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  1. Its been well over 8 weeks of fishless cycling. Only adding pure ammonia?
  2. My tank has been cycling for one week. Fish less cycle. I used plain ammonia. This is my readings after a week. No water changes yet. Is this uncommon?
  3. I bought this white ammonia for cycling. Active ingredients are Ammonium Hydroxide. No bubbles when shaken. Also how much would I need to add to a 60 g tank. One last thing, is it to 86 degrees during cycle?
  4. I am in the beginning of starting a new tank for fancies. I am just wondering how you guys get yours so big? Do you get them as babies and feed them special food or is it some kind of ancient Chinese secret?
  5. Anyone have a Buddha in your aquarium? I would love to see him in there, and tell me where you got him!
  6. I bought two that circulated 340 (I think) an hour HOB filters. So we should be good there!
  7. I am excited to get a new aquarium started here in my new house! I plan on buying a nice 60g tank with stand today. I have some knowledge on how to start everything because of this forum but just give me some refresher. I know about the cycling but maybe r mind me what I may need? Obviously filters, media for the filters things like that. I wish I had people I know to get some of their established media but unfortunately I do not how many gallons of water should the filters clean? Isn't it twice the amount of the water? I'm a little fuzzy but I know someone can assist! Thanks guys! Feels great to be back
  8. I use Tetra Whisper EX70, I have 2 of them on my 55 and I love them! But I'd get them off Amazon. They're cheaper than buying through store.
  9. They have been flashing. No sign of Ich or Velvet but I've raised the temperature and it hasn't been working.
  10. I am using Kosher Salt to do a QT for my mollies and platys. Is it 1 tablespoon per 5 gallons or 1 tablespoon per gallon? I've different things.
  11. Your angel is beautiful And I love all your live plants.
  12. He said he bought it used 1 year ago. The day he bought it it was filled with water but he had been using it for a reptile tank. He said he'd go $100 for it. That's awesome I think. But he's probably just trying to sell me on it!
  13. I have never done anything like this. I'm not even 100% on how it's done.
  14. Just like I said above. Is it hard to reseal a tank? I'd hate to have 100g of water on my living room floor!! http://westky.craigslist.org/pet/3452254812.html
  15. Ohhhhh myyyyyy! I love the white Oranda. I saw one at my LFS not too long ago and she was bigger than my hand. HUGE! She was sick and had a huge gash missing out of her wen. She also had a hefty price tag of $100. There was also another oranda in there the same size. Beautiful fish.
  16. Oh I'm prepared, don't worry. I have 2 ex70 tetra whisper filters running on it now.
  17. Really all that has to be done is get the water to the coolest temperature right? It's about 80 now with my mollies and platys in it.
  18. I was considering buying 3 cups of it. Can I just dump the whole thing in there and keep it there? Will it pollute the tank?
  19. I would like to fill out the list but I just can't right now. I'm using my phone and its near impossible. But once again, there's something wrong with Audrey. There's a white patch on her wen but no where else. Any ideas what it could be? I can email you a picture if you need it but I can't upload it here.
  20. Hello again! It has been a while since Ive seen all of you, and since then Ive gotten a new tank. Well, tomorrow I am selling it and getting another 55g tank. Possibly 60. Tonight I am going to buy it and will have to transfer fish either tonight or tomorrow. I really want to start a java moss wall in my new tank, but I cant find any anywhere around here, and will more than likely have to buy off ebay. The problem is it wont be here tonight, or tomorrow before I fill up my tank. SO do you think it would be ok to add the mostt wall at a later date? I think it would be a little more challenging but I think it can be done. What do you thinki?
  21. Well, I don't know a whole lot yet, but my first guess would be maybe you are overstocked. Also, you need to answer all the questions above because the experts are going to need those. Also something I've learned, don't replace your filter cartridges like the boxes say to do, that will more than likely screw up the cycle you may or may not have established in your tank. Try and get some filter media, but someone else will probably mention that.. good luck!
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