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  1. ITS A FREAKIN MIRACLE! I woke up this morning planning to jump on and read your suggestions and go shopping to find something to put her in. I walked into the living room to turn on the tank lights and I had to stop and do a double take. She was sitting on the tank bottom with her dorsal fin up next to her tank mate. At first I was scared something had happened and that she had sunk to the bottom. So I turned on their blue lighting, and they both started swimming, and Mochi got up and swam like nothing ever happened!!🤔Shes not floating AT ALL. For those of you that looked at the video I posted yesterday, of the fish who was floating and too tired to move around much... check this out. I'm so scared to feed her Im not sure what to do! This is been super frustrating. Sorry for the camera brightness lol 20180722_110853.mp4
  2. I will have to wait a bit to get a picture because I'm not currently at home, but all of her scales are completely down. She's back in her 20 gallon now that the mess was cleaned up. Do you think it would be best to keep her in a ten gallon permanently? Or what kind of tank or container do you think would work?
  3. Here's a video.. I had to temporarily put her back in her 30.. I broke the glass thermometer in the 20 and had to do a complete water change. Thankfully it was only the weights and glass and not the alcohol that broke into the tank.Anyhow, she floats like this when she wears herself out, she can get to the bottom of the tank and move about but she's working for it. She is a very very greedy eater and will skim the top of the water after eating and I know she is taking in air. I feed sinking food so this to me, seems like a bad habit that came from her breedrr perhaps. She is definitely still eating and filled up on duckweed. I have tried peas in the past weeks and at first she was better 24 hours later but she seems to be exhibiting no change. Water parameters are perfect, with nitrates kept at 10 or below. 20180721_203052.mp4
  4. She is still floating..:( Not sure what to do next..
  5. I've got her in there now with the sponge filter I've been running for a long time on my 30 gallons and was able to get some duckweed from my friends tank. Hoping she will do better. Thanks again!
  6. Thank you KoKo, I'm about to run to our storage locker and grab my old 20 long and see how she does with some duckweed. Much appreciated!
  7. My female telescope is extremely sensitive when it comes to food. I've had goldfish for many years and I haven't had a food issue like this before. It seems like everything causes her to float. She is about 4 inches long and round bodied. Shares a 30 gallon fully cycled tank with another telescope of her size. Large PWC at least 2x a week. Bare bottom with the exception of some marimo and a few large river stones. Tank has been running for nearly 2 years with an AC 110 and sponge filter. Usually I feed a small 1/4" piece of Repashy Soilent Green in the morning and evening and switching to bloodworms once a week. I have tried feeding her once a day, that didnt work. I tried feeding every other day, and she floats. I tried soaking Hikari and she floats. With bloodworms, she floats significantly less, but the issue remains. I have tried peas which I'm not sure helped. She will usually remain floaty for 8 to 10 hours, and by morning she is fine, unless she eats. Im worried that if I feed her strictly bloodworms she wont be receiving proper nutrition. Help.
  8. Ah, the dreaded ammonia spike! Tested at .25 ppm this morning. Stupid mini- cycle!
  9. Hi everyone! I have finally gotten back into goldfish keeping after taking a break for the past few years, for many reasons, but I'm happy to say hello again! However, I think I made a novice mistake? and wanted to get some clarification and maybe some reassurance. Okay.. My son had a 10 gallon tropical tank setup for 2 months. After cycling, we slowly added a betta and two platies, who thrived, and water conditions were spot on. However, he really became uninterested and wanted to "get our goldfish back". After some thought, I definitely agreed. So, I went out and purchased a 37 gallon. I did a bit of research on upgrading tanks, and many people said everything went fine, or some had a mini cycle that lasted a week or so. I have never upgraded before. I've started with big tanks, so I, perhaps foolishly, thought everything would go over well even though the tank was young. So, yesterday morning I transferred the filter (Marineland 20, 100 gph) that was packed with two cycled filter pads, and almost all the old gravel that I placed in Tupperware, which I rinsed with dechlorinated water (the Tupperwave, not the gravel).. (Wanting to go barebottom). After everything was transferred over, I added another but new filter (Marineland 70, 350 gph) with 4 new filter pads. Clean water was added and dechlorinated with Prime. A short time later, the water started to cloud. It's more like a grayish color, and I can easily see through the back of the tank and the fish inside. (They are going to live in my neighbor's 55). This morning the water looked about the same, so I tested the water using my API Master Kit. and Ammonia, Nitrates, Nitrite all read 0, and pH is good. I was thoroughly expecting to see at least a small spike in ammonia. But, I tested again this evening and parameters are still perfect. So, I'm thinking bacterial bloom maybe? Any advice or ideas would be appreciated!
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