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  1. Hi all! Thanks for the support! Goldfish are doing well, I moved the two bigger ones to a 20 gallon for now. I am hoping to get a deal on a 60 gallon tank sometime this week so I can get it up and cycling. Would the best way to do that be to put that black biofilter thing from the old tank in the new tank and then transfer some tank water when I do a water change? And does the amount of old fishtank water I put in affect the amount of time it takes to cycle? Here are some pictures! https://drive.google.com/folderview?id=0B-CFGFV-lTBwdUtaODBnaFcxcG8&usp=sharing
  2. Hi all, I used to be a frequenter on this site but I have not owned goldfish in years. Suddenly today I rescued three goldfish living in terrible living conditions ( In bags with a previously lived in 10 gallon tank, no filter, never been cleaned, etc) So far I have done a 100% water change and cleaned the sides of the tank but left the the rocks in the bottom of the tank which will hopefully help maintain the tank's nitrogen cycle and put an aerator and a filter for a 30 gallon tank in. Is that ok? and then probably like 90% water changes every two days? I have a 20 gallon but I am trying to get at least a 40 gallon to transfer them into as soon as i can set up the nitrogen cycle. I have found myself frantically trying to remember everything about goldfish and I would really appreciate some advice on what to do next. The fish themselves look really healthy, their fins are in excellent condition and they are very energetic. They even appear to be closely bonded. I used tetra aquasafe plus to treat the water because it is what they had at the petstore and the food they came with. I figure it is best not to switch right away, even if it is something higher quality. Any brand recs would be greatly appreciated. Can you still buy pro gold?
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