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  1. I really don't know the answer to this question... but I have one in my 90 gallon, she is doing wonderfully. On the other hand I did try another one that had to be moved to a 55. Once moved to the 55 she was fine. I don't know really what is up with that...
  2. I love pearlies. From what I've read though is that you should keep them in shallow tanks and mine are deep... so that's why I don't have but one. (she's doing good too) My husband has some gorgeous pearlscales in his 55 gallon tank. I'll try and get some pics and post them soon. Hope you post a pic too!
  3. It definitely does not look like grapewood. (google grapewood images) I have driftwood in all of my tanks. I'm using malaysian and mopani and have had no problems.
  4. They look to be a really nice size, congrats on your new redcaps!
  5. Fang, I thought of you this morning when I saw this picture. It was taken when I lived in Arkansas, these guys were all over the place. I think it really does look like your corydora!
  6. I've read many times too that you shouldn't keep guppies with angels because they could get eaten. I have kept adult guppies with angels many times and I cannot remember them ever getting eaten or even picked on. But if you wanted to save the fry, that's not going to happen. You'll just end up with some really fat angels! I have also kept cherry barbs with angels & guppies because they aren't supposed to nip them. For a long time it worked but one day I started noticing the guppies & angels fins were nipped. It might have been because the barbs were spawning, I don't know... Rams can definitely get aggressive. I had one that bit it's mates eyeball out! Eeek! As for the gourami's... I've never kept one but always heard honey gourami's were the most peaceful. We used to keep platties with our guppies too. I know we've had more tankmates but I cannot remember for the life of me.
  7. I DO see the resemblance to a bunny! Oh how weird... I wonder if he's blind? The eye I can see sure looks like he might be...
  8. Just took a look and he/she is being so shy... can't wait to get a better look! Congrats on your new lil' one!
  9. That was very interesting. Thank you for taking the time to explain about the pearlscales. I like the pearlies with the "regular" wen.
  10. That is one classy looking planted tank!
  11. I think you are one smart cookie! You don't sound preachy at all....
  12. I love this thread! I agree Spyro, keeping fish does help reduce stress! Back in 1978 my uncle had a 10 gallon guppy tank. Whenever we visited him I got to sit on the side of the couch that had the aquarium beside it. The tank had silver metal trim and I remember it being so shiny. The male guppies had huge solid orange tails (so beautiful). I remember I named one of them Sam. You could not have dragged me away from that seat! My uncle taught me how to do water changes, how to dechlorinate the water and how much to feed. He only had that tank for a short time. After one of our visits to his home he sent ME home with his tank. It really was like a miracle to me because my father didn't allow any kind of pet whatsoever in his house. My uncle got in my dad's face and said, "I'm giving this to Rhonda and she IS taking it home." The tank went in our kitchen which was painted orange. It sat in the corner from our kitchen table. I took care of that tank for several years. It was severely overstocked. And what was really funny to me is there were times when I caught my father looking at the fish. I cannot remember what ever happened to that tank but I do remember I was so proud of it and knew I'd always keep fish. It's now 2012 and yep, I still DO have fish.
  13. Their bellies are seriously HUGE! Those nerites really rock!
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