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  1. it was courtney! Read her blog 'a sizeable undertaking' Here's the link, there are several entries if you look to the right you can go through them. She did a nice job detailing her sump build. http://www.kokosgoldfish.invisionzone.com/forum/index.php?/blog/29-a-sizeable-undertanking/
  2. are you getting a drilled tank? if not, I would honestly not set up a sump. There are ways to do it without drilling the tank, but you do run more risk of overflow etc. in the event of a power outage. Someone here had a good sump setup thread....was it Fede? let me look for you
  3. sure thing it's mostly me rambling for 30 min about the importance of water changes, but I do talk about using the pond pump in it
  4. placing her in a tupperware or smaller container might help you to get a clearer pic
  5. I did not read all responses in this thread, so I apologize if I am restating what has already been said What I do is basically attach my pond pump to my water changer. So I do all my vacuuming with the water changer, when I've done vacuuming I take the plastic vacuum attachment off the tubing and attach my pond pump to it - this way the pond pump pushes water directly through the python into the sink. When I'm ready to fill I just unplug the pond pump, leave it attached and turn on the tap. I am actually editing a video of this right now. I can PM you when it's up if you want. I have the same problem ... maybe it is worth buying a pump lol. Do you just hook it up to the Python? yes
  6. No worries! If she is healed there's no need for her to be in salt or do the betadine. I'm assuming her butt is lifting up when she stops swimming? Sounds like some floatiness, you may want to try fasting for a couple days and see if it makes a difference. If it continues to get worse try to sneak up on them and get a video.
  7. Okay, I think we can rule put ph as being any sort of issue I'm glad he is doing better!
  8. Huh, I have no idea. I hate the high range ph colors, they never seem to match quite right. When was your last water change?
  9. How is he doing? Please check your tap as well if you wouldn't mind [emoji4] But tank looks good, looks like it is about 8.0, when was your last water change?
  10. You could put some Epsom in the water - 1/4 tsp to 10 gallons
  11. I'm very sorry for your loss :( In terms of disinfecting the tank, bleach, rinse well, and allow to fully dry. Any equipment used should also be bleached.
  12. Swords generally do best with medium light and need root tabs in the substrate for them, that's about it
  13. Dwarf sag, vals, crypts and swords are good plants to try in addition to the ones already mentioned
  14. ^agreed I would fast for at least another day
  15. it is a bare bottom tank, shall I be scrubbing the bottom? or just vamun it? you have no idea how thankful I am for all the help I have gotten...!!! thank you...!!! You don't have to wipe it every time but do run the vac across the bottom at every water change
  16. And make sure you vacuum the bottom well when you do your water changes
  17. So, given how bad it is, I would honestly add all the salt at once. You can do 1 tbsp per gallon (this is equal to 3 tsp), no need to stagger adding the salt each time, just put it all in. 1tbsp per gallon will put you at the target amount right away (.3%) You'll also probably want to get some regular salt, aquarium salt is expensive and you're going to be using a lot. Get salt from the grocery store (a big box) that has no additives or anti caking agents. I use Morton's canning and pickling salt. Dissolve the salt in some tank water before you add it to the tank. Then, a daily water change and add back in the salt you took out.
  18. Let's just keep an eye on them now. They look superficial, and medications can act as an irritant and create darker pigmented spots similar to what ammonia does. Let us know if there's any changes in them though.
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