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  1. May I ask what "goldfish activities" are? I am quite intrigued...
  2. I'm sure others with more expertise will fill this in more... but you need to add amonia to your tank when doing a fishless cycle. You can buy a bottle of plain amonia (make sure it has no perfumes etc. (you can see this by shaking the bottle. If it foams it is not the right kind). You can get amonia at most hardware stores. You want to add amonia to 3-4 ppm (you will need an amonia test kit for this. You will also need to test nitrites and nitrates. The API master kit is the best investment http://aquariumpharm.com/Products/Product.aspx?ProductID=67, it is a little pricey, but you will be able to test your water for a long time). You are going to look for a drop in your amonia levels over time, which means that good bacteria (which eat amonia) are beginning to grow. Then you begin testing your Nitrites (which should rise when amonia goes down), and finally your Nitrates. For an article on fishless cycling: http://www.kokosgoldfish.com/FishlessCycle.html It definitely takes awhile to do a fishless cycle, but you don't risk killing any fish this way. I learned the hard way my first try. Hope this helps!
  3. Hello! Well, I had an exciting night last night when I found a leak in one of the corners of a 30 gallon tank I had recently bought on Craigslist. I decided to just go ahead and attempt resealing the whole thing. It is curing right now, but being new to using a caulking gun etc. I did get some thin silicone residue on the front of the tank. I tried removing it with a razor blade, but it is such a thin layer that it isn't working. Is there anything that you can use chemical wise to remove silicone? Or should I just try to scrub it off? (the tank is glass, what should I use to scrub that won't scratch it?) Thanks!!
  4. ugh. no matter what I do I can't seem to get that air bubble out. This is driving me absolutely insane. Maybe I got a defective one?? lol.
  5. Just got my new Aqua Clear 70 filter, very excited, however it will not do what the manual calls "priming" (where the air gets removed from the U tube). I have repositioned it, turned it on and off several times, and no matter what I do there is a constant air bubble right in the 90 degree angle of the tube, causing a loud noise from air being sucked in. Not sure what to do from here.
  6. Ordered some Hikari Lionhead pellets and a bottle of PraziPro from Drs. Foster and Smith in preparation for the day I can finally have fish in my empty tank.... So patiently waiting for my tank to cycle. Buying things helps to quell the impatience : )
  7. Okay, I like the idea of the two filters. I am going to piggy back another question on top of this one instead of starting another thread (sorry to ask so many questions, I just really want to do things right!). Does Prazi or other medications harm/kill the beneficial bacteria in your filter and mess with your cycle?
  8. I am thinking about getting an Aqua Clear filter to upgrade my current filter. However, I am confused about the GPH for them. In the pinned post discussing filters and their GPH output it says that the Aqua Clear filter that is made for 40-70 gallons only does 100-300 GPH... this is not 10x filtration for even a 40 gallon tank. I have a 30 gallon tank, so I am wondering if this would be the appropriate filter for it then? Even though it is made for 40-70 gallons? Also, is it possible to over filter your tank? I would like to upgrade to a 50 gallon next year sometime, so I was thinking that maybe I could get a filter that would work with a 50 gallon now so that I wouldn't have to upgrade later. So, I think then I would need the Aqua Clear 110 made for 100 gallon tanks that does 167-500 GPH. Am I missing something with these filters?? I don't get why the GPH seems so low on them. It seems like a lot of people have them here... Here's the list copied off the pinned post for reference: Aqua Clear 20 up to 15 gallons 100 GPH Aqua Clear 30 up to 30 gallons 150 GPH Aqua Clear 50 up to 40 gallons 200 GPH Aqua Clear 70 up to 40-70 gallons 100-300 GPH Aqua Clear 110 up to 100 gallons 167-500 GPH Elite Hush 5 up to 5 gallons 63 GPH Elite Hush 10 up to 10 gallons 87 GPH Elite Hush 35 up to 20-35 gallons 145 GPH
  9. Oops, looked up wrong filter... it is a Top fin power filter that I have not aquaclear.
  10. I have an aquaclear power filter (came with the tank) currently, but I am looking at other filter options right now... do you have suggestions? I have a 30 gallon tank. I am cycling my tank right now, but would eventually like two orandas in it.
  11. So this may be a really stupid question but.... how do you extend the little tube for your filter down toward the bottom of your tank. People were suggesting in other threads that doing this helps to keep a bare bottom tank cleaner, but my filter tube isn't very long at all. Does it depend on the brand of filter that you have how long the tube is or is this something that you would buy an extension or different tube to do?
  12. Just in case anyone is curious, or has the same question at some point I did eventually find a site selling the bowfront glass top pieces, for pretty cheap too! http://www.thatpetplace.com/pet/prod/211970/product.web But I haven't decided yet.... perhaps I will just got topless ; )
  13. I guess I am mostly concerned about the potential of a fish making a break for it so to speak : ) since the piece that is broken is fairly significant (enough for a goldie to make its way through if they had a mind to), and of course the potential of cutting myself on it is there (though I could just tape it). Plexi glass is a good idea... I wonder where I could get a piece cut to size?
  14. I picked up a couple plants last night (both anubias) that will go in the tank I am currently cycling. I figured I could get them started attaching to some rocks early and maybe by the time my tank is cycled (if that ever happens!) they will have grown some decent roots. I am wondering what I should do with them for now. I am nervous to put them in the tank right now because the amonia is still high. I have them in a little tupperware of water near a window currently. Will they be fine like this until my tank is cycled? Do they need plant food or anything like that? Thanks!
  15. So, I picked up a 28/30 gallon (24x15x18) bowfront tank from Craigslist this evening (I couldn't resist, it was cheap, will probably sit in my basement for awhile...). The tank is in impeccable condition, except that the glass on the hood (where you would lift up to feed in the front) is broken. I got both pieces of the glass (one chunk of it broke off). I am wondering where I might either get a replacement hood or replacement glass for that one piece. I searched around awhile and it seems like the fact that it is a bowfront makes it a bit more difficult. Any ideas would be welcomed! I am not sure of the brand of the tank or anything like that.
  16. thanks all for your replies! Much appreciated!
  17. So, this question has probably already been answered in the forum, but I could not find it myself so I will ask anyway. It seems like the general consensus here is to treat any new fish with Prazi as a preemptive measure against flukes. When do you typically do this? Do you let the fish acclimate to its new surroundings for awhile before treating or do you just go for it right away. It sounds like Prazi is pretty safe for fish (correct?), but I guess I would worry about adding extra stress to them when they first arrive.
  18. Darn it, that would have been nice to save on some shipping : )
  19. Hi all, I am currently in the market for one/two goldfish. I have a 30 gallon tank that I am cycling right now. I have been eyeing the fish at Rain Garden, in particular a couple Orandas. I was wondering if 30 gallons is large enough for two of them. The two I am looking at on the site are between 5-6 inches. I am having a difficult time imagining how large/small this is (given that these measurements are not just body, but body+tail). Would a 30 gallon be enough room for two fish this size? I would like to eventually upgrade to a 55 gallon, but I do not have the room for it right now (I will be moving in a year and will have room then). My other options is to buy two smaller guys (buying me some time before they grow) from a LFS, but I am trying to avoid supporting these local store with overcrowded tanks and sick fish. Any input you have would be appreciated!
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