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  1. this is just a myth. Any type of goldfish can be aggressive, just depends on the fish themselves just like some people are bullies. I personally think that this is unfounded. Some goldfish do get a taste for eyes unfortunately, but I don't think there's any evidence to suggest that ryukins are more prone to this behavior than others
  2. this is great congrats But I have to echo what others have said, please do get them moved to the 30 gallon. 5.5 gallons is great for a single betta, but you are really asking for trouble with 3 in a tank that size. If one girl gets aggressive there is nowhere for the targeted girl to go Sororities are tricky business even when you have a big tank that is heavily planted. Things can look fine and then suddenly are not.
  3. could you try to sneak a video of the behavior? (try to shoot it so she doesn't see you and stop the behavior )
  4. I'd say around 5? They always eat them super fast but I resist feeding more because idk exactly how much they should have Is it the hikari betta bio-gold? I think those pellets are really small, but I haven't used them myself so I'm not sure how they compare to others. The packaging recommends 5-10 twice a day. When you start feeding again you may want to try starting him off with a smaller amount and/or spread the pellets out over 3-4 meals instead of 1-2.
  5. oh no!!! do you have a QT you can set up for him? the fish gods are not on your side right now You should throw some netting over your siphon tube whenever you're able to. You can use the netting from produce bags (oranges etc.) or those bath pouf things. Rubber band the netting around the siphon end. I usually do do that, but I was in such a rush to get this done. Sooo stupid! I have a little calico in the QT tank right now (was supposed to be added to this tank Saturday, before all these issues cropped up!) these things happen! Don't beat yourself up After seeing your video I think you're okay to leave him in the main tank if you want for now, he doesn't look as bad as I thought he might
  6. I am SO sorry I can hear how upset you are in your voice He actually looks pretty good in the video. I couldn't tell how is stomach looked from the video except that he has a few loose scales. Is there any significant redness or anything like that? I hate to ask you to handle him to take pics right now considering he's probably already really stressed. Like Lisa said water changes and keeping the water in really good condition is probably the best course of action right now. I was going to suggest a QT tank because I assumed he wouldn't be active and I wanted to give him a place to rest by himself, but after seeing him, I think you could go either way, QT or leave him in the main tank.
  7. Thank you everyone for your sweet comments! :heart
  8. oh geez, I hope you are feeling better! Let us know if we can help and please keep us updated
  9. oh no!!! do you have a QT you can set up for him? the fish gods are not on your side right now You should throw some netting over your siphon tube whenever you're able to. You can use the netting from produce bags (oranges etc.) or those bath pouf things. Rubber band the netting around the siphon end.
  10. Can you test the water and let us know? Assuming there is no ammonia in the water, medications can cause ammonia burn type symptoms as well, and it may very well be that. But please do check your water and make sure there is no ammonia/nitrite
  11. I can only agree with what others have said, it looks like a bad case of ich Salt is going to be your best friend. Please follow Helen's advice. You'll want to raise salt levels to .3% - this is 3 tsp per gallon. Do daily water changes (or as frequently as you are able) and replace the salt you took out. So if you do a 50% water change, replace 50% of the salt etc. Please let us know if you have any questions regarding this treatment plan or how to carry out any part of it I hope your fish will pull through!
  12. Thanks guys Yes, he's a perfect match to the orange
  13. Please do continue both medications for a full 10 days and check in again before stopping If you have concerns about any other fish in the main tank please do post pictures of the areas of concern. I personally would not treat a fish that is demonstrating no symptoms, but it is of course up to you. Please do keep us in the loop if you do decide to treat the main tank. If not, simply keep an eye out for problem areas and post pictures if there is something you are concerned about
  14. like others said it's all trial and error anubias, java fern, crypts, and swords are all good plant families to try out for nibbling fish (and as others said, java fern and anubias are usually the best bet)
  15. So sorry for your loss Would you be able to try to get some clear, well lighted pictures? It is really difficult to see any detail in the videos. I have to head to bed, but I am going to alert the rest of the mod team to your thread so that others will be able to help
  16. Thank you! Yes they do I got a cobalt neo therm 25 watt heater for this tank. It's thinner than a typical heater, but also wider. Thank you! You should see if your LFS could order them!
  17. Yes let's plan to do prazi after the maracyn Please keep us updated and let us know the ph whenever you're able
  18. Sorry, should have read above you have prime Test your water daily, if the ammonia level is less than 1.0, add a double dose of prime to the tank. If it's 1.0 or greater, best to do a water change if you can (this may mean buying more meds in order to finish the course
  19. Are you using prime? I'm assuming the tank isn't cycled?
  20. If you could get a ph kit or bring a sample of both your tap and tank water to be tested that would be great. I just want to rule out a ph drop - drops in ph can cause significant excess slime cost production. Let's not add any treatments right now since you just used the maracyn and he's looking pretty darn good today [emoji4] Do you have prazi on hand? If not go ahead and get some, being a new fish, this would be a good next step for him. I can certainly understand why you bought him! He's beautiful [emoji4]
  21. Whenever you get updated pics that would be great Could you also test tap and tank ph for us?
  22. I think if your puffer will take the frozen bloodworms then you don't need the black worms, I know fang doesn't feed them because she can't source them locally. If you have a pet store that sells them, then you don't have to keep a culture going yourself, but I figure having my own worms decreases the chances of anything being introduced via live food. Oh yeah and just to freak you out more, leeches often come with the black worms, I found 3 in my container You kept sting rays!?
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