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  1. i've gots beeg pics that i'll put tomorrow yes natural... naturally plastic. Life In Plastic? Its Fantastic! (better watch out for the Master.)
  2. oh this is a tank pic isn't it could someone move it? please. thank you.
  3. About 5-6 inches. About 2 weeks, i think
  4. Thank You. he is pleasant company.
  5. $69!!!! My mom would give me her "money" lectures if i asked for one of those fishies!!!!
  6. Dad's yelling at me to get off i'll fill it in at computer science during school!!!
  7. Yea move please, i like this one and want to make 100 percent sure!!!! Thanks Stakos!!!!!
  8. Wait they sometimes do this if the lights are out cuz he hasn't seen light the entire day (bulb burnt out)
  9. I mean it goes around "hopping" as in goes down to floor pushes up with fins swims around digs around plants repeat but sometimes it just sits there doing that until someone comes to the fish.
  10. My new oranda is "hopping" around on the bottom of the tank is this ok?
  11. Where are they even from? Pluto or something?
  12. Anyway i was at my LFS getting an oranda when i saw a completly transparent ryukin i didn't get to ask, so are those fish avalible on the market? cuz i've heard of them but never seen one but it was scary you could see its heart and stuff seriously!!!! i kid not!!!!!
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