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  1. Seems to poop normally, but only saw that once. I haven't seen any fish poop in many years. Brown, solid. No change to the swelling.
  2. No. Getting rid of everything, not starting up. Male is now acting like a normal fish. Following the female, picking at plants, grazing, all the good stuff.
  3. Unknown for a bunch of that, nothing added nor odd/wrong with anyone. 0, 0, 5 or so. Comes out of well like that. 4k plus gallons. 50% w/c last week. 2011 Planted. Homemade filters + bog.
  4. Hello. This fish has been living in my koi pond for 2+ years. This spring, I noticed this lump, marked by arrow. From the top, its really obvious. Other side is normal.
  5. Thanks for replying! I haven't been here for awhile and was worried this forum succumbed to FB, too. I am trying to rehome the corries and plecos w/o much luck. The plecos are BNs and several babies just left the cave! I haven't had any luck netting out my other fantail that's in the koi pond. I should of tried to catch it early in spring, there were a few days that would of been easy to do so. The fish in question is still happily zooming around, even occasionally joining the corries in their races, too. He doesn't like frozen foods, but has a bloodhound nose for flake and pellet feeds, lol. It's funny how fast goldfish warm up to aquarium life vs koi, very stark contrast!
  6. I'm still trying to catch the other fantail in my pond. But the one I have caught is now active and very happy. He, has stars, is alone in a 125gal for now. There are corries and plecos. He is doing figure eights and seems way too active. But maybe its normal. I'm assuming he is either happy or trying to get out to find others. He is still young. All other tanks of these fish that I have seen have been of very lazy, slow fish, thus, it feels odd. Thoughts?
  7. So I can't link pics through my phone, but it seems like the forum did update my info, even though it told me it didn't work....ughmmm, okay...lol
  8. It's somehow working through my phone, so for now, I can take my time getting it to work on my pc. Red one was spotted today! But I have to link pictures, can't just upload them, so will have to stop by later to link them. =)
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