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  1. So graceful! Lovely. The little guy going upside is too cute. But I need to ask, is s/he ill or just having fun?

    :thanks Speckled has had swim bladder problems on and off for quite a while. He is getting romaine lettuce, peas and spirulina all this week to clean him out. ;)

  2. Love the white oranda. :)

    Thank you. That's Auggie. I looked quite a while for an all-white Oranda. I went to PM one day and there he was. :heart

    Your tank & fish are gorgeous, Christine! :)

    I can haz Mr. White Oranda? :P

    Anyway, may be it'll be good for them to have a nice big meal of blanched spinach, to clear out the system :)

    No! Auggie stay home with mommy! :P

    They all had some romaine lettuce this morning. They have it every Saturday. :D


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