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  1. http://www.amazon.com/Nutrafin-Biological-Filter-Supplement-16-9-Ounce/dp/B0026C8YMQ imo
  2. But what does it actually taste like?
  3. Will you have any teles or black moors? Sent you a email
  4. Any of you all ever buy a fish from Ebay? looking at this kid http://www.ebay.com/itm/1-Live-Panda-Butterfly-Fancy-Goldfish-for-Freshwater-live-Aquarium-fish-/170879399705?pt=LH_DefaultDomain_0&hash=item27c934b719
  5. If it makes you feel better, I dumped 40 lbs of TMS while my fish I do not own swam around, just be careful and don't literally drop it on them and know where they are
  6. I would stay away depending on the gravel you have cause my friend has one in her 55 and the sand is easy enough to block the holes so no air comes out of it
  7. Who is he fighting with only one fish in the tank? I fight with myself a lot.
  8. You can always make your own or even drill slightly bigger holes if you wanted
  9. I so read this the wrong way...
  10. I shall take this, with no cost to me Thank you
  11. I would follow Alex's advice with the grain of salt. .... I mean...Just follow his advice...
  12. For my goldfish tank with goldfish in it, what can I make it out of? The idea is, if my goldfish get sick and they bottom sit, they have a chair to sit on and it would a picture of a life time
  13. I had a betta whos eye was like that, it was popeye, not saying your fish has popeye, but my fish, who had an eye like that, was popeye
  14. I wouldn't feed my fish onions, that would give them bad breadth
  15. What I learned from Chem was to never sniff the combination of hydrochloric acid and tin foil. Than I combined it and put it in a 2 liter bottle.
  16. I made the mistake of taking a sniff (I was curious) and it felt like my nose was about to fall off. It was burning and I couldn't sniff anything for a few minutes etc
  17. Not sure, give it a sniff and tell us JUST KIDDDDDINNNGGGGG Seriously don't smell it
  18. Goldfish are the pigs of the universe, they will eat your arm if they were big enough.
  19. At least you didn't dream that you put a piranha in your tank and it attacked your fish and you were like "OH THE HUMANITY AHHOHAHHHH" For those that did not understand that reference, here is some visual aid
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