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  1. Thank you. Usually if it sounds to good to be true... it is. Chris
  2. Hi, There is an advertisment on the this websight and it is for Aquaripure and I was wondering if anyone has used it and if it does stop you from having to do weekly water changes. It sounds wonderful. I like to travel and the people that watch my pets are not going to do weekly water changes. Chris
  3. Thanks you very much. I will go do that right away!!!! Again thanks Chris
  4. Hi to anyone out there that knows what to do for my poor little Oranda. I was cleaning the gravel and finally finished and put the vacume down towards the bottom of the tank and started to put grave back in order and looked over to see my poor Oranda stuck at the top of the tube. I let the pressure off of the tube and when the fish was reliesed I noticed that its head was torn a little. It has a flap hanging and I don't know if there is anything that I can do. I put him in a separate tank with a bubbler and some salt. It is about 5 gal. and I put in less than 1/4 cup of pond salt. He seems to be swimming alright but not sure what to do next. Anyone out there ever had this problem??? Chris
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