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  1. Awwww he is soo tiny! I love your tank the vase seems really cool!
  2. :x I've had my babies until really recently! It's my first fish tank so they are all I think about! I've been to the pet store 3 times last week and again today, and Im always browing products on the aisles and thinking "oh I wonder if they'll like this!" ... I sit for a longggg time in front of them they are my Fish TV! ....also first thing in the morning, I say good morning to them... they are in their hiding place and when Im comming close to the glass they come out and follow me from their tank!... soo yeah your not the only one!! they so so adorable! and sooo cuteeeeeeeee
  3. Thank you guys! Went to the pet store and bought a bunch of goodies of my sweeties! My little goldie still has his black spot :x so Im unsure at the moment! BTW what do you guys think of those black, blue and pink bulbs? are they really worth it? Also how much should you feed ur fishies? I bought the sinking pellets, (I soak them first) ..and on the label it says "feed daily various times per day" What do you guys think? I feed my guys twice (morning and night) and I see they keep looking for food pellets between the rocks and eating the ones they find...what do you guys think?
  4. Okay phew!Ill relax and see what wrong Ill keep checking up on him tho! Well the one with the spots came from Pet*smart today actually...the one on the top (came from wal*mart) and its a very active fish! I will snap a better pic tomorrow! a cellphone camera doesnt do them any justice hahaha Ill be patient, I sit and watch them swim from one side to the other haha Thank you so much for ur info, ur sig has a lot of informative articles as well!
  5. WOW Lynda you covered everything so well thank you!!!! The new guy (the one with the black spots) we were actually attracted to him because of the spots, he has some on his side too We thought that was just his coloring and thought it was cute, since its on the ends of the tail and a bit on his head (like calico fish) sigh! My poor babyy! :'( and we bought him because we thought "oh this way we can tell them two apart!" how ignorant can I be? how can I determine if its an ammonia burn? My earlier post was before reading your post Lynda, thank you you covered everything so well! I actually have a 20gl with a filter... I didn't know if an air pump was needed so I have not gotten one yet. Going to get that testing kit tomorrow morning Im so pumped Im up at 2am reading up on goldfish! haha THANK YOU!
  6. Thank you!!!! I actually asked for some guidance on Pet*Smart..the guy said put the bag inside your tank for 15mins and then let the new fish go inside! ... I thought this was rather inhumane and I didn't wanna shock the new fishie...so what I did was I put the fishy in a container with the water he was in and slowly started to transfer a little of the water of the tank on the container he was in so he would get adjusted and I let him sit there and then I did transfer him...I hope I didn't hurt the little guy shoot, I should have quarantined it or something.. :/ I really didn't know u had to aghhh is it too late? he is already with our other fishy in the tank... but he seems much better, at first he seemed just floating but he is swimming more and nibbling the plants... I hope I didn't hurt him or something... Also, those gravel vacuums..how good are they? is it worth getting one? My gravel is pretty big sized since I was afraid of my babies eating them by mistake! that thing sucks the water and the poo? and thank youuuuuuuuuuuuuu I have spinach at home!!! Orange slices too? awesome! Thank you!!!!
  7. wow what a fast response!!!Thank you!!! They are immensely helpful! I thought my water was getting cloudy so fast because of the food!! not because of cycling!!! Actually (you are gonna kill me) before reading this forum when I gave the first Ryukin to my bro, I bought it in a bowl...cuz well that is what we see on movies!...but I bought a 20gallon tank and he is sososos excited! So thank you!! I have a few questions :x I saw at the pet store something like little wheels that go inside your tank and tell you the "nitrate levels" , temperature and such, is this effective at all? or are the strips better? Also, on the food ...I fed them peas but my sweeties are small, so I cut it up and gave them really small pieces..is that okay? should I feed the lettuce this way too? also where should I get the spirulina? ot the frozen shirmp? and how can I help my new little guy? I bought some live plants today and they look really happy nibbling and exploring!! Im so excited!
  8. I found some today at Pet*smart and had little plants growing out of them, they where around 6 -7 dollars.
  9. OOoookay! So I'm sure this has been asked before and Ive searched the forum and other sites but can't reach a definite answer on some topics. I'm new to fish keeping - this is my first fish so I'm sorry if my questions seem redundant! I have two Ryukins in a tank one is mine which I got today (red/white and black) and the other Ludovinquinho (long name... red/white) is my bro's. Anyway we keep them in the same tank, and we just want to keep those two. We are not planning having lots of fishies, and I actually got my Ryukin (no name yet) today to keep Ludoviquinho company Ludoviquinho is an excellent fishy, I got it at Wallymart and he captured me because of his fast swimming and how excited he was!! We bought a huge tank with a filter, gravel, live plants, a moss ball and kept everything as free as possible ... I really dont get the whiole nitrate and measurements things to be honest, we are VERY amateur, shame on me, I make a 50% water change and treat the water of course! but I never check for anything! How can I start to? and how can I know the correct levels for my Ryukin? Today I got a Ryuking he was from vvvv and he was a gift, so my new little guy (or girl?...I cant tell...) is probably stressed cos the guy at Pet-smart was a complete @#$*(#@(*$@#(*$ at handling him!!!!! (or her) so he is swimming but maybe he is stressed? Cos sometimes he is just floating and swimming slowly...how can I help my new little guy or girl get adjusted? Also, how can I tell if is a girl or a guy?, and what food should I feed the ryukins!! I bought small sinking pellets that I wet first since that is what I read from most people... Ive also read Zucchini, and lettuce...also shirmp? ... Our babies are really small... So how should I feed this to them?Where can I buy the correct brands/products for them? Also any general recommendations on Ryukins and stuff would be great...or on what should I do to keep them happy... it makes me sad to see my little new fishy so sad and shy...he seemed happy at the store
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