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  1. I was looking at the Fluval Studio 900 kit with a 47.5gallon tank. Tank measures 37x18x21.5, when I put those numbers into the volume calculator it comes up to 61gallons. I emailed Fluval but they maintain it's 47.5gallons. Am I missing something?
  2. Thanks all for your input it really helps. My first tank was an Osaka 155 which is 24h so I do know what it's like lol. The stand I'm looking at is about 28.5" so hopefully that will offset the height, I just hope it does't go thru the floor of my old house lol.
  3. I want to upgrade for my trio of goldies (2 ryukins 1-4.5" the other is 2.5" and a fantail at 4.25"). There's a 65gallon on sale for 129.99, dimensions are 36x18x24 (which is perfect for where it would be setup). Is that too tall for them?
  4. Well thats something to look into if I can find it in the U.S. Thanks great_kahn
  5. Sounds like a plan - thanks alot. best, wpjr
  6. Thank you again and I will take a deep breath and relax, after relaxing I will follow your advice. I also have been looking around for tank options, I did see oceanic puts out a tank that is 36x18x21 which I think comes out to approx. 57gallons that would give 12 gallons more. There were 2 other places that show a 36x24x17 which comes to about 63gallons(the 36" length is the largest I can go for the space I can use). It is something I can't do at the moment with the holidays coming but something to look into in the near future. I would love to have a pond but the yard and patio are open to the sun most of the day and being in the S.W. part of georgia it gets hot and of course there are predators(it's surprising to see owls, raccoons in a not so rural area aside from feral cats). I assume you have goldfish ponds, how do they work for you especially being in Orlando?
  7. Ok, I have removed more sand to approx 1/4". Did another large waterchange. I do have 4 anubias plants right now and would like to add swords of some sort. I really don't want to re-home any of them, I grew-out 2 over this past year. They were orig. about 2" including the tails and I have always done 80-90% water changes every 4 to 5 days. It is possible that the ppm was higher than I thought just because I now feel my old liquid api test kit expired. Thank you all for quick and helpful responses wpjr
  8. Nitrates usually ran around 10ppm, I will continue to do daily water changes. thanks - wpjr
  9. So from an earlier thread I was having issues with ammonia, and now it's ammonia and nitrates. i have a 40gallon breeder with 2 ryukins, 1 ryukin approx. 3 1/4 to 3 1/2" nose to base before the tail, 1 ryukin 2 1/4" from nose to base before the tail, and 1 fantail 3 1/4" from nose to to base before the tail. I was overfeeding so as of last nite I did a 80% water change cleaned the filter media in tank water and didn't feed them.l Before feeding this a.m. I tested the water .25ppm ammonia - no nitrites and 20ppm nitrates. I also tested the tap -no ammonia or nitrates, I am using 2 ac70's with sponge, blue and white filter pad and 3 ceramic ring bags stuffed into each( I was rinsing the sponges in tap and was told whatever bacteria was in them was destroyed.) 1/2" layer of tahitian moon sand substrate. Because of space limitations I really can't go any bigger than a 40" length and the cost of having it made is not in my budget at the moment ( I could go 40x18x20 which would bring it to appox. 60gallons, but is that going to be enough for the 3 as a forever home). Should I consider re-homing 1 and will there be enough water volume for the 2 left as a forever home. Is there anything else I could do aside from daily major water changes. thanks - wpjr
  10. Oh, sorry fantailfan 1 I don't know what they weigh but 2 are about 3/4-31/2 inches not including their tales and the other is about 2/12 inches not including it's tail
  11. I think your right, I just cleaned the pads and sponge and they were dirty after 2 days. I will cut their feeding back and test again to see. I tested the tap with the new kit and everything seems ok. Thanks again all for your help and advice. wpjr
  12. Forgot to mention in the mornings I take a turkey baster and suck up the poop that is sitting on top of the sand.
  13. Well I'm having a fit this am, just did a water test with a new api liquid test kit and my nitrates are at 40ppm ( I guess my old one has expired). When I get home tonite I will be doing a major waterchange. Which brings me back to - am I overstocked, do I need a larger tank, should I re-home one of the 3. Should I just keep testing everyday and doing waterchanges until things settle down or will they sellte down.
  14. double checked tap - no ammonia or nitrates. Thanks all for your help, wpjr
  15. No nitrites and nitrates are approx 10ppm, I will start rinsing the sponges and pads in dechlorinated water, they really get mucky. Thank you all for your help and will keep you posted. best, wpjr
  16. tahitian moon sand and an aqueon water changer, this started when it was still barebottom. I now clean every 2 to 3 days and go thru the sand with my fingers making sure the sand doesn't develope any bad bacteria pockets. I usually try to empty the filters themselves and keep the ceramic rings in a bucket of old tank water, possibly the mistake I'm making is really squeezing the sponges and the filter pad out in reg. tap water. I honestly thought most of the good bacteria would be held in the ceramic rings in which I have stuffed into each filter.
  17. The 3rd fish was added mid September, I feed them New Life Spectrum for Goldfish. They get fed 2 to 3 times a day enough for them to gobble it up in about 2-3min. and they still stare at me for more lol. Once a week they get peas. I really noticed the change about 3weeks ago, it was about 3day after a water change I noticed one was not as active. I read someplace your fish can be a great barometer for water issues so I tested and sure enough I had about .25ppm so I did a water change and now I'm checking every day or 2 and changing ever 2 to 3 days(I do use the prime when I can't do a change the day it test's and shows ammonia).
  18. I had 2 Fantails and a Ryukin in an Osaka 155 which was 41 gallons with a ac110 and ac70. I did lose one Fantail in July but the other two have been going strong and getting bigger. Over labor day weekend I pick up a 40gallon breeder from petco. (it was their 1.00 per gallon sale) and switched over the filters. The ac110 died so I got a second ac70 and moved all the ceramic rings over and added another bag of cermamic rings to the first ac70. It had been running for about 2 weeks when a friend came by with another little Ryukin for me ( I guess the thinking behind it was I origanlly had 3, was down to 2 and the breeder holds almost 45 gallons so - approx 15gallons per fish). For a while I still continued my 80-90% waterchanges every 5 days. Everyone has grown again (the orig. Fantail and Ryukin are almost 31/2 inches nose to base of body before the tail and the 2nd Ryukin has grown to about 2 to 2 1/4 inches nose to base before the tail starts. Now I have to do a 80-90% water change every 2 days. If I don't the ammonia creeps to .50ppm. My nitrates stay around .10ppm Ph is 7.4 I really don't have the space for a convention 55gallon and I really don't care for the 13" width. I did see on a saltwater forum a 57gallon by Oceanic, which has the same footprint as the 40gallon breeder just a little taller(I think it's 21"high) there is that option. Would a wet/dry filter help(petco. has the toms rapids wet/dry on sale) or would having just 2 in the 40gallon solve the problem ( according to goldfish keepers site I'm max. out). Advice please. Many thanks - wpjr
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