle!
  2. You can actually get a food that's similar to medigold delivered to the UK from Goldfish Utopia, here's the link http://www.goldfishu...ood-Pellet.html You'll need to soak it in tank water for about 10-15 mins before feeding, it's quite hard and kept getting spit out by my fish :/ Takes a while to arrive but worth it to have on hand at least anyway. EDIT: Oh no, I'm so sorry, RIP Rusty
  3. Wow he's huge! A pet shop over the road from me had two orandas for sale for a while, they were huge, they must have been nearly 12 inches! I got a quick video of them, but for some reason they look smaller in the video (probably cos they were quite high up so the angle makes them look smaller) They were 80 euro each or 120 for the pair, I really should have bought them as they were sold separately in the end I wouldn't mind but while I was there, a man came in with his son looking to buy some goldfish (bowl under his arm) and bought 3 orandas! Surely he could look up and make the connection that these 5 fish he just bought could grow to the size of the two right beside him, but no....
  4. Oh gosh the tiger striped guy, I think I'm in love :heart And the black one in the 3rd photo, oh my! His little face!
  5. Oh his little FACE! Oh he is adorable.
  6. I was telling my boyfriend about this, and he told me that if I got one, Ronnie the fish would end up clicker training me to bring him food.
  7. Oh gosh they are all so so beautiful! Gorgeous little fishies!
  8. I tend to use this one: But well done on sending the email. In fact, I think I'm going to start complaining about it when I see it, even for my own sake because usually I come home and I'm upset about the poor fish for quite some time after. I was recently in a LFS - quite a well- respected one, and to my absolute horror they were selling these tiny, plastic bowls, and offering a free goldfish with every bowl! I overheard a staff member tell a customer to 'leave the tank sit for 10 minutes before adding the fish to cycle the tank' WHAT! for one, it's not a tank, its a cereal bowl, for two, nobody should buy tank and fish in the one day unless it's an emergency of some sort, and for three, that's not what cycling is! So there's another generation of people growing up thinking goldfish live in bowls! My boyfriend kept steering me away from them lest I interrupt and go into full blown fish-rant at them. So I decided when I got home, that I would post on their forum to complain. But oh no! there was another customer complaining about something else, and the torrent of abuse they received from the shop owner, staff, and their friends put me off. I don't think there's any changing the minds of these 'experts'. But remember, if we looked back years and years ago, (where I'm from anyway) the idea of bringing a dog or a cat to a vet was laughable. Vets were for horses and cows and other farm animals worth money, rather than for pets. But it's come a long way since then - I mentioned once that our dog had only been to a vet once in his life to get shots, and I was met with a shocked expression - what about checkups?! So with a bit of pushing, and speaking out, I bet the lives of goldies and other fish will be vastly improved in the future.
  9. He's in an 80 gallon 4 foot tank, with two ranchus, the ranchus are still very small, about 2.5 inches. Aw, I could never give him up, he's my baby
  10. He does have two ranchus in with him, at the start he was TERRIFIED of them, but now they're all best friends, he is much larger so he will just bop them out of the way when he's looking for food, but he's not aggressive towards them at all. It just seems to be floaty tails he dislikes. If you've ever seen a goldfish eating a plant and whipping their heads over and back to try tear a piece off, that's what he was doing to the orandas Sadly neither of them recovered from the injuries, they were just too small I think I do have an oranda in a 30 gallon quarantine tank at the moment, I'm hoping I can keep her there til she's grown up enough to go in with him, and I'll try the time out tank for him so she can get used to it first.
  11. Hi all, New here but have been reading the site for a long time now! I have a question about my goldfish that I hope someone can help with - he's a large rotund fantail (or possibly underdeveloped-wen oranda, it's hard to tell), he's roughly a year and a half old and is about 8 inches long. So far, he has been directly responsible for the death of two other fish I had two baby orandas, about 2-3 inch long, which I put in with him (shuffling about the decor in the tank as well to hopefully change up his 'territory). He ignored them for the first few days, then he caught one of them by the tail and started shaking her over and back. She became quite ill, so I quarantined her in a spare tank, he then began doing the same to the other oranda! It was really quite aggressive, and he would keep trying to do it over and over. Everyone I've spoken to about this is quite shocked by it ( or finds it funny ) so I'm just wondering if anyone else has had this problem?
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