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  1. I have several koi in my tanks and the only time I have one chasing another fish be it comet or koi is when one of the fish is a female and the koi is trying to be sexy for the girl and chase her. If you have more than one tank you may want to move the koi for a while as this behavior usually stops after a while. I've had to move some of my koi before for the same reason. Good luck. Carrie
  2. You didn't fail your little fish. The fact that you tried everything you could says the opposite. Your other fish should be okay. Good luck and sorry for your loss. Carrie
  3. So far I've got a shubunkin and a fan tail both going on seven years. This has been the longest experience for me. Most of my others are between one and five years. Carrie
  4. Sometimes I look at the name tag on the person helping me if they were real nice. What ever name is on their tag I'll name my fish that. I have so many I have to be creative. LOL Carrie
  5. All of my guyss have gotten used to the new place immediately or the next day. But most of the time they go right for the food. Goldfish are like water pigs.
  6. When you have to sneak a new fish into the house in your purse because your family says you have to many already. LOL
  7. Soo, sooo, soo frustrating, I'm in Dallas and can't get to San Antonio. So close yet so far. Makes me sort of itchy. LOL Carrie
  8. You know, sometimes fish just jump. I don't think there has to be a specific reason, but that they swim and sometimes it happens to be upward. I have alot of fish and sometimes I will be sitting on my bed and a fish will come past and out onto the floor. Usually at feeding time. In my 55, when I go to feed, I have actually had the fish throw another from the tank onto the bed because of the excitement. It just happens sometimes. The best thing you can do is to prevent it. Go get you a cover and when you arent around have that over them. The thing is, fish don't realize that the world outside of their tank is not made of water, so they go in all directions. Think about what dolphins do. It's not always due to a bad thing, its just something that can happen. Carrie
  9. Thats funny lcwinne, the store I go to was stand offish at first too, and mine also has the indoor koi pond. It's so great. I guess they figure most people arent into the fish like they are. It would be hard to work in a place like that because when I first started going there, they thought I constantly bought fish to replace fish that had died. They acted sort of weird about it, then I told them that I do rescue for comets and commons and they had a different outlook. I think they thought I killed my animals frequently or something at first. Now they just know that I keep hundreds. I still am self conscious though because sometimes I feel like they think I'm weird for wanting feeders as pets. The man that owns the store told me, "Well the bass have to eat them", after I said to him that, I sure hate that they are regarded as food. Talk about making a person feel odd. I wasn't being insulting, but I was just saying it because I happen to love them. Then he charged me a dollar for each feeder because of my comment instead of 15 cents, as though my opinion changed their value. I have never had anyone do that. I wanted to be mad, but then I figured he wouldn't own a fish store if he didn't have a love of fish. I still love the store and the people that work there but sometimes the world moves in very odd ways. Carrie
  10. If it has flourescent colors it may be a neon tetra. Look up tropical fish on your search box, and then go into the sights that have these fish. If its not a neon tetra then see what they have photos of to see if your fish matches any you see. Carrie
  11. My guys like to go up into the filter outflow and root around. I think they suspiscion that there is some hidden goodies up there. Going through my fish room is like going on the log ride at six flags, when you walk through, you get splashed as they think it's feeding time. Zyenthillias, it sounds like your babies are boy and girl, for all the, they shouldn't be doing that, and touching. LOL. You give it more time and here in a month or two you need to watch for eggs in the early morning. You just might have you a batch of juniors. Carrie
  12. When I go to the Boutique the man that works in there says, "oh its the goldfish lady." How he remembers I dont really know. I've been waited on so many times by other people but this one person right from the first buy seems to know me, and I have to say that my shy self feels a little odd being stereo-typed as the "goldfish lady". LOL I love it though, really because actually he couldn't be more right. Carrie
  13. I absolutely love that setup. I would love for my fish to have such, what is the word, luxury. You have very lucky babies. Ooh and maniacholic, I looked at the photos of your kids and they are all so pretty. Both of you guys seem to spend alot of time in selection and utmost care for your babies, I really resect that. You both have very lucky pets to have such attentative parents. Keep up the good work. I am just beside myself and feel as though I need to get with the program Carrie
  14. That is to neat. You said it was an amatuer microscope. Do you mean one of the ones you buy for kids? How much do those cost? I have so many fish and when something goes wrong I have to play alot of guess work when it comes to possible parasitic infestations. Do you have a digital. I'm so behind in the world of technology I need to be slapped Where did you get your microscope at? Carrie
  15. Hi, I don't know if this will help because I'm not familiar with the products that you have in Japan, but Maracyn is actually erthromycin. Thats the antibiotic that it is. Is there any product available to you that contains erthromycin. If there is then it should work as well as Maracyn. An antibiotic tablet containing tetracycline should work on popeye also. If you are willing to pay for shipping you can get the maracyn from http://www.drsfostersmith.com in two days. I have ordered from them before and they are really great to work with and the meds will be there in two days but it is kind of expensive. I hope this can help you. I don't know that popeye is contagious, but if the eye isn't treated your kiddo will probably loose the eye. Thats not a pleasant thought but I don't think the infection surpasses the eye. Hope some of this can be helpful. Carrie
  16. Happy belated birthday girl. Any day you find a beautiful fish is like a birthday isn't it. Its like being a little kid and excited all over again about something. Carrie
  17. It is a wonderful idea. I actually do it too. I have so many tanks and fish that I have to keep records. When they were bought, births, medical records, tank and filter upgrades, name lists of who alls in what tank and when I move a fish, deaths, if I try a new food and they like it, quarantine records, if fish I buy are brother and sister, the petshop they came from, any odd behavior, you name it I keep track of it. Everyone should be encouraged especially keeping records of health issues and what treatments have been given. Carrie
  18. Guys I hate to say this but I don't have a digital and my regular camera takes bad fish pics. As soon as I have decent photos I'll post. Thanks for all the replies, my fishies would thank you to if they could. Carrie
  19. I know what you mean that was part of the reason I got them because I thought poor little babies from columbia. Can you imagine that in their little fish mind they still remember the Columbian river system. And the journey they must have had to make. To me it makes them all the more special and deserving of love because if nobody had caught them they would have lived out a normal life in the wild. Isnt that horrid, they WERE wild and had what we all want which is to occur naturally and not have to exist in an artificial environment. They deserve so much respect and love for their journey. Carrie
  20. Guys I so know this isnt goldfish related but I am so excited. I went to my fish store today and when I was looking in this tank I saw three Columbian caught wild oscars. I freaked. They are so beautiful. They don't have red on them like captives but are more robust and have huge beautiful brown eyes. I bought all three. What a beautiful notion that these three beings possess the knowledge of a river in Columbia with mommy and daddy fish. Somewhere in those little heads they do and I think it is a wonderful gift to have them be a part of my life. They are a special blessing and I feel very honored. Carrie
  21. OOhh LOL the eggfish. Thats too funny the fatties do look like little eggs don't they. You know what I think you should do is go to the petstore and look at all the fish and when you see the one that you can't live without because its just too cute then that is the fish for you. If you could you might want to consider having a larger tank so you could have several as goldfish are social beings that enjoy each others company. You could pull off two or so for now (if they were very young & tiny babies) but would need to upgrade shortly to a larger tank as they grow. Good luck in your fish search and have fun.
  22. I hope they don't get that big or I'm going to be in a heap of trouble. If they do I'll put them on a diet. LOL Half to buy them a swimming pool. Thanks BlackOranda, I might try and give mine some bread I think variety would be good for them. I don't know about earthworms I hate to admit this but I have a phobia of worms and couldn't deal with handling them. I'd probably spaz, twitch in revulsion and throw worms everywhere, then have to run screaming from the room. LOL
  23. I am so sorry to hear about your situation. Its obvious you really cared about your little fish so try not to beat yourself up to much. Even though we tend to replay events over and over in our minds and relive them your guppy is okay now and not suffering anymore. Keep your chin up and again I'm sorry you had to deal with that.
  24. Hi everyone. I said I'd post as soon as I got a new channel cat. Earlier this week I got two blue channel cats. Leo and Jag. They are about three and one is four inches long. I'm so excited I just can't hide it so I had to share. My first one I couldn't get to eat but these two are pigs. They stay out during the day and when I go up top the tank they come up to me. I'm so happy. If anyone has a favorite food story for channel cats please let me know so I can try it out.
  25. LOL Night of the living goldfish
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