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  1. Thanks I wound up getting new lights and splicing them into my old transformer because it has a light sensor on it and also a timer so the lights are only on about 4 hours after dusk. Bill
  2. Sorry I have been sick (Or at least I got a bad diagnosis that I have been dealing with). I will be taking new pics and posting them shortly I will let everyone know and thanks for all the nice comments. Bill
  3. OK truthfully I wish it was bigger but aside from that I love it so on to my pond..... Oh and the missing fence in the background by the neighbors house is in place now they had just taken it down when I took these pictures EDIT: I just realized there are two different versions the one with the big bridge over the pond is the way it looks now the little bridge went elsewhere. And yes I can walk over the bridge it is as sturdy as steel. Bill
  4. I have to replace the in pond lights though my smart transformer is still ok. I have found a set that comes with it's own transformer but unlike the one I have that turns on the lights at dusk and then off about 4 hours later this potential new one turns on the lights at dusk and off at dawn. So my question is.... Is it OK to have the lights on all night or do the fish need darkness just like we do to either sleep and/or rest???? Thanks Bill
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