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  1. The frogbit is going to take over in a week or two. It's similar to duckweed in how fast the reproduce. Duckweed can double its surface coverage (due to reproduction) in 24 hours. Your betta boy will love the frogbit and will start building bubblenests into it. Anyway, everything looks great! Best of luck with everything!
  2. I was thinking rubberlip because I haven't had one for years and they stay smaller than BNs. Also, to my knowledge and experience, rubberlips don't require driftwood. My BNs love the driftwood, but my rubberlip never seemed to munch on it.
  3. Well excuse me for using the term "fry tank" then.
  4. I'm not keeping all of them. I have another filter I can put on the tank and I'm setting up homes for the fry right now. I have a home for all the singletails and a home for two doubletails. That leaves me with my little calico doubletail (that I'm keeping) and one other doubletail.
  5. No, the fry are already 3 months old and huge. They're an inch long and I have an Aqueon 55/75 onto the tank. The fry are eating the algae, but they are eating pellets as well. I LOVE using fish for algae control seeing as how I never prevent it. I don't mind seeing it - it's just that I love also seeing an algae eater have fun eating everything. I currently only have 10 fry in the tank - that's the number that I have received after months of care for these little guys. I apologize for not explaining before, but these fry are big enough to have a little algae eater in with them. At least I'm not the type of person t get a common pleco or a CAE for a tank ...
  6. I was wanting an algae eater for my 40gB fry tank. I have bristlenoses and nerites in my 55g so it's spotless. My problem is that I physically cannot catch the bristlenose plecos to transfer into the fry tank to clean it up and the nerites never touched the algae when I put them in there - they're already 5 years old so I can understand them being slow. Algae is everywhere and I would like an uncommon algae eater for it. I was thinking a hillstream loach or a different type of pleco. Maybe a rubberlip? I had one before, but he just up and died one day. I currently have one clown pleco and three bristlenoses. So, basically, would a hillstream loach or a rubberlip pleco be good for my 40gB fry tank? Can you guys think of any other interesting or uncommon algae eaters? Don't worry about temperature requirements - they probably won't be met anyway. lol I don't have a filter in the tank, but the temperature is always 76-82F. I would greatly appreciate some thoughts. Right now I'm getting some fish from my mother in May, so I'm going to be getting my male albino BN back and he will go into the 40gB. But, until then I was wanting something else because the algae is ridiculous. Besides, with such powerful filtration, I don't think it'll hurt to have two algae eaters in one tank. I mean, I have 4 plecos, 3 nerites snails, and an SAE in my 55g. All are fat and happier than ever. The BNs love the driftwood and my SAE gets pellets, algae wafers, seaweed, and fresh greens to make up for the lack of algae.
  7. No mollies, they get too big and are aggressive. Platies and neons are great! You can go with either of those and into a 10g (along with the betta and RCS) I would say that you could fit in about 5 platies or neons. If you go platies, I would highly recommend 1M:4F. I tried 2M:3F before and the males still harassed the females. You could bump it up to 6 and go 2M:4F and it would be fine. Just make sure the betta doesn't pick on the platies.
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