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  1. He's lovely and I love it that he has already build you a nest! I had to wait a while before mine started to build a nest:-)
  2. Salt is helpful to combat nitrite poisoning, not sure about the dosage though. Salt prevents methemoglobin from building up. Methemoglobin is what turns the blood brown aka brown blood disease (blood is unable to carry oxygen). Edit: I type too slow. What Tithra says....
  3. No Betta expert, so can't answer your last question, but he's beautiful. that colour combination always reminds me of a red and black flamingo dress :-)
  4. Aw beautiful!! So nice to add to your fishy family :-) Looking forward to the tank shots!
  5. Hi Alex, I thought that using Prime is the same as 'ageing the water', how is it different? Thanks, Isabella.
  6. I just spoke with a lady from the water corporation. She was lovely and trying to help, and I did get an answer in the end, but I'm still not sure if the Ph levels will go back to previous values "My son is really into fish - did you age your water??? Me: I use a water conditioner instead of ageing the water" "What fish do you have and how big is your tank? Me: goldfish in a 205 litre tank (she sounded surprised at that :-)" "I've never heard of a 95% water change, that could be your problem! Me: I have done big water changes like this before without a problem" "You can go to your LFS and they can test your water and give you something to fix it. Me: I have fixed the problem using bi-carb Soda and a Kh buffer. I have a water testing kit and the problem is that the values (Kh/Ph) have changed dramatically. I could hear someone else in the background say: 'there has been a system change in that area'. Apparently our suburb has been changed over to another water supply. This happened on Tuesday of this week which probably explains the difference in Ph/Kh values. Lesson learned. When doing big water changes always test Ph levels in the tap first!
  7. Keeping my fingers crossed for him and sending lots of healthy vibes
  8. Something is really off with the tap water: Tap: Kh: 0-50ppm (turned the faintest yellow after just one drop!!!) Ph: 6.6 Tank: Kh: 50-100ppm (turned yellow after 4 drops) Ph: 7.8 (high range, last test I did yesterday was with low range because my high range is almost finished) What's up with the water supply!! I'll see if I can find any info online.
  9. I love Nymph's splashes of orange colour!! She's beautiful!
  10. Thanks guys for all your responses, really appreciate it. I was sure I'd killed my fish again :-) I put 1 dose of KH buffer in yesterday and the Ph level remained steady at 7.6. I'm still hoping the Ph drop in the tap water was a random occurrence. It's been so stable (at 7.8) in the last 9 months that the big tank has been set up (i went back through my notes to make sure). I'll keep monitoring and will get some crushed coral next time I'm at the LFS. I'm gonna test my tank and tap water now. Be back shortly.
  11. Here is an update on Patches feeding. I've been syringe feeding since 18 August - about two weeks now with eight days of syringe feeding gel food with metrodinazole in it. It is difficult to say how much food Patches was actually ingesting. It did look like at the start he was getting some food inside him, but in very tiny amounts. For the last couple of days Patches has been spitting out food that he gets (syringe) fed and does the same for food that I just put in the tank. He seems to be getting weaker (I don't think this is from the ph issue I had last night). This morning I've observed that Patches is bottom sitting every now and again and he is just the slightest bit wobbly in the current. Q's: I'm gonna set up the Q-tank for Patches. Can I put Metro straight in the tank and will Patches be able to get some inside him that way??? If yes, how much should I give? Helen sent me a generous amount so I still have metro tablets. :-) Is there anything else I can do to get him to eat?? I've tried infusing the food with garlic, but that didn't help. I've put Ruby back in the tank yesterday and she is loving all the space!!! The girl's energy is back 10 fold!! BTW, It looks like the last prazi round finally got rid of the flukes (holding my breath, keeping fingers crossed). Q: The big tank currently just has clean water in it. Should I put salt back in? If yes at 0.1, 0.2 or 0.3%? Here is a link to a video of last night and the story of the Ph problem I had too. Tank Ph was 7.6 yesterday. I'll test tank and tap in a short while and post. The rest of parameters is the same as in below post. http://www.kokosgold...__fromsearch__1
  12. Here is the video I've redecorated and Patches' is still getting used to the new currents in the tank. BTW spray wand still sounds loud because I haven't yet put in the second bucket. I don't want the Ph to go down more. will ageing the water help with getting the Ph up?? BTW 2 In my earlier post where I say "last time I tried, he was still spitting out food." I meant last time I tried ordinary food. I have been syringe feeding every day. Didn't want you to think he hadn't been fed yesterday :-)
  13. Can do, I'm uploading a video. He's not bottom sitting anymore :-) I'm still worried about his eating. It's difficult to gauge how much food he is actually ingesting from the syringe feeding. the last time I tried (day before yesterday) he was still spitting out food. I've run out of medicated gel food. Should I make some more? If yes, what should the proportion metro / gel food be?
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