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  1. A similar thing happened to me last year, but my fish was not so lucky. It sounds to me like you're doing everything right. Good luck!
  2. These are the same questions I ask myself! It's a tough one. Yes, she is on her right side 24/7. The only time she moves is to eat, and she even does that on her side. She can also come up to the surface to breathe if need be, also sideways. The basket she's in is about 12 inches long by 4 inches high, so she's close enough to the surface to jump up once in awhile. If I sit her up myself, she will only be in that position for about a minute or so. She has not been able to get herself upright in five months.
  3. My guess is the driftwood... I had a terrible problem w/ driftwood in my tank btw...it made my pH super low! I had to take it out and now it sits on my deck next to my pop-up pond. Is this a common pleco? I'm not sure how plecos react to salt, but maybe consider salting your tank to help your fish get thru the cycle. Hopefully someone more wise will come and help you out! Good luck! Sorry I didn't have all the answers for ya.
  4. I had a fish a few months back with dropsy. I fed Metro-med and used Maracyn, then Maracyn 2, and epsom salt and he made a full recovery. I am treating another fish now for the same thing. I'm feeding him Metro-med, using Kanacyn, and epsom salt and he's not doing so well. He is actually the worse case I've ever seen. I've never seen a fish so swolen, it's painful to look at. It's also real important to raise the temp. to 78*F and keep the water pristine. Dropsy is mostly caused by poor water conditions in the first place. (I have a pretty bad nitrate problem myself...it's my city water...) When I first notice a sign of dropsy (in my fish it has been swollen eyes), I make sure the water params are perfect and add some empsom salt to the tank. That usually nips it right away, but not so much luck this time around. Good luck with your fish! You've come to the right place for advice. I'll keep my fingers crossed for the both of us.
  5. This is gonna be a long one.... In March of '04 I got a fish from a fellow Koko's member who was downsizing her tank. It's a large, orange, female ryukin named Nugget, who was up for pic of the week in her better days. Nugget showed signs of SBD from the day I got her. She'd flip over when searching for food and become floaty here and there. I was careful to do everything right...soaking food, feeding peas, fasting. In March of '05 her SBD got the best of her. She had laid on the bottom of the tank for a few days and it broke my heart to see her like that. I bought a plastic bin from the dollar store and attached it to the hood of my tank to keep her closer to the top of the surface. Poor Nugget has literally been on her side since March of this year. She is able to eat, come up for air once in awhile, and even sit up for a few minutes at a time if I place her in that position. She has what I call "bed sores" from laying on her side for so long. I honestly thought in April that she would die from the sores, but here it is July and she's still kicking. Rick from Goldfishconnection suggested that I try his Anti-Bac Bath, just in case it was something internal. She's also been through a few rounds of Maracyn, Maracyn 2, and Kanacyn because another fish in the same tank had dropsy (the fish with dropsy made a full recovery by the way). She eats all top-grade food from GFC. Her belly is very lumpy, I guess from her swim bladder being deformed. I have done everything in my power to bring her back to her old self again, every method I ever read about online, and she is still on her side for over 5 whole months now. Is it time to give up? Should I put her down? Or do I let her live on her side, in her little white basket? If she can live on like she has, do I have a right to decide it's time for her to die? Or should I let her go on till it's her time? Poor girl. I just see no end to this. But then she's lived this long on her side, what gives me the right. Can she be happy like that? This is one tough decision...please help me!!! Nugget in her hay day... Nugget in her jail (I sat her up for this picture)...
  6. I had a bad fish shipping experience, so I'm leary on shipping fish. I'm cool with shipping snails, but fish, I'd rather not. I met a couple at the bar I work at that is going to take all of them for their 1600 gallon pond. I just have to get them big enough before the fall. Right now their fish would eat them. I currently have 15 left. I had to cull some because of bent backs. You may shun me from Koko's, but I fed them to my turtle. I figured at least that was instant and more natural. It did make me kind of icky feeling though. I just put the fry into a 45 gallon pop-up pond that my mom bought me. The water is so cold, but they made it through the night. Before I put them in there, I took a few pics. one of the little shubunkins
  7. Thanks, I guess my instincts were correct. I managed to dodge the sprayers last year. I figured that I never saw bugs and the apartments on both sides of me were sprayed, so I would be covered. But this year I've seen ants and spiders, so I'd like them to spray my place. I'm not even sure what areas they spray in or if they'll even go upstairs. If they don't spray upstairs I can always move my betta tank and fry tank up there. I'm woried about the 75 gallon though, those fish have suffered enough without the help of chemicals. Anyone else been in this situation?
  8. My apartment manager is having someone come in to spray for bugs (nothing too gross, we don't have roaches or anything, it's just a precaution I guess). But I was wondering if I need to take any action with my tanks? They aren't doing the bomb/cloud thing, just spraying around the perimeter. Should I cover the tanks? Or will they be okay? Thanks!
  9. Do you mind saying exactly where you bought it? If you don't want to say it on the forum, can you email me. I'd really appreciate it. I want to make sure I buy it in the same size pellets. eatherhey@yahoo.com Thank you so much!
  10. I may try this for my sideways ryukin. She's been on her side for about a month now. I've tried everything. I'm running out of options. Thanks for the info, I hope it works for my fish!
  11. I've used up all of my medigold this week. I bought some krill today, I read once that it's a good thing to feed sick fish, high in omega 3's and protein. I've been feeding them pretty much all frozen food, I figured it's better than dry. I wish UPS was open on the weekend! Thanks for the wishes!!
  12. I took the corys out and put them in the fry tank, they are adjusting better than I thought. I've been adding the salt. I mixed it up in a pitcher and I've been adding it slowly. The calico oranda's swelling has gone down, but he's been up at the top getting air all day. Dipstick is still swollen up like a balloon. Nugget is still upside down in her basket. I ordered some metromed food last Sunday, but had a problem with UPS, and now I can't pick it up till Monday, so I'm bummed about that. I'm still using Maracyn 2. Nothing has really improved much. It's very frustrating. The params are still great. The Maracyn is making the water so dark, I hate that. I'm gonna add another bubble wand, I think they need some more air in there. All I can do is wait.
  13. Thanks Laurie! Yes, I have turned the heat up. It's just at about 78-80*F. Yeah, it's been about 5 days of treatment...but instead of getting better, another fish has started to show signs. Uggh...
  14. My ryukin, Nugget has always had mild SBD, but it's been bad lately. She has been on her back for 2 weeks now. I bought a plastic basket and hung it on the side of the tank to at least take the water weight off of her a little. This seemed to help somewhat. My fantail, Dipstick, has had dropsy for over a week now, closer to 2. He's pineconing and has swollen eys. It was caused by high nitrates, I'm assuming at least. I finally have the nitrates under control and I've been medicating w/ Maracyn and Maracyn 2. I came home today and found my calico oranda with swollen eye sockets, not like popeye, but more like the begining of dropsy. I tested my water right away, to check for high nitrates and this is what I got... ammonia--0 nitrite--0 nitrate--around 20 pH--7.4 I don't have any epsom salt in the tank (even though I bought some) b/c I'm worried about my pair of corys. I'm thinking of putting them in the goldie fry tank, so I can salt the main tank. It's weird. The water is under control now and I've been medicating for 5 days now, and things are only getting worse. I don't really have a question. Just kind of updating and stating the facts and venting I guess. Wish us luck!
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