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  1. I'll try to figure out an estimate on how many mms to feed when I get home tonight. That measure is excluding tail right? Could you post an updated video of her behavior? If she is getting pushed around by the filter you may need to reduce the flow somehow or stop the filter and just run an air stone and do daily water changes
  2. Of course! I got some plants yesterday for this tank, but as I started to add the rocks my idea of what I wanted to do totally changed, so i need to order some different plants
  3. You can put him back in the other tank. I'm not sure there's much else to do for him unfortunately I will flag the rest of the mod team on this but given the fact that the meds did not work, my assessment would be that it's something structural going on as opposed to an illness, and for that there's not much we can do. Some fish are helped by keeping them in a low water level, as this requires less work for the swim bladder, but I think you already have him in a small tank.
  4. I should be able to get them tonight! I think I've actually decided on one in a 5 gallon setup, it will just be easier that way, not having to worry about aggression etc, plus my LFS wants an arm and a leg for them Here's the Hardscape I was working on last night so far
  5. I agree with Lisa, looks like it was probably some gunk getting released from a cyst. Hopefully the mms will arrive in the next couple days! I'm glad to hear she is still behaving normal.
  6. Has it gotten larger since you first posted? If so would you mind getting an updated picture?
  7. QT is fine if you'd like it's generally not contagious, but she'll need to go to QT when it bursts anyway for salt so if you want to go ahead and move her now that's fine. And just a heads up that these sometimes come in multiples, so it's possible she'll develop more. Good to know you have the Stakos pharmacy nearby just in case
  8. Are they blisters on the fins? I'm so sorry for your loss [emoji20]
  9. Welcome back! Congrats on the thesis! That's great [emoji4] I'm on my phone so the video is a little small but from what I could tell I saw a small lump behind the gill on one side. This appears to be a bacterial cyst. There is not a whole lot to do at this point except wait for it to pop on it's own, after that we can salt the tank to ward off secondary infection. Do you have any meds on hand? (I don't anticipate at this point that you will need them, but would like to know what you have handy just in case.)
  10. Peas are fine, but if you have spinach it green beans it may be a better choice You could always lower the water level on the 30 and use some filter padding hanging out of the filter to decrease the splash, this is what I've done for floaty fish in the past, I can dredge up a video of what this looks like if needed.
  11. Hopefully others will share any added input if they have any
  12. It could be bullying, but if it is a female, the soft round belly can also be because of eggs. I understand feeling burnt out, especially when floaters/sinkers are involved...it's pretty awful to deal with. Well, if you've already tried dietary changes etc and feel that's not the root cause, you could try out a round of MMs, but I'm honestly not sure that it would do much. From what you describe it sounds like this is likely something structural, as opposed to an illness going on, considering it has been this way consistently for as long as you can remember, and there are no other behavioral changes. I honestly might try out a lower water level if you have a smaller tank available to you and just see if it makes any difference.
  13. Is there an advantage to the powdered metro over the Metro Meds? Just curious because I do have Metro Meds that I can start her on right away. I have to go to PetSmart later today so I will look for bifuran while I'm there. Thanks The metro meds contain other medications besides just metro, so that plus the bifuran would be a lot of medication. It would be an option to do that, but there is greater risk of kidney damage because of so many meds being put into the system at once. The powdered metro also has the advantage of being a waterborne medication, which may actually be advantageous in this situation where the targeted tissue/infection is not internal.
  14. pooping is good! please let us know when the MMs arrive or if anything changes between now and then If you can get your hands on a kitchen scale to weigh her/him in the meantime that would be great.
  15. In the mean time, if you could get your hands on some powdered metro and bifuran that would be great
  16. Thea, has the belly always been soft/round? Is the floatiness consistent or does it come and go (are there ever times he is not floaty)? Are you certain he is a he? It's hard to tell from the video, but I'm actually wondering if he is a she just based on the pectorals. Can you move him to a smaller QT tank? (it would be nice to see how a shallow tank effects things, but also to separate him in case we want to try some treatment) Do you have MMs on hand by chance?
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