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  1. That's what I was kind of thinking. I had my concerns about quality but I'll tell you though, she was as happy as could be this morning. I'm happy I appreciate all of the advice & suggestions!
  2. Hi, sorry for the late reply. I apologize, I probably explained myself incorrectly in the original post (floating upside down x 6 months). The actual upside down consistently was a week, give or take a couple days. She's been a little off x 6 months ago so took her out of the 75g into a 20 long with a not full water level at that time. I did the storage container, duckweed and she seems to be her happy swimming self again
  3. Good idea, I forgot about the under bed storage box. She's not been upside down x 6 months, just the past 2 weeks. She had more like floating to the top issues that would get better with lower water levels but that's not working so much now. I'll get her a box tonight, thanks
  4. So I made a mesh net out of the filter media bags (the soft white ones from PM I typically use for aquarium salt) & laced them together with the drawstring. It is submerged with heater suction cups and covers the tank length & width. I will fast the fish, do the duckweed and take it from there. If I need a follow up post I will copy & paste and a video
  5. Thanks for the copy & paste instructions I will try it. Also, thanks for the well wishes!
  6. I'll post a picture or video tonight when I get home. I have duckweed on order
  7. My little oranda has been having issues with floating upside down for about 6 months. At that time I moved him/her from the 75 gallon tank to a 20 gallon long filled about 3/4. On occasion I put him/her under a sterlite container with holes in there. I did that when the upside down was bad. It seemed to help after a couple days. It's not helping much now, the belly is red, I think from it being in contact with the container. When I don't use the container, the belly is air exposed. I still don't know how to copy & paste/post so here are the parameters: Ammonia 0, nitrate 10-20, nitrite 0. Water change 5 gallons every 5 days. Food is elive spinach flakes soaked in seachem nourish (worse floaty on nls algaemax and goldfish formula). No heater, temp is 70°. Will not eat veggies. No meds in past 6 months except for .1% aquarium salt as needed. I was thinking of putting floating plants in the tank with mesh netting over the plants but all under the water level so he/she isn't exposed to air and it's softer than the container. Any thoughts would be greatly appreciated. Thank you!
  8. Actually, in thinking about it, I don't think that it is a good idea. I think it will bow in the middle as there is not an even weight distribution.
  9. Neat, thanks. I'll do it after work this evening
  10. Hi, I have a floaty oranda so I moved NipChee from a 75 gallon into a 20 gallon long tank last night with 5 gallons of water. He/she seems to have a bit easier time with the swimming but will still be on the side or back more often than not. I've done alot of reading on koko's so I will start duckweed and homemade gel food for floaters. I guess I'm asking if anyone has any experience with the 2 diet changes, any thoughts if NipChee will be able to go back to the 75 gallon or will it be better to keep in a shallower water level permanently? I apologize but I can't copy and paste, the nitrate is 20, ammonia & nitrite 0, ph 7.5, weekly changes apx 30%. NLS algae max soaked in seachem nourish. Thank you for any input
  11. I have a double metal stand used for my 40g breeder tanks, it's sitting in my garage because I switched to a 75 gallon set up. I would like to use that stand for 2 20 gallon long tanks, can I put a piece of wood to make a solid surface for the 40 breeder size and put a 20 long on it? One 20 gallon tank has 10-15 lbs of sand, 6 gallons of water, and a fiddler crab. The other 20 gallon tank is for my floaty oranda, it has 5 gallons of water, bare bottom. As always, safety first so if it's questionable in any way I won't do it but if it's perfectly fine I'll go with that. Thanks!
  12. Thanks everyone, I appreciate the supportive words and advice
  13. Thanks you for the response, the parameters were before he died. I kind of figured testing when I got home would've been inaccurate. I know jackpot ate a pellet or 2 from the bottom before but more often he wouldn't touch them at the bottom. From all I've read , bettas can definitely go a bit without eating and he always ate very well prior. Thank you for the insite, I'm leaning toward an illness rather than starving.
  14. Hi, I'm hoping for a possible answer for my question. If a betta normally eats the presoaked pellets from the top of the tank, will he eat them from the bottom of the tank if they sink to the bottom? If the answer is yes, would it be possible that he wouldn't eat them from the bottom because he had an undetected illness? I ask because I got home from vacation late Monday night & my one betta was dead at the bottom of the tank. Very very sad. I had my pet sitter feed him 3 NLS betta pellets every other day (2 feedings total) and I was going to feed him the night I returned home. There were 6 pellets at the bottom of the tank. Jackpot, 18 month male, was housed in a 5.5 gallon filtered 78° aquarium x 18 months. Weekly 1 gallon water changes with siphoning. Water parameters were weekly consistent of: ph 7, nitrates 5, ammonia & nitrites 0. About 3 weeks prior, I thought he may have been thinner than I recalled but I can't be 100% sure. He always ate his pellets for me and my husband when I was out of town a month ago. My pet sitter has cared for my fish a good amount of times before without incident. He said jackpot came up during feeding times but I am bothered by the pellets at the bottom. I am hoping that a betta will find food at the bottom, if he didn't that leads me to believe he had an underlying issue. If a healthy betta will not eat from the bottom then that leads me to believe he starved to death. Any insight would be greatly appreciated. Thanks
  15. Thank you. I just want to double check that because the scales were technically sticking out that it is probably dropsy and not just a positional thing. I can handle sbd but not dropsy.
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