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  1. Have you contacted Ken yet? I might do that first since it hasn't been too long since you bought the fish.... not sure if he has a warranty period etc. and we want to make sure that we don't do anything to void that. I don't necessarily want to wait on treatment because these things can be quite aggressive, but while we make a plan if you wanted to contact him that might be good (it's up to you of course)
  2. I agree with you on all points. Well good then
  3. Nah. He couldn't figure out how to do it and wanted to copy your work. This is it! :rofl Justin, there is no question that using Safe give some amount of savings over the course of using it, especially now that Seachem has simplified their directions. I just don't think that the amount of savings is really that much, for this reason: The regular dose of Seachem Prime is actually enough to neutralize 5ppm of chlorine and 4ppm of chloramine. This means that in normal circumstances when you know how much chlorine you have in the tap, you can stand to add much less. In this case, for me, I need only add 1/3 of the recommended amount. However, I make it a habit of adding 1/2, which is still enough to block 2.5 ppm chlorine (my tap only has 1.25 ppm chlorine max at any given time). Going by your calculations (which I haven't checked by the way), the savings is now $1/year. I want to say that I am not discouraging anyone from using Safe. Far from it. I have quite a bit of it myself. But, seriously, you are not really saving much money, unless you having very large ponds and tanks. Instead of using Safe or Prime, if you want to try something new/different, use Vitamin C, as Professor Shakaho has posted earlier. That's a really neat thing, and I recommend it highly. Most people do not know how much chlorine/chloramine is in their tap though, and I would argue that most will not bother to find out and will use the normal recommended dosages on the label (heck I do). It is not necessarily a huge savings in this case, but still savings
  4. I have a small zoo med canister I could use
  5. LFS didn't get them in this week I have to wait for Friday! I'm actually now thinking about just getting one for a 5 gallon, that way I don't need to worry about sexing/aggression etc....but I'll make the final decision when I see them
  6. Build my LED is great, if I had the money or desire to replace the lighting in my high light tanks, the Dutch light from them is what I'd get.
  7. Lovely! I like the loaches, they're funny little things!
  8. Would you do me a favor and place her in a Tupperware of water so you can get a clearer/closer top view pic? I can actually see the start of the protrusion in the video from 5 days ago, but it's obviously much more pronounced now. Have you seen her poo? (If so what does it look like) What meds do you have on hand? Do you have a QT tank available?
  9. Bf and I are going to a pinball bar tonight...hate to brag but I'm pretty good at pinball
  10. Very nice fat bellies on everyone! I'm glad Dorito is doing well!
  11. You're welcome! I'm glad it was helpful!
  12. http://www.kokosgoldfish.invisionzone.com/forum/index.php?/topic/113173-Using-PAR-instead-of-WPG-to-Measure-Light-Level-in-a-Planted-Tank Much of this info comes from Hoppys various posts (which is why he's given credit in the article)
  13. Yeah, I was also wondering if there was something up with the fins before nipping started.
  14. Amazon can be a good place to order meds too if you need to
  15. Sounds like you have a good plan [emoji4]
  16. Thank you Alex! Not sure if the puffers will go for it (they are very picky from what I read) but I'll definitely give it a try.
  17. Thank you fang for stopping by and all the info! I will definitely be sticking with a small number, probably just two. I wouldn't want more than that anyway, plus my LFS sells them for 10.00 so I wouldn't be able to afford a whole lot more. That is good to know about the filtration piece. And the parasites, those are two things I wouldn't have thought of [emoji5]️ I have tons of those mini rams horn snails (they are really tiny so I hope those will be a good snack) and I'm hoping blood worms will work because I don't think I can find live worms like black worms locally (although my dad just got discus so I hope maybe he'll source some live worms) Thanks again Fang [emoji4] good to get info from someone I trust!
  18. It smells like straight up rotten eggs [emoji14]
  19. I never thought prime smelled either, but when I opened the safe bottle I assume it's what prime smells like to others x10
  20. Lol, I was so mad but then was met with plants on my doorstep which made me feel much better [emoji14]
  21. Cool! Does your local fish store sell them? Mine claimed today that they always have carried them but I've never seen them there before.
  22. I get it on amazon, I haven't seen it locally before. I just keep a little Tupperware in my tank stuff and mix it right before I dump it in. I don't find it any more difficult really. It dissolves easily. It does smell way worse than prime.
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