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  1. Here is my current set up. The moss is showing through netting/screen (for lack of better words) and is suction cupped to the back wall. As you can see it's getting rather long, and for myself, it's kinda dark and dreary... having this jungle green moss all the time. So I thought changing it to carpet might be nicer for the GF... but don't want to make it a toxic dump by allowing things to get trapped underneath. sooo yeah... not sure what to do :S -Devo
  2. It's sad. A few weeks ago, I found two of my shrimp (on the same day) dead in another room ;_; Very sad. I guess they planned their escape together, and I wasn't around to stop them in time. At least my other two are still okay. -Devo
  3. Hey all, I currently have a moss wall going to town in my aquarium. However, it looks really dark and foreboding. I was wondering if it would be possible to convert my wall into a carpet for the bottom of the aquarium? Currently, the moss is wedged btwn two pieces of netting. Moss grows mainly out of one side, and the back is secured with suction cups. I thought I could suction it to the floor, but then how would I vaccuum every week? Would the moss handle it, or would I have to take it out every week to clean? Has anyone tried this, or does anyone have thoughts? I'd like to see more verticality in my aquarium, and give more for my fish to swim/navigate through. So any ideas would be awesome Thanks! -Devo
  4. Not to long ago, I walked into the room with my aquarium to find my cat on the floor, playing with... something. Upon a closer look, I found out that he was messing with one of my poor Amanos Luckily, I was able to scoop him up and put him back into the aquarium. A little mangled, but perfectly okay. The guy that I get my Amanos from tells me that he will walk into his store and find them completely away from the aquariums. Have any of you had shrimp (or any other aquarium critter) end up in totally odd spots? This is the first time I've ever had anything escape! -Devo
  5. Kinda like those 'teach your GF tricks" thing lol! -Devo
  6. Anything I can do for stimulation? I was joking with my friend that he needs a tv -Devo
  7. Well, he is no longer on the medication. The extra week helped, as most of his scales are back to normal. There is a small area where there is a tiny tiny bit of lift, but I imagine that it's not going away. He still sits at hte bottom a lot. The red in his fins has decreased, but isn't entirely gone. He is still eating (a LOT). And he is reactive when I walk around the tank. It's almost like he needs stimulation, or something. Otherwise, he just sits there. I dunno if he needs a buddy or what. And I wouldn't know if I want to get him a buddy at this point Maybe the bottom sitting is something he'll never get over. I'm not really sure. Anywho, that's it for now. -Devo
  8. Sorry I didn't get to your response until today. I was out of the house all day yesterday ;_; Turns out that my gel food had molded (or appears to have molded) yesterday- so I mashed some peas up, and mixed the powder in with that instead. Hopefully that's a good substitute. He ate all of the peas up. As of this morning, there is still some pineconing on the bottom. Of course, it's all in the back- the top seems to be pretty flat, but the bottom of his belly still has the pinecone effect. Not sure if I should continue medicating longer, or what :S I wish it would all go flat lol. Still sits in the corner quite a bit. I wonder if that iwll ever change though. -Devo
  9. I can do that. I'll let you know again on Monday how things are going -Devo
  10. Alrighty I'll sit tight and see what others say. I am glad it's gone down so much. I was really worried when I saw how bad he was at first. D: -Devo
  11. http://www.flickr.com/photos/devopicpicks/?saved=1 Hopefully that will show you. I put him in the basket to get some better shots. -Devo
  12. Tomorrow should be the last day for medicated food. He still has a small amount of pineconing- mainly around the bottom, and it's really only visible after his belly starts to scoop back to his tail. Should I continue to medicate him just a bit longer? It seems like it's going down- but only slowly. It definitely hasn't gotten worse. He still likes to sit at hte bottom a lot, but he is still more active than he was. I've noticed that the brown.... stuff that was growing on my glass has started to come back. It's almost like the salt helped to keep it at bay and with the salt gone, it all came back. Not sure if that's related to anything. Thanks -Devo
  13. So the salt is gone. Still feeding him medicated food. His appetite seems to have gotten better, imo. He also seems like he is more responsive to stimuli. However, he does still spend a lot of time sitting in the corner. I noticed this morning that he is losing a scale on his back- is this something to be concerned over? Also, he still has some pineconing- mainly on one side, and in the back- not so much to the front. I'm hoping that it'll somehow go away by the end of the week when medication time ends. -Devo
  14. Mine has foam, foam, biomax, crushed coral. -Devo
  15. Today marks the 8th day of salt. Tonight I'll do a large WC, and that should be that. Medication will continue for another week. Currently, his scales are almost flat. You really can only tell where his belly starts to curve up to his tail. That's where it jutts out the most- esp on the bottom. It's like his scales stick back, but his stomach doesn't continue for a bit. It's weird. He's still eating, and he still sits at the bottom most of the time :\ But overall, he seems to be doing okay. That's all for now -Devo
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