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  1. The betta tank looks amazing. I would love to have grass in my tank, but I don't want to do co2, and I don't think it will grow without it.Those swords look great too! Overall, I'm very jealous of your green thumb.Yay for Puff! He needs to get back to Edie! Look how lonely she looks. :)

    Thank you Shawn :) I honestly am very lazy about running my co2 (I turn it off at night and often forget to put it back on in the morning), so I wonder if the hairgrass would do fine with just excel and good lighting.

    Yay! How is the wen?Do you remember how someone recently suggest we make a flow chart for symptoms and treatments? Now you see first hand why we can't do that so easily lol.I'm so glad he's doing better. He looks great!

    Thanks! :) I can see a slight redness in the wen but it is really faint as compared to the day I posted.

    wow it is all looking great! I really like the betta tank, the grass looks really cool!puffs face=so cute :D

    Thank you :) Puff's face is soooo cute, glad someone else sees it :rofl

    Oh look at Puff! How great! He sure has grown, look at that wen!Cannot wait to compare his size to Edie!Love the grass and the stone.

    Thank you Fede :) he definitely has grown, now he just needs to get that immune system working so I can stop QTing him every 2 months!

    very nice hun.. your tanks look amazing :)

    Thank you! :D

    I LOVE your tanks! What do you do for the smaller one?

    Thanks ashlee. For the betta tank I use all sorts of stuff going lol. I have 39 watts (on 5 gallons), the fluval 88g co2 system (I would love to do something diy at some point, but I so not handy), and I dose flourish, excel, trace, and iron when I remember to ;)

  2. Glad everyone is back home! :)

    It took me a long time to truly love Edie. With Puff it came naturally, he was cute and gentle. Edie was a huge bully to Puff at first (and still occasionally is), she is a fish with her own agenda and a strong personality... I have grown to really love her for that though :P but it took awhile.

  3. Check out this link :)http://www.kokosgold..._1#entry1186251

    .75 - 1% of body weight is generally recommended for growth. In pellets it's about 50 pellets total a day for my two fish who are 6 and 7 inches. If you're feeding gel food you'll want to feed more than 1% bc it is not as nutrient dense as pellets. Veggies can be fed on top of the 1% of primary food.

    I personally feed 6-7 x a day small meals a day. I am currently using an autofeeder to do 4 small pellet meals (about 3-4 pellets per fish) during the day when I am at work, then I do 2-3 small feedings of gel food at night and then a piece or veggie on a clip as well. I have gotten good growth recently with this schedule. I use a digital scale to weigh the fish and the food :)

    That said, I think 3 meals a day is just fine :) And you can provide them with veggies on a clip during the day when you are gone so that they have something to munch on. The funny thing I found was that I was so concerned about overfeeding that when I actually weighed my fish and figured out what 1% in food would be, I realized I had been underfeeding them for months (not that they were starving, but it just wasn't a great diet to promote growth, if that is what you are looking for).

  4. Status update on the duckweed/little aliens?

    Nothing ever grew in the water again so I must have gotten them all out/killed them all. I never contacted the seller to find out exactly what it was. I finally put some duckweed in the tank today and Edie hasn't even noticed it's there! I am going to have to figure out some way to make them figure out it's food!

  5. I saw the floating mopani, and thought it was a kind of neat effect...sort of like a gravity free zone. I assume it will sink eventually, but it's frustrating now, I'm sure.Tank looks great. Cycle seems like it's catching on. We look forward to seeing the inhabitants!
    Thank you! I decided to cut the log in half so that there would be more swimming room for the fish - they will be here March 22nd!! And I got 2 extension tubes for my AC 70. Woot woot! Tithra, you mentioned you had mopani wood did you ever have the white fungus stuff grow all over it? The interwebs say that plecos will eat it, I wonder if the same is true for goldies?

    Yes, when I set up my tank originally I had a pretty piece of mopani with anubias tied to it. I had read about the white fungusy stuff, and inevitably it did happen to my wood too :( I don't believe it is anything harmful, probably just biofilm, I never noticed my fish picking at it, but I could imagine some might. I ended up removing the wood bc no matter how many times I scrubbed it off the stuff came back, it drove me nuts. I also had reservations about driftwood to start with because I had read of others who had it cause issues in their tank (but of course there are lots of examples here of people who keep driftwood with no problems whatsoever, I just happen to be a bit paranoid and anal-retentive if you haven't noticed, so no more driftwood for me). Anyway, your piece is gorgeous, and I hope it sinks for you soon! :)

  6. Ace had my ammonia!! I still have no ammonia in the tank, even after almost 2 weeks of adding fish food >.> I have no nitrites and around 10 ppm of nitrate. I'm going to wait one more week while adding ammonia, see what happens, then I think I'll have Steve mail me the fish.

    That's great! I would add 1 ppm of ammonia just to make sure your cycle can take care of it within 24 hours, but it does sound like you are probably fully cycled ;) (seeding with media typically will result in a nearly instant cycle). I forget how big your tank is now, but there is a great ammonia calculator that will tell you how many tbsp/tsp to add to get to the desired ppm. Google "fishless cycle calculator", it is the second link labeled 'calculator'. Add the ammonia, test for ammonia right after to make sure you added enough, then test again in 24 hours. :)

  7. These things fascinate me. I kind of find them cute. I honestly doubt they are in any way harmful to the fish, especially not after they themselves got disinfected :roflFor the pond and mosquito larvae, you could also get a few gambusia and keep them in the pond. That way you will provide food for the duckweed, while the gambusia will eat pretty much any kind of insect/insect larvae that gets into your pond :)They are also very hardy. Over the winter when you bring the duckweed inside, just bring these guys in too.Now I miss little Ducky again :(

    Thanks for the comment Fang. I unfortunately do not have anything that comes close to a real pond, it will just be a tub of water with duckweed growing in it :) I guess I could add a filter to the container though, but it will only be 20 gallons. I will look into gambusia requirements, not sure how much space etc they need? Great idea though!

    :( Ducky.

  8. Tithra, have you considered boiling the duckweed before giving it to your fish? If you boil it, then cool it and do that process 3 times it will kill pretty much anything on the planet including endospores.

    I hadn't thought about that. Ideally I would like to keep some (live) duckweed in the tank at all times, not sure if this will work out or not. I have to wonder how boiling it that many times would effect the nutrient content, as even boiling veggies once causes some decrease in vitamins/nutrients etc. I think I will just QT it for a few weeks to start and make sure nothing hatches lol :P

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