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  1. I gave her some Jungle Antibacterial Medicated Food I have on hand, and it seems to be helping. She's only been on it since yesterday morning, but it seems to be clearing up a bit. I wanted to avoid that since they can build a resistance to the medication, but since she was getting worse, I figured it's better than nothing.
  2. I noticed today the white marks on her caudal fin have spread a little. At first I noticed she only had 2 marks on one fin and 1 mark on the other. Now it's more like 3 and 2. Any suggestions????
  3. I just tested my tap water for kicks and it read 8.0 for pH and 1ppm for Ammonia! However even after I did a 60% water change (still adding 1 tblsp /5Gal), I tested the tank water and it still reads 7.5 for pH and up between 0.25-0.5 for ammonia, so I don't think it's shocking them (it'll be down to normal by tomorrow). I didn't realize my tap water was so messed up! Sheesh. I have always used tap water for their tank, but it never occurred to me to actually *test* it. I always treat my tank water with a full dose for 30g al of Prime after a water change though.
  4. If you meant for the current issue: Pimafix, Melafix, and aquarium salt for 4 days. If you meant the nose diving, I used Jungle Parasite Clear for 2 weeks about 2 months ago, and once used Ich Rid Plus about 6 months ago (I don't remember how long, but at least for the full time the bottle says.) She doesn't display any other symptoms for gill flukes/parasites besides nose diving, so I'm not sure what it means. And it's only her, not my other oranda. So for 0.2%, that's 2 tblsp for every 5 Gal, correct? I have currently been using the aquarium salt instructions at 1 tblsp per 5 gal, which I imagine is 0.1%. The tank floor is almost bare except for a handful of the decorative glass aquarium marbles/gems (whatever they are) added for prettiness. I have a combo of some green and brown algae/diatoms growing in the tank, so I scrub the ornaments about every 2-3 weeks and I'll rinse the filters out too (with dechlorinated water to not kill the good bacteria.) I always gravel vac the bottom very well, especially in popular resting/poop spots, and wipe away the algae I see. They only have 2 ornaments (one for each) to hide in and 2 fake plants. My red/white oranda has had very few problems and is really hearty (once he had mild tail rot, which cleared quickly,) but my gold oranda seems very susceptible to everything! I have done so much head banging with her with the amount of time, care, and money invested to try and keep her healthy and happy. I think she's one of those 'special fish.'
  5. Also, she does not show any signs of fin rot. Just the white markings. The tank is due for its weekly change on Friday.
  6. I have two 3-4 inch oranda goldfish for a year now. My red and white oranda is fine, has no problems. My gold oranda, however, has a few white marks along the edge of her caudal fin. It is NOT ich, but looks more bacterial or fungal. I have been treating with pimafix, melafix, and added salt to the tank for about 4 days now, and while it hasn't gotten any worse, it really hasn't decreased either. Otherwise, she acts, eats, and looks fine. I am not sure what brought it up or what it is, but I was hoping for some treatment advice. I have the fish separated with a tank divider since the red/white oranda can be very aggressive towards her. Also, unrelated, but the gold oranda also 'nose dives.' I tried looking up what that could be, but can't find anything. She has always done this and I have treated both fish a couple months ago for parasites, to be safe, since I suspected flukes. Is this a behavioral thing or possibly something else? The red/white Oranda doesn't do this. The gold oranda is also kind of stupid overall, if that helps... lol Tank Set Up: 29 Gal 1 AquaClear 50 1 AquaTech 20-40 1 Fusion Air Pump 500 Water Stats from API Freshwater Master Kit: 7.5 pH 0 Amm 0 Nitrites 20 Nitrates 20-25% Weekly water change w/ added Prime and Easy Balance I feed them 2x daily, small amounts of Omega One flakes (primarily), TetraFin Color Enhancing Pellets (occasionally), and Tetra Dried Shrimp (daily). - I think I am going to switch feeding them to every other day. Note: THIS IS NOT MY FISH, but it looks EXACTLY what my fish has (and I can't get a decent picture myself) .JPG"]http://www.wetwebmedia.com/fwsubwebindex/Cypriniiform%20PIX/Goldfish%20PIX/Sid-whitefluffyspots[1].JPG Please help me out, I am so tired of fighting this kind of thing with my fish. I feel like it's a never ending battle.
  7. Alright, so I've had my 2 orandas since December, and the both of them have always been best buds. The past few days I noticed the smaller oranda (Michael Buble, lol) has been very aggressive towards the larger oranda (Goldie Hawn, I know, so original). While I am fairly certain Goldie is female, I find it difficult to tell if Michael is a male. After researching his behaviors, everything seems to point to breeding behavior, however he is not displaying any breeding tubercles. In fact, I thought he was still too small to even be able to breed, which may explain his lack of breeding tubercles if he is male. Another confusing point, I recently had to recycle my tank due to the bacteria dying off (long story, it's in a previous post of mine though.) The tank has finally completely cycled as of 5 days ago with perfect water parameters. Would this have sparked mating behavior (if that's what it even is?) He constantly follows her, pushing her around from the side, back, and below her while nipping at her. She's obviously stressed and exhausted, I feel terrible for her. She comes out to eat, but otherwise will stay in her cave as to say "Keep the **** away from me." She's in obvious distress, but shows no other signs of potential illness or disease that could be causing her to be so lethargic. Since noticing this sudden change of behavior, I bought a tank divider. I kept them apart for 24 hours, then put Michael on her side. He immediately sought her house, started pushing her around, and now she's bruised/hurt/red (lesion?) near her vent where he had been headbutting her. I have her on an antibiotic food to rule out any bacterial infection causing her to be lethargic, and now more importantly, her fresh wound. Prior to this they had no issues and were very peaceful together, even sleeping next to each other. Despite the names I gave them, I didn't exactly intend to buy a mating pair nor planned on breeding them *facepalm* So I guess we'll see what happens. Anyway, if someone could please help me out with what else I could do or maybe help "diagnose" my issue, I would be much appreciated. If she is carrying eggs, would it be detrimental to keep them apart since the male wouldn't be present to help stimulate the egg laying? I feel like Michael being there is causing more harm than good.
  8. Hey everyone, I've been stalking the forum since establishing (or at least trying to) my tank since December and after reading your various responses and known experience, I trust you guys to help with my problem. Long story short, I had a very hard time getting things right with my tank due to the huge array of "advice" out there, and establishing between what works and what doesn't. I'm having to recycle my tank due to a bacterial bloom when I left for the weekend, kept the AC off, and my tank got up to 86 degrees. After doing several water changes and treating my fish for the bacterial infections they contracted, I now have to recycle my tank. I have battled with my tank's water quality since setting it up in December, but after reanalyzing everything, I think I may finally have the proper set up. I was hoping you guys could guide me to make sure I'm doing everything right (finally) and/or if there's anything I should be doing I'm not aware of. Here's my set up: 29 Gal Tank 1 full spectrum 17 watt fluorescent light 2 filters: One "AquaClear50" and One "AquaTech 20-40 Gal" 1 Double Outlet Aerator "AquaCulture" 20-60 Gal w/ bubble stones Gravel: Glass 'marbles' or however you wish to refer to them Living Things: 2 Small/Medium sized Orandas (Goldie Hawn and Michael Buble, haha) 1 Small Anubias plant 1 Small cluster of anacharis plants Picture: Michael is on the lower right and Goldie is in the "cave," tail facing the camera. The anubias plant is on the left corner and the anacharis is sticking out the side of the 'sunken ship.' You can also see some brown algae/diatoms growing on the fake stick/branch and there is some green spot algae too, but very small. http://imageshack.us/photo/my-images/851/aquariumg.jpg/ I finally went and bought an API Freshwater test kit and after several water changes my results are: pH: 7.4 Amm: 0.5-1ppm (between reading) Nitrite: 0.5-1 ppm (same ^) NitrAte: Myabe 2 ppm? (again, a 'between' reading in color between 0-5ppm) Since getting this test kit, I have also learned that my tap water has ammonia in it (.5-1ppm), so needless to say that thrilled me :/ I've been using Prime to dechlorinate and remove the ammonia. I'll put a full cap (50 gal worth) in for every 50% water change. I know I can go purchase the proper water from my local aquarium shop, however I've been using this water for their tank since December, so I'm guessing the ammonia level doesn't hurt them *too* much and I just really need to watch nitrites. Michael shows no obvious signs of stress but Goldie is a little more lethargic than normal, however she eats just fine and does swim around periodically. I USE to have just the AquaTech filter, plus 3 additional glofish (didn't make it through the bacterial bloom) and none of the plants, so I have certainly upped my tank in terms of water quality since then. I have always done a 20-25% water change weekly using a siphon filter and stirring up gravel to get all the poop. I use to feed every day, now I'm going to feed every other day (peas). Oh, and I do add salt whenever I do a pwc (1 tbs per 5 gal). Please, guide me! As silly as it sounds, I'm attached to my stupid goldfish and have invested quite a bit in both time and money (I don't even want to know, really) to try and keep them as healthy as I can.
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