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  1. Hiya bod,

    So far none have burst was hoping they would, water change routine with salting every 2 days at 50% 80% if i feel the test is more green then yellow on the API drop test.

    The Silver one luvs a water change however the Gold on is very stressed and also where located in the quaranteen tank is very nervy i would guess its from being in the 10ltr tank.

    I was thinking of putting some cover in the tank but afraid he will smash into it.

  2. Hi

    Try not to feel so bad about your fish i would imagine just about all here have made mistakes including myself which ended in the death of three of mine, its not easy when you first start and also receiving bad advise from places you would think know all about fish care (pets at home store)

    You will do far better next time as you have learned.

    Regarding the pipes i myself bought new ones or it would be on my mind did i clean em right, used baby bottle steriliser threw away filter media and let it run for 24 hours, rinsed system out 3 times dried it all left it for a week replaced with new media filled system.

    I then dropped some fish food directly in the filter few pieces a week and kept a close eye on water quality with 80% weekly water change and a 20% wc mid week with api stress coat or prime, gave the tank a thorough clean each week on the 80% wc.

    After 4 weeks friendly bacteria had established but i put some media in from one of my other tanks, good luck and dont kick yourself about it anymore.

    Enjoy your tank, have fun.

  3. Hello hope your all well,

    Went down to feed fish this morning and noticed insects in my tank just two of em one was dead other ran off somewhere was on way to work so never had time to catch it.

    Have checked pictures and they are certainly mosquito larvae.

    Will these do any harm to my fish.


  4. I like to think my fish do have feelings including sadness (I know... silly human anthropomorphizing everything, lol), I think that if nothing else, a change in behavior, whether actually related to true emotion or just an inherent reaction to a change in some variable in their environment, is a notable thing :)

    Agree :carrot:

  5. yeah would agree, they even can be trained seen some vids on u tube they are not that stupid they know who the carer is im sure of that, and they know who is goign to hurt em or not they are so clever in deciding.

    One memory springs to mind for me and im sure the fish new when i first started keeping goldies i messed up big time bought wood from pets at home had a fungus underneath i never boilded the wood and i had to euth 3 of em one hid behind a rock had never done that before in 3 months im sure he/she knew i was going to kill him.

  6. I think they do, i believe they are more intelligent then we think.

    How come they know when its feeding time.

    How come they get excited when they hear your voice

    How come they can become used to a water change

    I know they are meant to have few mins memory but that cant be correct as they would never come close to hand when feeding or they would stay away as they first do when you bring em home.

    Mine know me when i open the door and say hello chaps its feeding time.

    might be mad but my fish know me i think you have to train em with clicking sounds or vocals they even say plants will grow better when correctly cared for.

    Who knows.

  7. well this week has gone well, film of eye from the gold has totally gone amazing how goldies can healup when in the correct conditions and the salting is working very well, only been 6 days and already they are familiar with a feeding routine and 8.00am and 7.00pm when i get home.

    had to tell the mrs off as she was feeding them during the day and was messing up me ammonia levels up i like a strick tight feeding time lol!

  8. Q tank is cycled but reckon it will go wild now fish are in, will keep this updated each day cheers d.

    Will keep the tank under water quality tests each day and not move to fast on him been used to real bad conditions so will make changes slowly.

    He is eating and no sign of fin clamping fingers crossed for king art.

  9. I know that getting medicated food is well near impossible in the UK, but I think that you will need antibiotics for sure. Is there anyway you can get to a vet and get them to prescribe you Flagyl/Metronidazole?

    I will call the vet tomorrow luckilly we have a fish vet local used him before, do you think a salt bath or permanganate bath would help.

  10. I have no experience dealing with what the orange has but I Wish You The Best Of Luck do they have names cause i just dubbed them King Arthur- Orange and Excalibur- White :) hope they make it!!!!!!!!

    That just awesome will call him that if he makes it what a cool name...

  11. Oh wow if i had fish like that i would be giving them the red carpet treatment! ;) lovely fish. go ahead and make a post in the 911 or D/D are they both comets? never seen a white goldie like that before. Glad they are free from cruelty Thanks to you 2 more goldfish in the world can have a better life i congratulate you sir!

    Thanks mate, just need to get him healthy again all i care about what line of treatment is needed apart from caring qaulity conditions and above all love.

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