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  1. Go for it. Worst case scenario: It leaks... In which case, you can sell it as a reptile tank and depending on where the leak is, a turtle tank. I'm sure you can make some money of it.
  2. Nice! I'm dying to set up a pond of my own. Sadly, we're only renting... Someday when I my wife and I finish school. I really like the bamboo wrap and yes, the plants do make the filter look more organic... Kinda looks like you're making a big sushi roll with veggie things sticking out.... It's obviously your tank and all but if it were my tank, I would do another level (or 2) of bricks around it. Still, 2 thumbs up for a nice tank with cool plants and great looking GF.
  3. Sounds like a great guy... Hmmmm, my 75G looks like it can accommodate a couple more goldfish. Perhaps even a nice exotic pleco... Maybe if I add another filter or give the tank an extra WC every week? I joke! Seriously, cool story. I'd love to see a huge under stocked tank.
  4. Oh, FYI: A good lemon sized SVR with good wen growth here goes for around the same price. Black and calico seem to go for a premium... Smaller ones go for around $6 to $7 but quality is generally below average.
  5. Love Ranchus... Think of it this way, $100 for years and years (hopefully) of entertainment and company is a great deal.
  6. Really nice fish you have there... BTW, what camera are you using? Very nice pictures too.
  7. wow! pics would be great when you have the time. :-)
  8. i'm sure your fishy is fine. stay safe.
  9. Hey, I wanna get my wife one of those.
  10. It's getting worse... I would QT him quickly and go with whatever treatment plan you feel most comfortable with. Good luck!
  11. Hey fishy, post pictures when you can. :-)
  12. Tell me about it. Fish are worse than crack.
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