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  1. Yeah totally wrong, no life living in that thing just hope i can get the gold one recovered going to be a hard trip for him i think still he is in better hands now with the advise from all the people on koko's at least he has a chance now.
  2. Hiya thanks for reply this is my qaurantine tank and is fully cycled used media from other tank but no fish have been in it for a while been running without fish in it for about 8 weeks, so i will expect an increase of ammonia levels now, will do water tests each day and 20/50% WC if required with Stress Coat. yeah he is in a bad way and have no experience of salting unfortunately.
  3. Hiya, Rescue complete your plan worked a treat transfer from this after the poor fella's was living in this 15ltr thing for 4 years.. The white goldfish does not appear to bad no slime coat at all so using the API stress coat some little red marks here and there http://s1186.photobu...nt=MOV_0401.mp4 However the orange goldfish is far worse bad film of white over the eyes severe lumps down the sides, scales are pushed out round the belly massive red lumps on the head, eyes pushed out. http://s1186.photobu...nt=MOV_0396.mp4 They are eating they have only ever had flake so using medikoi junior which i soak for a while then let that drop to the bottom and they will eat it then, they dont seem to take food from the top at present and took a good 4 days to get them used to light they was mostly in very dim light so i increased it every day by covering the light tubes and releasing more light day by day that seems to have gone well and they are now used to it. Now just need to work out a plan of recovery for the gold one.
  4. Sounds like a good plan many thanks, will keep you updated and take a few pics.
  5. Great vids they certainly know who mum is great looking setup.
  6. So true can spot a mark on my glass from 5 metres drives me nuts, great post.
  7. Thanks for replies, Well returned from holiday and they came for dinner sunday after seeing how my goldie lads are treated and explaining that the red spots his fish are getting is probably ammonia in the blood stream not that they are ready to breed as the pet store informed him lol. Collect them this saturday my concerns now after living in these conditions for some time i fear the shock of moving them to my 30G quarantine tank might kill them, so was thinking of using there old 15ltr tank and doing 50% WC every day for 7 days with API stress coat the aloe vera should help with slime coat and healing properties will feed them medikoi junior. Or do you think immediate transfer will be ok they will feel like they have won the lottery when i put them in the 30G tank and after 6 weeks will move them to my 170G tank hehe double lottery win. Stakos sent you an email concerning IE7.
  8. Was following this thread very sorry about stub.
  9. A few fish shops where i am not the chain stores openly will take on free goldfish to sell on, maybe worth a try in your area.
  10. Some info on the product. Excellent bath treatment for the ulcers, parasites, fungus and all infections. During the treatment process, the active permanganate is destroyed turning the water from pink to brown. It is for this reason that the treatment is recommended as a dip treatment where the concentrated solution is diluted in clean water and retains its strength throughout the treatment time The dip is excellent at cleaning ulcers, wounds and destroying parasites. If your fish have Argulus lice, these will drop off during the treatment During the long term bath treatment, 3ppm of permanganate can be close to the toxic evel for fish and it can be possible to overdose. In this case, if fish appear to become stressed, milk can be added to reduce the permanganate level and Hydrogen Peroxide will provide extra oxygen. This is another reason why the dip treatment is recommended and the preferred method of application NB. The skin of the fish under the dip treatment may appear brown, this is due to the permanganate ions. The brown will not stay for long and is harmless to the fis
  11. http://www.hydra-aqua.com/pond-supplies-uk/permanganate-treatment.html Here you go.
  12. Hiya, I found the API Nitrite and Nitrate liquid testers really reliable when i first started i used strips and found the results totally different. Maybe some nt labs permanganate dip for emergency treats fungus parasite ulcers cant be used in your tank will turn your seals pink.
  13. Awesome, best feeling i was surprised when my 2 started doing this i used to have a koi pond years ago and i never managed to get them to feed from my hand.
  14. I know how you feel am in a very similar situation currently where your hands are tied and advise is ignored its shocking that they dont realise what they are doing, you've done your best. I think advise essentially needs to come from sellers but alas all they are interested is in the sale and a returning customer when that ones dead an endless cycle.
  15. Thats what i will do thanks for the idea.
  16. This makes me so angry. My wife went to visit one of her friends yesterday she was shocked with what she found they have been keeping 2 goldfish in a 15 litre tank they do a water change 50% if lucky they remember once every 2 weeks, the fish are about 4 inches and are so cramped they can hardly move there is no airstone and a tiny internal filter. They have had them for 4 years and they often get red spots and they are now losing scales, i told my wife to call them a tell them they are being so cruel and this is no way to treat a living creature and informed them they need at least a 20g tank for the first fish then another 10 for the second, they never put any dechlorinator in the wc. The friend says she does not want them but the husband does she refuses to buy a larger tank and has told him that i will take them but he says they are fine grrrrrr. Im surprised they have lived so long they have been kept in the garage all this time and just recently been moved to the kitchen due to renovation. I wish i could lock him in a cage and make him live in his own filth. Any ideas how i can convince him i have to be careful or he will dig his feet in even harder.
  17. Yeah was just a single scale they do play a bit rough the pair of them at times, many thanks.
  18. Hi hope your all well, Was cleaning out my tank and found a scale i know which goldfish it has come from and cant see any damage, is this anything to worry about or will fish lose a scale here and there when growing. Cheers,
  19. Hi sorry about your fish, i found the cheapest place is ebay for a API master kit is around 25 pounds or you can buy individual kits which are around 7 pound each.
  20. looking great looking forward to seeing it finsihed.
  21. The grey area on the left with notes is set for a A4 hole punch.
  22. Hi all hope your well, I would like to share a results format i did over a course of weeks to see how my water was in a .xls and converted to web, was so handy with knowing what you need to do on the next day or week for a water change, im adding to it and am in the process of doing a quick conversion rate and this will be updated. Results Hope you find it handy.
  23. I thought i would give you an update as i noticed most dont post the recovery results only the injury. He is as healthy as anything here is the fella. Loves peas, goes mad for shrimp..
  24. Hiya, Trinket is a member moderator gave me some excellent help when one of my fish was poorly, i microwaved them for 10 seconds them left them in the water for 10mins to cool then mashed them up was only 2 little peas and took the shell off they loved em. What do you feed yours?
  25. Now that my lads are nice and healthy thank god and trinket, i gave peas to them and they went absolutely mad for them i would never had believed it before joining kokos. I tried banana but they was not to keen on that and spat em out, trying to give them a nice diet so looks like peas shrimp so far. Will do them a little roast dinner sunday and see if they like that.....
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