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  1. Chewy's grandkids have been hatching for the last 3 days. 2 of the 4 clutches have started to hatch. They're so cute when they're little! I'm not doing anything special with them, just hatching them in the 75 gal with all the pigface goldies, so I'm not sure if any of them will actually make it. I was thinking of taking a few out and putting them with Wally Betta, but he'll probably torment them more. If anyone wants me to "set a hatchling aside" for them, let me know!

  2. Cana females seem to get the largest, but I've never seen one quite as big as Koko's unofficial mascot, Chewbaca. I have some pretty large canas, but they aren't nearly as big as Chewy. My mom must be feeding her too well! All of my canas are in with my goldies. My goldies range from 2 inches to about 9 inches. Chewy used to be in an tropical tank too, long ago. I got her as a "hand me down" when Chewy destroyed the plants in that tank. Chewy is also the snail in my avatar. She's extremely friendly and used to come to hand feed at the top of the tank! All of her babies have been friendly little pigs.

    As far as special needs, they would need good water quality, a stable pH, lots of fruits and veggies and possibly some calcium supplements. You wouldn't be able to use meds or higher doses of salt in your tank if you put snails in there though, that's all I can think of.

    I'll pull my canas out and get you some pictures. You can pick whoever you want and I'll mail them to you! :D

  3. Here's a list of cities I've sent Chewy babies to. I know there are some I've missed! Add to it if I've missed your city.

    And these clutches aren't Chewy's babies...they're Chewy's GRANDbabies :yikes

    Rogers, AR

    Phoenix, AR

    Lemoyne, PA

    Monmouth, OR

    Hammond, IN

    Lynnwood, WA

    Harvey, IL

    Opelika, AL

    Mobile, AL

    Moline, IL

    Jacksonville, FL

    Virginia Beach, VA

    Pittsburgh, PA

    Tomahawk, WI

  4. Hi guys! I just wanted to let everyone know that I still have about 7 or so of Chewy's kids in my 75 gallon.

    Guess how many egg clutches I have right now?

    4!!!!!!!! (and one fell into the water or I would have 5!)

    I don't even know who the female/males are. I had those 7 or so left because they had shell damage and 1 clutch at a time, here I am with 4! And can I flush them, noooo.

    Chewy's grandkids will be up for adoption is a few months. :yikes

    Somebody shoot me :rolleyes:

    Erika, I'm sending you all 400 babies that I'll have shortly. Just kidding, babe.

  5. Maybe his body is just swollen, making it seem like his trapdoor is too small. Sometimes their body's swell when there are water issues. Even the slightest problems with water params can cause problems sometimes. If you do think he may be swollen, even if only a little bit, take him out of the water for a little while. What I do is put them in a bowl and set them on a cool surface for awhile. I'd get something out of the freezer like a bag of veggies and set it on the counter for couple of minutes to make a cool area. Then put the snail in a bowl/container and set it on that cool area. Leave him out for about 10-15 minutes. Hopefully he'll slime around in the bowl so his foot gets to actually touch the cool areas. If you haven't already done it, check the params for nitrites, ammonia and nitrates.

  6. Good work.

    As far as feeding styles...I think that when you boil things like spinach or collard greens, that you are loosing some of the nutritional value. I could be totally wrong, but that's my belief for now until somebody changes my mind :) I mostly feed raw veggies to my larger snails. I do boil the veggies for my hatchlings, just to help them out a little.

    And the clouding...I have noticed that when I cook the veggies I get more clouding, but the cooked veggies are also going into a much smaller tank, so I'm not 100% sure which is causing the clouding.

    Boy, I haven't really helped out much, now have I?

    Anyway...like I said before, good job! Maybe a mod will sticky that for us!

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