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  1. wow, that closeup one of the eye from the side-ish (the third pic I think?) Is just amazing!!
  2. Beautiful!! It's so adorable when they kinda "hang out" together =D As for the plant, I believe it is a plastic one- I have one almost identical in my skinks' enclosures lol. Could be wrong though
  3. This is my black moor/oranda mix. He has a cute little puppy face! And I don't know that he is for sure an unusual color, but this is my little pearlscale Nugget! I just haven't seen other goldies this color, so he is unusual to me! It's hard to get good pictures of him with his color looking the way it really does, he is small and darts around everywhere even though he's like a little balloon lol. Also, the tops of his eyes are like a green color. This is making me want to take some pictures of my guys...especially some growth updates of my little guys and of orascope, the moor/oranda because I think he's had some wen growth, and has recently developed breeding starts on his fins, gill plates, and tops of his eyes lol. And he is nice and round and happy now!
  4. Awesome, I'll prolly end up doing both lol. thank you guys! <3
  5. thanks, I was thinking bleach, but then I didn't know if it would rinse totally clean or leave residue
  6. Somehow (I suspect kitties....) one of the aquaclears on my smaller tank got unplugged, and I didn't notice until water changes yesterday. It had been about 2 weeks since my last w/c, between being sick and working all the hours I can get, and all the media in it got moldy and stinky. I washed/scrubbed it with super hot water, and it looks clean, but there is still a faint odor and I want to be sure it's clean, I just don't know what to use that would be safe. thanks~
  7. Just wanted to update/close this thread. After about 4 weeks of salt and prazi, and 3 weeks of metro meds, this fish is now healthy and strong. After determining the filter was causing him to have swimming problems, I turned down the flow to the lowest setting. Over the qt period, I gradually increased the flow until it was back to full strength and gave him no problems swimming. His sight seems to have improved (if that is possible) and he finds food immediately in typical goldie fashion. He is now in the main tank with 2 AC110's and a fluval 404 and swims like a champ! And a huge thank you! to Stakos for helping me!!
  8. Yupp!! Orascope made it through qt and as of last night was in the 95g! He is happy and healthy now, and if possible, even more cute!! Most of the pictures are not good....sorry! thanks for looking!
  9. they're so cute!! The oranda has really cool coloring. Nice and clear pictures too, I am jealous!
  10. I don't have an air stone in there, just the filter. I think his nose-down floating is actually scanning for food, because I see him doing it now while munching.
  11. Thank you!!! I'm glad you like it! I don't remember where I heard/saw it, but I didn't make it up that's for sure lol! I love him too, he's a funny little guy
  12. Thanks again! I will update for sure if anything changes. I may try to baffle the water flow so I can still have it on a higher gph but reduce the current
  13. Hey now, just remember growing old is mandatory, growing up is optional!! And it looks like you were spot on with the current! He seems more active and off the bottom after only a few minutes with the reduced current
  14. Thank you for the help! The ph in the main tank is 8 as well. It used to be around 7.6 out of the tap, but has gotten a bit higher within the past few months. It is always the same in the tap as the tank. There is no breeder box. It could be the hob you're seeing? I am going to try to turn the filter flow down and see how he swims.
  15. i didn't realize it was so dark, I don't know if it will be helpful. sorry!
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