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  1. They would have only been in there for 2 months tops. I really can't haul a bucket of water up my stairs nor do I think that would pump up them and up and over the tank . but thanks anyways if I end up getting more it will be in summer. The change was prob a few more than 2 degrees but I had been doing that since I got them and there was never an issue before. And I know for certain they didn't go I to shock until at least 1 hr after the water change because I was sitting in the room they were in . I'm thinking it had to be the water cooling fast that did it
  2. My fish strips don't test for chlorine unfortunately. I don't see my dechlorinator all of a sudden not working though... I don't see why it would.
  3. I'd bet my life I added the dechlorinator. I got a nasty cut on my finger so I had my boyfriend clean the tanks as I supervised and I measured out the dechlorinator for him so I'm sure it was in there
  4. The only thing I can think of is that the room their in is kind of cold so their bowls were recently moved closer to the outside wall and further from the heater. So what I'm thinking is perhaps since they were in warmer water and put close to an outside wall which is colder at night it got really cold and they weren't by the heater so the water cooled too fast and sent them into shock
  5. Yes I know 1 gallon was too small my large tank was what they were going in in the spring. Its snowing where I'm at and there's no way I could get my hose upstairs into my bedroom with my windows sealed off due to the cold not to mention how cold the water would be if it wasn't frozen. The fish were only a little bigger than an inch and never showed any physical signs of ammonia burn in the sligjtest . I checked daily because I had a fish die from that before and I wasn't going to let that happen again.
  6. Did I perhaps put them into shock? The room they were in is kind of chilly so when I do their water I usually make it a little warmer for them like room temp. They never reacted to it before and last night they were swimming around as usual they didn't seem to be in shock fro. What I could tell.
  7. It was tap water. I just checked it to with my master API test kit and got the same results. I'm upset my fish died but I'm even more upset that I can't figure out what the issue was.
  8. I had 2 small goldfish. Both in 1 gallon bowls. I changed the water every 2 days. The fish were doing great.always active, ate, never showed ammonia irritation. Last night I changed their water again and I'd do 100 percent changes. Within hours both were dead. This seemed extremely odd to me considering they live in 2 separate bowls. I checked the ammonia its 0. The nitrite is 0 and the nitrate is 0. The pH is 7-7.2. I have a pool test kit and checked for chlorine bc I thought perhaps my declornator didn't work but results show 0. I have a fish one that I'm going to try after I type this since maybe the pool one isn't designed for lower levels. But I have no idea what the heck happened. Does anyone Have an idea?
  9. im not trying to "shift blame" i was just thinking outloud its too late for me to go anywhere today
  10. well from what was said thats what i thought , if it was directly said it would clear up fin rot i would of got it days ago
  11. i thought it was for like bacteria infections like what i thought he had in his mouth
  12. his fin rot isnt getting any better and im pretty sure the salt is whats burning his belly bc he cant very well swim. is there someother product i can buy for fin rot since the melafix nd salt isnt working?
  13. ok thanks i will =) keep the salt and melafix the same as they are?
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