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  1. Just an update in case anyone else was wondering about this... My ragged java fern seems to LOVE the air stone. I recently noticed quite a bit of rapid, healthy looking, new growth.
  2. I was surprised to find eggs in my newly cycled 50G aquarium. I saved some attached to a plant in a breeder net They're all over the bottom of this side of the tank
  3. Hmm... I may have to switch to an internal filter like klep88 recommended. Thanks for the tip. Hufflepuff has torn fins now, but I am not sure if it was self inflicted or if the filter did it Also I doubled up the mesh between Hufflepuff and the others because he went from being all mellow yellow to spastic flaring and darting around. The other two seem to be able to either take or leave the flaring. At this point I am not too sure about my betta set up, though I have read about it working for others. I don't think the power filter would be as big of a stressor if there was more space to get away from it.
  4. Mandy works very hard to maintain her physique Rather than start a whole new thread for one more picture... I'll just post pics of Mandy here. I think Mandy was settling down to go to sleep. At first I was alarmed she was sitting on the bottom, then I realized what time it was and that fish need sleep to. I snapped a few pictures before I turned out the lights. How can you tell if a fish is sleeping? I think I remember hearing that fish sleep with their eyes open on an aquarium tour I went on as a child. This is my favorite one because the whole reflection of her underside is visible.
  5. One employee at the LFS told me that goldfish only have a life span of about 3 years, while another eagerly told me a story about a goldfish won at a fair that has been alive for nearly 20 years. I want mine to live forever and grow to the size of leviathans!
  6. Yes! I'm glad you asked. I was thinking about updating earlier but was afraid to drag up an older topic. Mandy's fin is healing beautifully. I am having a hard time telling which one was injured now! Also she's been moved to a 50G, which is not cycled, but I am doing multiple tests and water changes daily to keep the ammonia reading close to 0 at all times. Also the ammonia in the 29G is consistently reading 0 now that there are only two itty bitties in it. P.S. Thank you!
  7. random


    Wowzer! If I was a male betta and looked like that I'd be bowing up to everything and my bubble nest would be overflowing.
  8. Thanks y'all! The itty bitty calico's name is now Kaleidoscope It goes well with X-Ray in my mind of weird associations, and is easier to say than Magnetic Resonance Imaging.
  9. How about Cheesey Poof for the nameless one? Sorry, first thing that came to mind, LOL. They're all so cute!
  10. I don't have many pictures of the little guys because they're hard to catch on camera, but this one came out okay: X-ray has been doing so much better! Thank you for helping me save him and teaching me how to take better care of my fishies, Koko's! Also if you have any ideas on names for the calico lemme know. I've just been calling 'im "Calico".
  11. random

    New 50g

    I decided to try going partially bare, leaving a bit of gravel behind to cover the flexible bubble wand: With the flash, because the lighting looks weird through my camera:
  12. Does this mean they're going to grow big fleshy brain thingies that I might eventually have to trim out of their eyes? EEEK! They were sold as "red fantails". They're so laid back, curious, and cool though. Just hard to imagine them with big fleshy growths, though they do have very broad foreheads. Caddywampus reminds me of a shark when I look at him head on.
  13. Thanks folks! i swim, I am not sure but I think they're ryukins.
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