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  1. The frogbit is going to take over in a week or two. It's similar to duckweed in how fast the reproduce. Duckweed can double its surface coverage (due to reproduction) in 24 hours. Your betta boy will love the frogbit and will start building bubblenests into it. Anyway, everything looks great! Best of luck with everything!
  2. I was thinking rubberlip because I haven't had one for years and they stay smaller than BNs. Also, to my knowledge and experience, rubberlips don't require driftwood. My BNs love the driftwood, but my rubberlip never seemed to munch on it.
  3. Well excuse me for using the term "fry tank" then.
  4. I'm not keeping all of them. I have another filter I can put on the tank and I'm setting up homes for the fry right now. I have a home for all the singletails and a home for two doubletails. That leaves me with my little calico doubletail (that I'm keeping) and one other doubletail.
  5. No, the fry are already 3 months old and huge. They're an inch long and I have an Aqueon 55/75 onto the tank. The fry are eating the algae, but they are eating pellets as well. I LOVE using fish for algae control seeing as how I never prevent it. I don't mind seeing it - it's just that I love also seeing an algae eater have fun eating everything. I currently only have 10 fry in the tank - that's the number that I have received after months of care for these little guys. I apologize for not explaining before, but these fry are big enough to have a little algae eater in with them. At least I'm not the type of person t get a common pleco or a CAE for a tank ...
  6. I was wanting an algae eater for my 40gB fry tank. I have bristlenoses and nerites in my 55g so it's spotless. My problem is that I physically cannot catch the bristlenose plecos to transfer into the fry tank to clean it up and the nerites never touched the algae when I put them in there - they're already 5 years old so I can understand them being slow. Algae is everywhere and I would like an uncommon algae eater for it. I was thinking a hillstream loach or a different type of pleco. Maybe a rubberlip? I had one before, but he just up and died one day. I currently have one clown pleco and three bristlenoses. So, basically, would a hillstream loach or a rubberlip pleco be good for my 40gB fry tank? Can you guys think of any other interesting or uncommon algae eaters? Don't worry about temperature requirements - they probably won't be met anyway. lol I don't have a filter in the tank, but the temperature is always 76-82F. I would greatly appreciate some thoughts. Right now I'm getting some fish from my mother in May, so I'm going to be getting my male albino BN back and he will go into the 40gB. But, until then I was wanting something else because the algae is ridiculous. Besides, with such powerful filtration, I don't think it'll hurt to have two algae eaters in one tank. I mean, I have 4 plecos, 3 nerites snails, and an SAE in my 55g. All are fat and happier than ever. The BNs love the driftwood and my SAE gets pellets, algae wafers, seaweed, and fresh greens to make up for the lack of algae.
  7. No mollies, they get too big and are aggressive. Platies and neons are great! You can go with either of those and into a 10g (along with the betta and RCS) I would say that you could fit in about 5 platies or neons. If you go platies, I would highly recommend 1M:4F. I tried 2M:3F before and the males still harassed the females. You could bump it up to 6 and go 2M:4F and it would be fine. Just make sure the betta doesn't pick on the platies.
  8. My fiance said that he gets that white stuff with every piece of wood he puts into a tank. It should take a few weeks to go away, but I'm unsure if anything will eat it. I'm sorry aoubt your RCS. Hopefully everything will turn out ok! As for reproduction, you should see berried shrimp (shrimp who have laid eggs and are carrying them around) and/or shrimplets in about a month.
  9. Goldfish fry are getting huge! I have at least one calico fry and I'm hoping to get some more. The fry have gotten upgraded to the 40gB since the turtle got put outside into the 100g pond. A lot of fry have homes stacked up, I think we're only keeping two or three fry - the calico, a singletail, and maybe another doubletail. They will be staying in the 40gB.
  10. Nope! You can get some by Hikari which they love, but I had a 10g shrimp tank running for 2 years and, honestly, I stopped feeding them after the first month. They thrived on algae and I started with 18 of them. Two years later and I had over 300 shrimp. xD This is the shrimp food. Feed in extremely small amounts. Like, the smallest pinch you've ever pinched for fish food! xD http://www.hikariusa.com/diets/crustaceans/shrimpcuisine/
  11. Prices have gone up, so if you can't order the RCS from the site that I posted then you can easily get them off of eBay or AquaBid for roughly $30 for 25 RCS.
  12. You can never have too many RCS in a tank. The general rule is that you can have 10 shrimp per gallon, but if you go over 10 per gallon then you won't be overstocking because they have such a small bioload. You can easily fit 50 RCS in your tank along with your betta. Look online, you'll find a bunch of great deals. Here they have RCS $0.50 a piece. http://breedinusa.com/shop/en/shrimps/15-red-cherry-shrimp.html
  13. Just get the shrimp. The shrimp will eat the algae and they also eat fish food and things like algae wafers. Nerite snails need specifically fresh algae, preferably brown diatoms. Your tank is so new that it won't a sufficient quantity of algae for quite some time. Just stick with the shrimp - they'll control any algae that pops up. How many are you getting? Sometimes it's easier to get them online because you can get 25 for $10-$15. I paid $20 for 4 RCS (which one died right off the bat) at my LFS. Never again. lol
  14. No you wouldn't. I'm saying keep the media from the filter and transfer it to the new filter. If you keep your old filter, then just keep the old media. If you get new substrate, you won't have to re-cycle the tank. Also, it's not just one AquaClear for me - I had 3 of them and two have died. I've had them for many years, I believe one of them lasted 4-5 years. Now I just have one and my 2 Aqueons are better than the one AquaClear. They last longer, too. But, everyone had their own choice in filters. With the experience I've had with AquaClears, I'm baffled as to why everyone loves them. But, anywho, it's your decision. I'm just trying to input my .
  15. Yes, it's safe on plants. It just seems like a lot of work for a betta that died from old age. As long as there weren't new additions (including plants and decor) within the last few months then everything should be fine. I've never had a problem. I've even had divided betta tanks where one got velvet and died and the rest were fine and I never cleaned the tank, I only did a water change. Even future fish in that tank were fine. Get an Aqueon instead. They're quieter and I love mine while I hate the AquaClears. The ACs are so noisy now and the Aqueons are still so quiet. I have to clean the intake tube on my ACs once a week because gunk (not even plants) get stuck in it. Anyway, if you've already done a 100% water change then you're set. Everything is fine and ready to go. You don't really need to disinfect and it'll be a bit of stress on your plants, but if you really want to then you can. Disinfect the gravel, decor, and the tank itself with vinegar. Dip the plants in a 3:1 water to vinegar ratio for a few minutes. After that, rinse it out really well and set it back up. Just buy the new filter (before you clean the tank) and transfer over the media from the old filter. There shouldn't be any "nasty" things in there that could harm the betta, but I'd rather get a healthy betta and "risk" (I put it in quotes because the possibility is extremely slim) the fish getting sick rather than purchasing it, having it go through the stress of shipping, and the having to go through another month or so of stress from cycling the tank again.
  16. Get rid of the EcoComplete and replace it if desired. It breaks down over time and can cause pH fluctuations. Don't worry about a UV sterilizer - they're extremely expensive for such a small tank. You can let the tank go for a week without getting another fish and that should kill off anything that requires a host. Just make sure to supplement the nitrifying bacteria somehow, whether you choose to put in fish food or what. Honestly, your dad is partially right. Do a 1005 water change and, if you want, disinfect everything (except the filter due to the beneficial bacteria in there) with vinegar. Honestly, I think you're worrying too much. I had a UV sterilizer and I think it's a waste of money. xD I only got a UV sterilizer when my 29g sorority got columnaris. After that, I sold the UV sterilizer. Too much money for something that didn't do much. After it "sterilized" my tank, it still became a death tank and fish would get sick with everything under the sun. I ended up decommissioning the tank in fear of someone else setting it up as an auarium and their fish getting sick. Honestly, as long as your bettas wasn't sick with anything super contagious (such as columnaris or mycobateria) then the new betta should be fine. Also, older bettas tend to get sick more often due to weakened immune systems. I used to live up in Indiana. I always remember Dupage County getting weather warnings. xD You can look online and find a healthy betta, but just make sure heat packs are included with shipping. Make sure that the seller provides something like 60 hour heat packs and then do priority, express or overnight shipping - your choice and it's a gamble for survival with priority. I'm getting two new bettas from my friend up in NY. I'm doing priority, but she actually got some nice heat packs for me. So, I'm getting a king koi male and a red/green super delta male - all for $15. If you're ever up for adopting rescued bettas (bettas on the verge of death that were bought and then rehabilitated) then feel free to PM me. She gets in some great boys! Kings, plakats, doubletail halfmoons, etc. She also picks up females. It's your choice, just let me know if you're interested. Also, are you looking for a true giant? You can look on Aquabid, but other than that you could try Lee-Bun Betta Farm.
  17. Everything is gorgeous! I can't wait to see the plants grow! It's going to look amazing!
  18. I can't believe I missed them! xD Still, my fiance melted over your tank and betta boy. They're both gorgeous! I love the piece of driftwood. I would want to duplicate that tank and turn it into a RCS tank for me. Cutting off the leaf will work. It will spread quickly if you don't. Best of luck with everything!
  19. That's black brush/bush/beard algae. Hard to get rid of. The only thing that gets rid of it for me is physically scraping it off (which it still hard) without trying to damage the leaves or to get something that will eat BBA. I don't thing nerites will eat it - mine never touched it. I have a Siamese Algae Eater for my 55g that eats all the BBA, but I wouldn't recommend them in anything smaller than a 40g - mine is the full 6" and he's an active bugger. Mine is single, but I hear they love groups. Mine is happy on his own and eats allt he algae in the tank,along with various types of food I provide him with. SAEs make quick work of algae - this is from two SAEs into a 40g just after 3 months (not my tank): You can also try dipping your plants in hydrogen peroxide. Rinse them off extremely well then put them back in the tank. The recipe for the H2O2 dip is 3:1 water to peroxide dip for 6 min. You want to go for a lower solution such as 3% for the dip. Another thing you can try that's decorative is get marimo moss balls. They grow slowly and you have to rotate them every so often so they don't rot, but they have a secret. Marimo balls aren't actually moss, they're algae. Since they're actually algae, they absorb nutrients that other types of algae use, therefore out-competing the other types of algae. Since you want specifically the marimo other types of algae will not grow. I've never heard of marimo balls zapping nutrients from plants, just other species of algae.
  20. No, they're not like snails. xD They turn limp and stick to themselves when out of the water. Be careful transferring them to the tank or to another tank. They flick themselves to jump and I had one get stuck to the wall. O.o I was able to save it, it was just frustrating because it was a completely transparent male, so it was impossible to see. xD As long as you cover the net with one hand then you can avoid them jumping. RCS also love to crawl on you and eat the dead skin off your hands. The uncaring-ness of shrimp. This is a male on my finger. My CT, Daeva, was a sickly rescue. This is the only time he tried to eat the RCS in his tank. http://vid1267.photobucket.com/albums/jj558/bk_1125/480AECCD-9DAA-4B29-A552-7ACAA29E5A86-772-00000118CB5B1FF2.mp4
  21. This tank is gorgeous! I would just let everything get settled and do its thing. Everything looks great! Some RCS would look great in there and contrast lovingly with the black sand.
  22. The crypts are going to grow insanely fast. Post pictures!
  23. Oh, so a blue butterfly halfmoon (HM)? Nice! Such a gorgeous boy!
  24. Best of luck! He sounds like a black/blue marble butterfly. Do you know what fin type he was? Definitely post pictures!
  25. Oh, I know! My female (biggest, bigger than my hand) fantail decided to splash one day and she sent water flying 5ft away from the tank!!
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