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  1. Shall I just go with a metal container then? It would take me a bit I was going to make the frame out of plywood and 2x4s. If I had the time, I would have started making a frame out of metal a month ago lol
  2. The temperature in my area gets to 75ish (which is rare) tops even at that its cold because of the ocean breeze. Worst comes to worst, if the spot I picked is wrong I can put it under my awning or the opposite side of the house
  3. Hello fellow humans, ok stopping the corny stuff I am convincing myself in moving my goldfish out to my backyard because 1) there's nothing out there 2) who cares because there's nothing out there 3) I want to put a piano where the current fish tank is right now I am not planning to use one of those metal stock tanks because I live near the beach and from my experiences, the salt air doesn't like playing well here So I went to Lowe's to look for tanks and found this http://www.lowes.com...%7C1&facetInfo= Question is, what kind of filter you all suggest, I won't be digging it in and planning to reinforce the shelf parts with bricks or whatever that you people may suggest This is the area where I am thinking of putting the tank
  4. I shall give you advice for a twenty
  5. I will have a spare 5 gallon soon and decided to start a nano tank here is my plan on what to get I will need Live sand Live rock Salinity meter thing Powerhead Lighting Questions are Should I be safe if I just buy premix water from the same place all the time? I know it would probably be better to mix my own but I'm just doign a 5 gallon and don't think its worth the time unless I was goign for a bigger tank I have the basic canopy lighting for the tank, would I be fine with jsut gettign a proper bulb, if so what kind? What else do I need to know really?
  6. Obviously with 10ppm it's orange, with 20ppm it's abit darker orange. 40ppm is red and 80ppm is a different red...God!
  7. It is, but every now and then it would make that grind, I rechecked everything and it was fine
  8. Went to do a WC and started it up again and it was grinding, so i cleaned it and put some vaseline on the shaft, still making this noise any suggestions? http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dAexctfGDUU
  9. Did you at least get the dog food?
  10. BAM SON http://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B002LL32RY/ref=oh_details_o04_s00_i00
  11. So your waterfall turned into a geyser?
  12. Aren't center braces really for the lights?
  13. Iono what Gumtree was so I checked it out and I found this JEWEL http://gumtreeads.com/classifieds/category/Pets/Adoption/Beautiful_Tamed_Hand_Raised_Baby_Capuchin_Monkey.htm
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