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  1. they are so cute! And the tank looks great
  2. aw, I hope fluffy makes a full recovery soon!
  3. tithra

    Weighing in

    Nice! I have found the scale a nice way to track growth I plan to weigh them every couple months Fluffy is bigger than I thought!
  4. I do have pretty decent lighting on this tank now. I have this light http://www.drsfostersmith.com/product/prod_display.cfm?pcatid=23753 which has 2 39 watt T5 HO bulbs, which gives me just about 2 watts per gallon. This is considered 'medium' light. But I used to just have the standard single bulb strip light on my 29 gallon and my anubias did just fine under that. My current light has a 6k white bulb and a roseate (pink) bulb designed for freshwater plant growth
  5. Thanks! these plants are brand new (besides the little anubias) so that's why they look so good now lol But no, no fertilizer or anything goes in my goldie tank. It makes me way too nervous. I would rather have dead plants than dead fish (I'm sure people use ferts with no issues but I don't want to risk it). I figure the goldies do enough of their own fertilizing that I don't have to. Plus I only choose easy, low maintenance plants for that tank. The betta tank however has Co2 running, and gets dosed with a bunch of different ferts. This is because I have several high needs plants in that tank and I doubt my little betta produces enough waste to fertilize all those plants
  6. tithra

    Fry update

    wow there's so many little guys! and their little tails are just buzzing what are you planning to do with them?
  7. lol. carrot is one veggie I haven't tried yet
  8. Thanks I have been considering some nerite snails since everyone seems to be having success with them, I may go that route.
  9. thanks You should definitely always sterilize plants, they can carry nasties into your tank. I use a solution of 1 part bleach 19 parts water, soak for 2-3 min, rinse well, then soak in a bucket of water with extra water conditioner in it (this will remove and leftover chlorine from the bleach).
  10. Since the brown algae has taken over my tank my crypts have been in seriously rough shape. They had been growing really nicely before, they had even doubled in size and I had to break them up into a couple more containers. But the algae totally took them over and since they have little dimples in the leaves (retrospiralis crypts), I often damaged them trying to clean the algae off. So, I decided to order some new plants that will hopefully be easier to clean the brown algae off of. I got: 3 amazon sword (only ordered 2) 3 aponongeton crispus (only ordered 2) 1 anubias frazeri (did not order this, but there were some issues getting the crispus and I was going to get these instead, so I think she threw this in just because of the issues with the crispus ) 1 brazillian pennywort (hoping this will help some with the brown algae) Anyway, PAC is awesome. They have amazing customer service and the plants always come super healthy (at least in my experience so far). I am blown away by the swords, they are tall and beautiful, hopefully they will stay that way! I ended up putting the crispus in the betta tank bc I really wanted some tall plants for the goldie tank and the crispus was only like 3 inches tall. Oh, I should also add that I put Puff back in the main tank. I took some video of their reuiniting which I will post later when I get it uploaded Anyway, here's some pics: Sterilizing: swords: anubias frazeri (and anubias nana next to it)
  11. Not much of a difference except that it doesn't go onto the forum There's always random things I want to share, but I feel kind of bad taking up a thread to do it, so I feel like this is a nice way to share things that is less formal/more personal I guess, plus I have a record of things happening in my tank all in one spot
  12. wow, they look great! nice and chubby
  13. And I thought I'd never write in this blog, lol. Just have to share Puff has some little breeding stars again. Very light faint ones on his cheeks, slightly heavier ones on his pectoral fins. So cute!
  14. lol, Edie would definitely stab me if she had pockets to carry a knife. Puff has gotten lighter since I first got him (the white on his belly has been creeping upward), but other than that no big color change, he has always been bronzy/green, I hope he will change colors some day though (I love his color now, but color changes are always fun)
  15. I always feed directly after handling them so that the trauma is wiped clean by food lol.
  16. I'm sure larger fish are much easier to catch than smaller fish I just back them into a corner with my hand and grab them, they aren't that quick
  17. I have been aiming for 1%, but I am sure some days Puff was getting closer to 2% since that stupid auto feeder would pour out so many at a time sometimes. Edie has been getting 1% the past month.
  18. Oh yeah, Edie is pissed. She hates it when I stick more than a finger in the tank let alone touch her!
  19. I decided to try measuring the fish tonight. I taped a ruler to the front of the tank and attempted to hold them against it (easy with Puff, not so easy with Edie). I am really surprised at how little they have grown in length! According to the Rain Garden site Edie was 6.7 inches and Puff was 4.9 inches when I bought them in August. It was difficult to get a very exact measurement but Edie is maybe 6.8/6.9 and Puff is just about 6 inches. Which is just so odd because all this time I have felt like Edie has grown a ton and Puff hasn't grown at all! Perhaps Edie has done her growing width wise! I wish I had taken weight when I got them, but I didn't, so here are the measurements I have: Puff: 1/17/12 = 59 grams (before starting MMs) 2/2/12 = 63 grams (after finishing 2 weeks of MMs) 2/26/12 = 74 grams (after about a month of Jump Start) Edie: 2/2/12 = 95 grams 2/26/12 = 103 grams
  20. that's great! it sounds like you have a good plan I hope it works out!
  21. that's great that the plecos have been doing their job! Tuna is so pretty!
  22. Thank you! He has definitely gotten a little rounder
  23. lol. With a canister filter the output is typically a single stream of water shooting out of a pipe (as opposed to the hob where it cascades out of the filter), the stream of water is pretty pressurized and create a lot of current in the tank depending on where it is placed. The spray bar is a tube with a bunch of little holes in it that you can attach to the output of the canister so the stream of water is broken up across the surface of the water instead of shooting out of one pipe.
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