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  1. I have several koi in my tanks and the only time I have one chasing another fish be it comet or koi is when one of the fish is a female and the koi is trying to be sexy for the girl and chase her. If you have more than one tank you may want to move the koi for a while as this behavior usually stops after a while. I've had to move some of my koi before for the same reason. Good luck. Carrie
  2. You didn't fail your little fish. The fact that you tried everything you could says the opposite. Your other fish should be okay. Good luck and sorry for your loss. Carrie
  3. So far I've got a shubunkin and a fan tail both going on seven years. This has been the longest experience for me. Most of my others are between one and five years. Carrie
  4. Sometimes I look at the name tag on the person helping me if they were real nice. What ever name is on their tag I'll name my fish that. I have so many I have to be creative. LOL Carrie
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