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  1. I think you hit the nail on the head. @Avelon They are trying to train you to feed them more often. If you give in you can end up with floaters. While I am not sure if you can get this to work provide some sort of indication to tell them it is feeding time. With some luck you can get them to ignore you knowing that they will not get food until they hear a bell or some such sound. I would give it 2 weeks. I do think goldfish can be bored in some sense. They also have personalities. I also would like to see a video.
  2. Shorten the intake so it can not suck up sand.
  3. One has to be careful with smallish above ground ponds. On a nice clear day the sun can cook your fish. Color has a lot to do with heat gain. Stay away from black.
  4. I was going to ask about the stand as this is common with the metal stands with bent rods for ends. Still if the stand has any give you might shim up the low corner. Having said all that I would put a sheet of 1 inch stryofoam under the entire tank. It is what I use for home built tanks.
  5. What do you mean by that? I mean not all tests kits are equal. Currently I am using a Tetra nitrate test kit with 3 bottles and on vial of powder. I did find this about your test kit
  6. Look for the 3 part test kits I am thinking they are easier to read
  7. Years ago I wrote I need to take my own advice and find a forum better suited to where I am.
  8. I did not fire the first shot but yet I am made out to be the bad guy here. Darn tough to make much headway when a moderator is acting like a bully! I do not need this.
  9. And out of context. It is true but does not speak to what shakaho or I said. My point is that one has to look at the system as a unit and not just isolate one parameter. Far better to point that out, and then say that if all else is equal go with the tanks with more air/water interface. Fish mass is a superior measure to what Helen Robert's book says. A 3 foot koi is a much greater fish load then 3 feet of 3 inch fish. The larger fish also requires better conditions. If a pond gets too warm the large fish will die first. Insteads of ruffling your feathers maybe you could try to listen and learn. If you would rather be left alone in you little kingdom of net wisdom I will gladly leave!
  10. There is no proof or evidence that surface area is more important. It is just another bit of net wisdom resulting from people repeating what they read and not understanding. It is one of the unfortunately down sides of the net. One needs to look at the tank as a system. Isolating a single parameter and saying it is more important is like saying your brain is more important then your heart or lungs.
  11. We should be talking about how much water the fish population displaces to determine the gallons required. It is important to have enough surface area for gas exchange. The larger a tank is the slower the nitrates and other unknowns will rise. Both are important.
  12. True deformities such as bad backs and inverted gill covers are apt to be more common in breeding closely related fish. When you do the cross you end up with healthier fish. It is often called hybrid vigor. The first rounds of culling line bred goldfish consists almost entirely of getting rid of the fish with deformities. Then you move on to tails, body shape etc.
  13. Maybe the answer is to put a screen of egg crate over the tank so he can not reach the water ? Not sure because I do not know your setup.
  14. PS I love the pictures of Cloud, So cute! Do you play fight with her? Kittens need that sort of interaction.
  15. This could be "famous last words" but I do not think there is any real danger unless the fish jump out of the tank. We have had cats and fish together for 20 years and have not contributed any fish deaths to the cats. Ignore the following if you are tired of my stories. We had koi indoors in a collapsible kiddie pool. To get a drink the cat put its paws on the edge which pushed the side in and released a bit of water. One day the koi nibbled on the cats tongue which put an end to his drinking out of the pond. I wish I had a picture of that setup to share with you. My wife constructed a cone shapped tent with PVC pipe bracing over the pond. The koi would jump and hit the tent which acted like a spring and forced them back into the water. It was quite a rig.
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