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  1. That is exactly what I would be worried about as well.
  2. I only purchased two. Francis passed away about a week after I got him. Then I bought Little Baby 'Nardo a few weeks ago because I couldn't resist his face. Eleanor was given to me in May and i got Cedric from my sister in June or July. Then in August(ish) I was given Sylvia, Fiddy Cent, and Bonita.
  3. Just wanted to say how proud I am of my fishies... Eleanor is getting huge! She is soooo sweet and super friendly. She eats from my fingers now, and is always the first one to greet me. She also sleeps on the side of the tank closest to me. I adore her. Cedric has grown too. He is such a grump though. He will eat from my fingers as well, just not as cheerfully as Eleanor. My daughter calls him Mr. Cedric Grouchyfins. Sylvia was one of the three "rescues" who was living in one of those teeny goldfish starter kit things. She has grown a LOT! She is as big as, if not a tiny bit bigger than Cedric! When I first got her she was a blueish/lavender/silvery color. She was even that color for a the few weeks they were in qt. After moving to the big tank she has darkened up to almost as dark as Cedric (who is a black moor). Now instead of the light blueish/lavender/silver, she is more of a dark navy blue. Fiddy Cent (rescue) has not developed any more orange spots and the ones he has still look like tattoos. He has grown a little. He is healthy and active and cute as he can be. He has short fins and a round body so he kind of waddles when he swims. Bonita (rescue) understands the food concept now. It comes in the top, it sinks to the bottom, you have to find it down there. I want to say she has grown a fraction of an inch, but I'm honestly not sure. Every time I think she has, Eleanor swims by and Bonita looks tiny again. She knows she is beautiful though and likes to admire her reflection in the back of the tank. She does join in on the food begging now. Little Baby 'Nardo is still in qt, but has definitely grown! He was sooo tiny and now he is almost the same size as Bonita. So far he's had an uneventful QT. He loves food and has a healthy Goldie appetite. He is cute and he knows it. He is friendly and wiggly and just a happy little fish. Chester (he is a betta, but doesn't know it - he thinks he is a goldfish too...he eats like one!) is doing great as well. He is an honorary goldfish. He has really colored up and is gorgeous! He is also a very good dancer! I took lots of pictures, but I can't find the thing I need to plug into the iPad so I can upload the pics from my camera. As soon as I find it, there will be pics!
  4. I love it! Oh you could absolutely hang it indoors all year round! He could function as a lamp!
  5. I went looking for plants, but found nothing. I did look at an internal uv sterilizer. I came home empty handed.
  6. Thats exactly what I said! Eleanor was going to be an only fish and that was that! Six fish later.....lol
  7. I have the 40g and a 10g qt tank set up right now, plus Chester the betta's little 1 gallon. I have a 100g that will be set up as soon as I get my own place. I plan moving everyone I have now into the 100g and setting up the 40 as a celestial tank I will probably set up the 10 for Chester and just pick up a rubbermaid tub to use for qt if I need it.
  8. We definitely need pics of tank with awesome new cave ornament hotel thing!
  9. Wow! You did an amazing job! It looks like a completely different tank!
  10. I got sleep finally! When I woke up, I looked at the tank and saw the FISH swimming happily. Edited to add that I did indeed know better than to add those mushrooms to my tofu scramble. I just couldn't help myself!
  11. Awww! What a cutie! I thinks s/he is adorable.
  12. Eeeeew! People amaze me. Can't wait to see it all cleaned up and sparkling!
  13. Lovely! I can't tell what the flaws on the moor are either. I think they are both just beautiful!
  14. Seriously. Obviously I am very tired. I barely slept last night and finally just got up at 4 am. So I'm sitting here, brushing my hair out, trying to decide what to wear (since i have to be at work at 7) and I look over at the aquarium. I do not have the tank light on, just a lamp near the tank so all I can see are silhouettes. Then I realize something is MOVING in there and I think to myself, "What the heck could be moving in the aquarium?!" I jump up and look closer and that's when I realize.... The FISH are moving in the tank! Yeah. Those finned things that LIVE in there. I think I might need to call in and just go back to bed.
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