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  1. interesting. do you have plant growth lights or something? mine start to look pretty sad after just a little while :/

    I do have pretty decent lighting on this tank now. I have this light http://www.drsfostersmith.com/product/prod_display.cfm?pcatid=23753 which has 2 39 watt T5 HO bulbs, which gives me just about 2 watts per gallon. This is considered 'medium' light. But I used to just have the standard single bulb strip light on my 29 gallon and my anubias did just fine under that. My current light has a 6k white bulb and a roseate (pink) bulb designed for freshwater plant growth

  2. how do you keep your plants so healthy?? they always look awesome! do you put fertilizer stuff in? that stuff makes me nervous, but I'm willing to try it if you use it! :)

    Thanks! these plants are brand new (besides the little anubias) so that's why they look so good now lol :) But no, no fertilizer or anything goes in my goldie tank. It makes me way too nervous. I would rather have dead plants than dead fish (I'm sure people use ferts with no issues but I don't want to risk it). I figure the goldies do enough of their own fertilizing that I don't have to. Plus I only choose easy, low maintenance plants for that tank. The betta tank however has Co2 running, and gets dosed with a bunch of different ferts. This is because I have several high needs plants in that tank and I doubt my little betta produces enough waste to fertilize all those plants :)

  3. I like the new plants!!If you are having algae problems, I highly recommend a nerite snail. I just realized that one little horned nertie has completely cleaned my betta tank and DD's glofish tank. The only algae left is the kind they don't eat. (They don't eat hair algae apparently.)

    Thanks :) I have been considering some nerite snails since everyone seems to be having success with them, I may go that route.

  4. wow your tank looks amazing with the new plants, so green! How do you sterilise the plants? I think I should start getting into the habit of doing that just in case ;)

    thanks :) You should definitely always sterilize plants, they can carry nasties into your tank. I use a solution of 1 part bleach 19 parts water, soak for 2-3 min, rinse well, then soak in a bucket of water with extra water conditioner in it (this will remove and leftover chlorine from the bleach).

  5. hahahah too cute! thanks for sharing! hey what's the dif between sharing on the blog or the forum?

    Not much of a difference except that it doesn't go onto the forum :) There's always random things I want to share, but I feel kind of bad taking up a thread to do it, so I feel like this is a nice way to share things that is less formal/more personal I guess, plus I have a record of things happening in my tank all in one spot :)

  6. LOL Eddie looks like she wants to cut someone. Is Puff changing colors? Looks yellow, is it just the lighting in the pic? Very pretty. Congrats on the weight gain.

    lol, Edie would definitely stab me if she had pockets to carry a knife. Puff has gotten lighter since I first got him (the white on his belly has been creeping upward), but other than that no big color change, he has always been bronzy/green, I hope he will change colors some day though :) (I love his color now, but color changes are always fun)

  7. awesome! the fish look great :) I'm glad puff is getting better. what is a spray bar? i know the joke, but what does it actually do? :)

    lol. With a canister filter the output is typically a single stream of water shooting out of a pipe (as opposed to the hob where it cascades out of the filter), the stream of water is pretty pressurized and create a lot of current in the tank depending on where it is placed. The spray bar is a tube with a bunch of little holes in it that you can attach to the output of the canister so the stream of water is broken up across the surface of the water instead of shooting out of one pipe. :)

  8. that sucks about the microscope, but the spray bar looks good!Puff seems to be getting a lot better, hope he fully recovers soon! Is he just prone to swim bladder issues? Mine have started to go a little floaty on pellets which is a little worrying.Good luck with the plants, hope they make it through Edith's wrath ;)

    I believe that the primary cause of his swim bladder problems was an ongoing internal infection, as he got better following a course of metro meds. But I do think that he is also generally prone to being floaty due to his deep round body shape etc. :)

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